Thursday, August 2, 2018

Pattern Indy STREET ExPO VIP Reception!

I recently attended the reception of the well received Pattern Indy STREET ExPO at 416 Wabash in Indianapolis, IN and I was floored by what I saw in regards to branding.

Pattern Indy is currently a 501c3 non-profit organization that is diligently building a community of fashion, arts, media and creatives to move the city and region forward. Pattern is most known for Pattern magazine and events.

View the images in this post to get a better idea of a brand that has a consistent message and marketing design style.

416 Wabash Summer Cocktails Menu

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Photo credits: Nicole McClain

Monday, July 16, 2018

Mis-match and Color Pops!!

Bonjour Notable Stallions! 

We have spotted 6 notable looks that I think will appeal to your eyes and your fashion sense. The looks can be re-created in many different ways. And if you would like Notable Styles' humble opinion in how to recreate a look of any kind - feel free to communicate with us.

Enjoy the mis-match and color pop looks from Kenzo Spring 2019 and Unravel Spring 2019 Resort below. And don't forget to comment and share your thoughts.


Photo Credits: Vogue Runway

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Passion 4 Fashion Week 2018 Begins Sunday July 15th!!

Hi Notable Stallions!! Indianapolis is hosting a Passion 4 Fashion Week (P4W) Event!! And most of the events are family friendly! So mother's and father's in the fashion business, pay close attention - the children can attend some of these P4W events with you!!

Passion 4 Fashion Week begins on Sunday, July 15th, 2018. Passion 4 Fashion will consist of fashion events (a youth fashion show, news segments, a VIP mixer, pop-up shops and more) throughout the week (see schedule below). The headlining event is a fashion show at the Indiana Convention Center in celebration of the 2018 Indiana Black Expo. This years Passion 4 Fashion Week is being coordinated by Ms Nicole Rene', Indianapolis' own, well traveled, booked, busy and blessed, celebrity stylist and creative director extraordinaire.

Passion 4 Fashion Week 2018 

Sunday, July 15th from 3-5 pm Youth Fashion Show inside Macy's Castleton Square Mall 2nd floor FREE ADMISSION! 

Monday, July 16th - FOX 59 Passion 4 Fashion Week Segment with Ms Nicole René airs at 9:45 (9:40) am.  This segment will be about how you can wear your hairstyle from the gym to the office!  

Monday, July 16th from 6-9 pm Monday Night Fashion Presented by Rémy Martin at ICON Lounge (must be 21 and over).  RSVP/INVITE ONLY - CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC 

Come out and enjoy a private night of fashion as we continue our second night of Passion 4 Fashion Week. MONDAY NIGHT FASHION presented by Rémy Martin being held at Icon Lounge from 6-9 pm. Indulge in our fashion cocktails, enjoy Exotic On The Run, and see a fashion show!!! Remember you MUST RSVP by getting your FREE ticket on eventbrite while they last! See you there!!! Get involved by using the Passion 4 Fashion Week hashtags: #Passion4FashionWeek #P4FW #MsNicoleRene #IconLounge #RemyMartin

Tuesday, July 17th - FOX 59 Passion 4 Fashion Week Segment with Ms Nicole René at 9:15 (9:10) am.  This segment will be about how to get your tummy flat for the summer quickly! 

Tuesday, July 17th from 6-8 pm at Perfect Pick by Ebony Nicole inside Castleton Square Mall 

Come out and check out Passion 4 Fashion Week as we continue with Perfect Pick By Ebony Nicole inside Castleton Square Mall on Tuesday, July 17th from 6-8 pm!!!  Come see a fashion show, Live window models, and shop until you drop!!!  Save 30% off AND when you buy 2 items or more your 3rd item will be FREE!!! This event is FREE and open to the public!!!  Join the conversation on social media using these hashtags:  #passion4fashionweek #p4fw #msnicolerene #perfectpickbyebonynicole

Wednesday, July 18th - FOX 59 Passion 4 Fashion Week Segment with Ms Nicole René at 9:15 (9:10) am.  This segment will be about Summer skin care and makeup! 

Wednesday, July 18th from 6-8 pm at Footprints Boutique inside Castleton Square Mall

Come out as we continue our Passion 4 Fashion Week with Footprints Boutique from 6-8 pm!!!  Enjoy a 30% off discount from Footprints Boutique and deals on ANY STYLE luxury lashes 1 for $20 Or 2 for $35 from Pink Lipstick & Company!!!  Be sure to stop in and shop our beauty pop up shop from Pink Lipstick & Company and see a mini fashion show!!!  Join the conversation on social media using these hashtags:  #passion4fashionweek #p4fw #msnicolerene #footprintsboutique 

Thursday, July 19th - FOX 59 Passion 4 Fashion Week Segment with Ms Nicole René at 9:15 (9:10) am.  This segment will be about Summer time men's and women's MUST HAVE accessories! 

