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Thigh High Boot < $90!!!

There is a lot of leather in this Diba thigh high boot , but the cash register will still only ring up at $84.99 . That's a pretty good price for something that can be worn more than one way. This boot can be worn with a mini dress, over top of skinny jeans or with leggings. Available at .

SPOTTED: Victoria Beckham

Over the weekend the Beckham's were in NYC with their BFC (Best Friend Couple) TomKat, enjoying the spirit of the Big Apple. Victoria was SPOTTED in an all white outfit that screams, I AM A FASHIONISTA!!! Fashion rules are meant to be broken and who said, there is to be NO WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY? If that was true, would they make a white wool trench coat?

Cashmere Turtleneck For Winter offers a wide variety of cashmere options and I think that this Isaac Mizrahi turtleneck is a great choice to add some cashmere to your closet. It comes in colors All Spice, Purple Zest, Sea Plunge, Ink, Park Green, Pink Carats, French Cream and Charcoal. Costs $39.99 ON SALE .

Black Diamonds for Black Friday!!

Everyone knows that "Black Friday" is today which represents the Day After Thanksgiving Sales. But first before I get into what you should get your lady friend on this day, I would like to give you a little history on why it is called, Black Friday. According to wikipedia: The term "Black Friday" originated in Philadelphia in reference to the heavy traffic on that day. More recently, merchants and the media have used it instead to refer to the beginning of the period in which retailers are in the black (i.e., turning a profit). That doesn't really make a lot of sense, but.....okay, I guess...... SO, for Black Friday, buy these black and white diamond drop earrings for $14,565 . AND since it's Black Friday, you'll get 10% OFF !!

Celebs Wearing Ehsani

The designer herself rockin' The King Tuts

Melody Ehsani - Shoes, Accessories & MORE!!!

Melody Ehsani is a DANGEROUSLY genius designer that has come up with trendy, sophisticated and classic shoe and accessory designs for great prices. Her creativity ranges from 4 inch heel designed shoes to customized name or word plate rings. In order for Melody to become a designer she had to be a little rebellious in the eyes of her family and traditions by not following the law school path, but when viewing her designs they very well demonstrate that she does not conform and her natural calling was into the fashion industry. Melody stands for equality, wholeness and self-expression for ALL WOMEN who wear her designs and I can say that she has been successful with that thus far. Shoes priced at $128 . Available here . Knuckle POW ring - $58 . Available here in multiple color combinations. 3 finger LOVE ring - $25 . Available here . There is a new group on the Def Jam Label by the name of Elektrik Red and they are ALL former dancers. These ladies are ALL wearing Ehsani ri

Housewives of ATL: RECAP

I missed the Housewives last night, so if anyone else saw it write me and let me know how it was! I have attached an advertisement here. Find some type of fashion influence in this reel please AND leave me comments, on it. I see that there was A LOT of D-R-A-M-A, I guess so if you're into that, have fun viewing the videos.

Jim Jones on His Fashion Influence!!

The issue between Jim and Jay has been aired way before BALLIN (Jim Jones) vs. BROOKLYN (Jay-Z) but I still LIKE Jim and LOVE Jay. So, with that being said, I would like for you to view the videos below of Jim Jones commenting about his influence on fashion. From his commentary, he feels that he has had some HEAVY influence in several dressing styles that have been adopted by the hip-hop industry. Take a look! Okay, I lied a little bit, I LOVE Jim TOO!!! Link to Complex Magazine photos. Video 1 Video 2

Cadillac Records Premiere, Arrivals & Afterparty Pics!!

Cadillac Records is a movie set to depict the story of musical GREAT Etta James, whose part will be played by Beyonce Knowles. This movie is set to release December 5th, 2008. Distributed by Sony Pictures and Executive Produced by Beyonce. Etta James, Beyonce, Jeffrey Wright, Gabrielle Union, Adrien Brody, Lauren London, Sanaa Lathan and others were in tow for the Cadillac Records Movie Premiere. Check out some of the pictures below. Link to my original posts about the Cadillac Records Movie. Trailor is included. Beyonce Knowles - Carter - BOOYAH!!! Chyna Lane Be a risk taker like Lauren and wear a solid color dress with a fun, flagrant colored shoe. Sanaa, Beyonce & Regina Robbie Jones I didn't know Lauren had a tatoo??? Jeffrey Wright and his wife Carmen Ejogo Gabrielle Union Eamonn Walker Adrien Brody & Beyonce Stills from the Movie

Fendi Neck Scarf: Gift Option

A cute Fendi designed silk scarf in colors black, white, and gold offers a chic gift for that chic person in your life. Remember, this can be worn several ways: around the neck, in the back pocket or on the hair. Price - $124 . Available for purchase through me by contacting .

Costumes or Clothes?

Sunday night, the night everyone was either headed into a sports slumber, award ceremony land or prime time show night, in a far, far away land, celebrities were sighted on Sunset Strip. I can not figure out if they were on their way to the AMA's or coming from them, but I am most certain, that if this wasn't a special day, PCD or Paris Hilton, wouldn't be caught dead, in this get up??? What do you think?

Comedy Festival 2008: Cheech & Chong Roasted

Check out Cheech & Chong's set design for their Comedy appearance during the Comedy Festival 2008. This is funny before any jokes are even told.