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New Style: Zebra and Leopard Print Nails in Nude and Blue?

I like the new take on zebra and leopard done in the nude and blue color!! Thanks to , I discovered this new manicure look. I can not wait to explore with my own creative combinations, maybe some crackle and yellow tint nail polish, etc, but for now let's take the time to admire this manicure set. Do you like it? Can you think of another way or another set of colors to do this with?

Biggest Celeb Wedding of 2011: Kim K and Kris H!

Kim Kardashian will wed Kris Humphries on August 20th, 2011 at an undisclosed location in Montecito, CA. The wedding is rumored to run Kim around $20 million. The wedding will air on television in a 2 hour special. Above you see pictures, of the VIP wedding invitation and Kim, husband to be Kris H. and her mother Kris J. at the wedding cake testing. To get more information on Kim's wedding including her Vera Wang wedding dress, the venue, the Rolls Royce vehicles the VIPs will ride in, the decor and food and more follow this link . Photo Sources: , , and zimbio .

Bebe: Denim and Diamonds Event!!

* Be the first to shop Bebe's new denim collection * Enjoy exclusive offers (in stores & online) * Plus, FREE gift with your purchase of $89 or more! Today, July 28th, 2011 12pm - 11:30pm

Support Josh For American Eagle Best Shot Contest!!

ATTENTION READERS!!!! Look at this young man. Isn't he well suited to be in American Eagle ads all over the country? Did he grab your attention? His name is Josh Bullock and he is a Junior at the University of Saint Francis. He is in very good standing as a competitor in the AE BestShot Contest and I would like for you to take his ranking even higher, by following this link and voting.   VOTE, come on and vote!

Turn Off The Lights Time!

A very cool Marc by Marc Jacobs timepiece, named Henry Colored Crystals and a wristband draped in gold IP plating! A perfect addition to your watch collection. Great for colorful outfits and some dinner moments. Price - $200 Available at Nordstrom. Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

Hot Picks For Hot Summer Days!!

The Heat Index in the midwest has been above 100 degrees consecutively for a few days now. With that being said, the weather inspired me to write a post on some comfortable and weather permitting clothes. The clothes that I found happen to be from one company and that company is Material Girl. Material Girl brand is produced my Madonna and has Kelly Osbourne as a spokeswoman. The clothing I found also happened to be on SALE and all available for purchase from Every item shown below is priced between $11.9 9 and $17.99 !! Click the image above of click here to shop.

Best Buy of the Day!!

Lulu's offers a simple, red, form fitting dress at a great cost of $23 . I would recommend this dress to anyone if they want a form fitted well priced find!

Mercedez Benz Fashion Week Swimwear!!

I have attached some beautiful images of swimwear that I reviewed from Mercedez Benz Fashion Week Swimwear, that takes place in Miami, Florida, annually. The lines shown are Red Carter, Cia Maritima, Lisa Blue and Luxe by Lisa Vogel. I hope that you like them. These are some of the things we will see in stores next swim season. ENJOY!!

Pharrell Launches A Stylish Cream Liquer!!

It is now ma-jor news that Pharrell Williams (super producer, N.E.R.D. frontman, amongst other things) is launching an ultra-premium liqour company by the name of Qream that is aimed at the women demographic. *Can I say smart move?* According to reports, Pharrell, wants to provide a drink, "....for contemporary women who work hard and want to relax with friends at the end of the day." I think that my friends and I can easily fit into that category.   This drink is a cream liquer, that will come in Strawberry Qream and Peach Qream, so the recipes that they come up with should be very interesting. Liquer is not the easiest to mix with, but it has an awesome taste, if the recipe is right. I also will be interested in seeing and listening to the advertising campaigns, since Pharrell will be the cultural ambassador for the brand.    The drink is set to hit shelves later this month.   For more info visit this link or this link .

Eco-Friendly Pants!!

I was blessed with a tweet of some unique pants that are made with recycled flour bags and thought how cool?!? These pants are based out in Kokrobite, Ghana. Im pretty sure that the pants may actually be comfortable. The pants are definitely putting used and or recycled materials to good use. Save the earth and your money, with these. I wonder did they treat the bags before they made the pants from them? What do you think of them? For more info, click here .

Piperlime's Pre-Fall Sale!!!

Get prepared for Fall, when fashion always seems more fun, by shopping the Piperlime Pre-Fall Shoe Sale!!! This sale will be going on until 7/14/11. And Piperlime is offering sale prices on every single fall shoe that you can imagine, ranging from boots, to pumps, to flats of all different styles!! Check out a couple of my favorite shoes from the sale above.   The Michael Antonio Platform Pump is $39.   The Tinley Road leopard pump is also $39.   Follow this link to the sale. Happy Shopping!!!    

BCBG MAX AZRIA Pre-Fall 2011!!

While scanning through BCBG's Pre-Fall Collection, 4 of the looks jumped out at me, as looks that I will definitely immulate once the end of the summer comes and fall approaches. Carefree, sophisticated, colorful, and downright beautiful apparel choices for Pre-Fall, all courtesy of BCBG!! The third look on the 4 look layout image is my favorite. It features the Jet Set top in beige for $198. Artisan skirt, $198. And the Quincy shoe $395 - which is SOLD OUT! What do you think of the Pre-Fall colors? I see some of the same colors from Spring 2011 trending in the Pre-Fall 2011 collections color palettes. That means shop this summer with that fact in mind. If you buy colors that translate into the next season, you will be able to get better use of your wardrobe. Ciao!!

Blazing Saddles!!

I am such a sucker for blazers and pretty much any type of apparel that one may categorize as preppy. I searched the internet for a blazer that is atypical, high quality, well priced and tailored. And I discovered a semi-sheer, pink, notch lapel blazer, with a back vent hem, that ensures a tailored look when worn. The blazer is by Halston Heritage and marked down from, $395 to $138.25 ! Available in US sizes 0 - 12! Click here to shop the jacket.   What do you think? Can you rock out a pink blazer??

Balenciaga Sneaks!

Hey peeps! What do you think of these Fall/Winter '11 Balenciaga sneakers? They are mesh and leather, with a great combination of light gray and blue to make for a collected, muted yet fresh shoe. Follow this link mhttp:// to shop for shoes similar to this. Item Source: Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

Geometric Design Necklaces!!

The first necklace pictured is a Missoni geometric necklace that is full of color and life. This is the kind of accessory that you pair with a very simple outfit, so that the necklace is the star of the show. This necklace totally inspired me to locate other cool, geometric necklaces that will also help you stand out. The Missoni necklace is priced at $705 and is available on . Urban Outfitters Scale Necklace Price - $50 Arden B Geometric Stone Necklace Price - $29 Noon Necklace by Swarovski Price - $170