Thursday, July 19th from 6-8 pm at Runway Diva Boutique 2719 E. 56th Street 

Come out as we continue our Passion 4 Fashion Week with Runway Diva Boutique from 6-8 pm.  Come out and enjoy 50% off of your ENTIRE purchase, pop up shops from Sac De Dame (purses) and Shoez Galore AND a mini fashion show!!!  Join the conversation on social media using these hashtags:  #passion4fashionweek #p4fw #msnicolerene #runwaydiva #runwaydivaboutique 

Friday, July 20th - FOX 59 Passion 4 Fashion Week Segment with Ms Nicole René at 9:15 (9:10) am.  This segment is all about SUMMER FASHION with Macy's Castleton!!!  Tips on how to look like a Celebrity for Less in the summer heat!!!  

Friday, July 20th from 6-9 pm at Nap or Nothing AND 28 Boutique inside Lafayette Square Mall 

Come out as we continue our Passion 4 Fashion Week with Nap or Nothing AND 28 Boutique from 6-9 pm inside of Lafayette Square Mall!!!  Come out and enjoy 28% off of your purchase from BOTH Nap or Nothing AND 28 Boutique, check out our featured Lip Candy Line shown on the models, AND see a fashion show with TWO BOUTIQUES COMBINED!!!  Join the conversation on social media using these hashtags:  #passion4fashionweek #p4fw #msnicolerene #napornothing #28boutique 

Saturday, July 21st at 4:30 pm inside the Indiana Convention Center on the Interactive Stage 

Come out as we end our Passion 4 Fashion Week with the Summers HOTTEST MOST ANTICIPATED show, the IBE Fashion Show featuring designers and boutiques across the Midwest AND YES from Paris!!!  Shop right from the runway!!!  Check out our models wearing Silk Cosmetics during the show!!!  Join the conversation on social media using these hashtags:  #passion4fashionweek #p4fw #msnicolerene #ibefashionshow #doitfab #thebestisupnext #nikkiblainecouture #brownsugardreamz #stereocrate #SCE #theurbanegroup

Designers are as follows:
  1. WHS Apparel 
  2. Chokolate by KoKo Brown 
  3. Sonny Bates
  5. Michelle's House of Design 
  6. Arrington Designs 
  7. B Gals Couture 
  9. PRSVR 
  10. Marchell Lavon 
  12. TwisteDenim by Bridgette Love
  13. Gothic Dimensions by Erica Lee 
  14. Kerapa Klothing, Co. 
  16. Anjel's Boutique 
  17. Mike Sylla Couture 
I hope to see you out at the events! Remember to use the #hashtags on your social media posts of pictures, videos and more!

To connect with Ms Nicole Rene' and follow Passion 4 Fashion Week on social media:

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Confidence of Youth!

This past Friday, I was able to watch a group of young ladies aged 6-14 display their talents, as part of a celebration for the last day of camp. These young ladies were amazingly confident. These young women gave it all they had. The skill level varied amongst them, but the one thing consistent through out was their confidence and sense of self.

con·fi·dence - a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities.

Interestingly enough, every single one of the girls that participated in a group performance showed a determination and rigor that should be commended.

Only when the groups relegated down to solo acts did a small dose of shyness, become detectable. In the shadow of shyness, determination and fearlessness still reigned supreme.

The confidence that I saw exuding from the girls on Friday, was admirable. And the youngest children in the groups seemed to be the bravest of all. Confidence is a trait that often times, fades away as you age and gain more exposure to life. Although, we should make sure that our daughters and sons are confident as they go out into the world daily.

Build, nurture and help the people in your life maintain a confidence that is unwavering. A great place to find examples of strong confidence is in the innocence of the youth of today.

Photo Source: Unknown

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Notable Styles and More: Hair Stylist Feature - Nicole Bullock

Nicole Bullock is a hairstylist out of Indianapolis, IN. She has been a hairstylist for 20 years. She specializes in classy, stylish, and modern hairstyles for today's modern woman. Her first memory of wanting to be a hairstylist was at 12 years old. Nicole loved being able to emulate the latest styling trends of her favorite artists at the time. She also loves making women feel and look their best, which is the most gratifying experience of her career. 

In recent years, Nicole has fallen in love with servicing natural hair including her signature blow-dry and silk-press. She started her hair journey over two years ago and it has indeed been a journey. Nicole appreciates being able to help other women with embracing their natural hair while providing guidance on what works best for their individual texture. 

Please follow Nicole Bullock's hair page on Instagram @styledbynicolet. For booking visit her StyleSeat