Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cuckoo for Coconuts?

Sipping from a peeled coconut in NYC, that's pretty stylish, right? Im sure it quenches the thirst quite well. What do you think? Click here for the original article. Source: New York Times

No Brainer! Andy Warhol Marilyn Nikes + Dope Couture Marilyn Tee

Air Max 90 have released an Andy Warhol - Marilyn Monroe shoe that is VERY SWEET!!!! These shoes are the ones! The shoe is customized with the Andy Warhol designed Marilyn Monroe face profiles donning the sole and the colors of the design pop right into the hearts of men and women, as did Marilyn. For more on the shoe click here. The perfect compliment to this shoe is, The Dope Couture Marilyn Tee, blogged about earlier this week. Click here for more on the tee.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pooch Hall for DJ!

Click here for more photos

Monday, September 28, 2009

Men's Casual Shoes - Color Black!!

The post below pertains strictly to "mens casual shoes". I did not select any shoes that look too similar to tennis shoes, as that is entirely another topic. I hope that you enjoy the selections below.

French Connection Aubin Sneaker
Price - $128
Click here for more info

Hushpuppies Mens Bridgeport Boot
Price - $74.95
Click here for more info

Kenneth Cole Reaction "Official Time" Slip-On
Price - $98
Click here for more info

F Troupe Woven Suede Chukka Boot
Price - $158
Click here for more info

Skechers for Work Mens Systematic Lace Up
Price - $74.95
Click here for more info

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Marilyn Tee x Dope Couture

Everyone knows how much of an icon the beautiful, shapely and talented Marilyn Monroe is. Now, let's talk Vanity Fair Magazine, known across the globe for bringing forth star-power in entertainment, culture and lifestyle. So combine those two into artwork from Anotonio Chiesa and what do you get?
Dope Couture x Anotonio Chiesa tee
Italian artist Anotonio Chiesa put this collage piece together compiled from Italian Vanity Fair magazines. Limited to 65 pieces worldwide. I am one of the Lucky 65. Sorry, bunnies, you have to get your own. Click here for purchase.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Merona Argyle Sweater Vest!

It's Saturday and its a relaxed morning, so everyone go to Target today and look at this sweater. Go ahead and purchase it, why not? Price - $17.99. You can wear this with a skirt, jeans, slacks, shorts or whatever. And to my favorite reader Chris, men's cardigans and black casuals, will be up soon!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Putting My Fellas on to Something New!

I love my male audience, so I try to make sure that I keep you all with some fresh to death selections. Hit me below at the Notable Shop email, if you would like to purchase any of the these items. My styling techniques, will increase your star power, seriously. Try it!

Still Ill Thermal
Price - $44
Size Avail S - XXL
Email Notable Shop here

Scotch & Soda Flannel
Price - $104
Size Avail S - XL
Email Notable Shop here

Crowd Control Tee
Price - $36
Size Avail M - XXL
Email Notable Shop here

Levis 560 Black Denim
Price - $35
Size Avail 32 - 40
Email Notable Shop here

Herve Leger Look-A-Like Under $60 BUCKS!!

Magenta Zip Front Dress
Price - $59.00
Size Avail XS - L
To purchase, email Notable Shop here
PayPal IS Accepted!

The price and size availability is better.

Herve Leger Isabelle Bandage Dress
Price - $725 (50% discount off original ticket price)
Size Avail US 4 ONLY

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Skull Series: Earrings With Table Manners!!

Skull Series, will be a series of posts that highlight very fashionable items (not only apparel and accessories) that have skulls on or related to them, etc. If you feel a little iffy about wearing skulls, do not fret, a skull image can only take on a meaning that you allow it to have. If you need a reason, Halloween is approaching, when skulls are often flaunted. Also, in this case it's more art than goth, so please do not feel pressured to alter your beliefs.

Alexander McQueen is known for his creative, artistic, innovative, semi-risky designs. But I have not seen a designer as successful as him, at having people accept eccentric design. I present Fork and Spoon Drop Earrings, in solid brass and dark silver.

Price - $295. The design work put into these is very intricate. Don't you agree?

Check out the logos.

I must warn you, I would not try to eat with these beautifully designed earrings, they are for viewing and wearing purposes only!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bright Colors Are In! So Are Digital Cameras!

Bright Colors are definitely in this fall! So why not catch all of your happy, fun, everyday, social and family moments with a bright colored digital camera? Below are some options under $100 that you can choose from.
Canon PowerShot A470
7.1 megapixels
Price - $59.95
More info on product

Kodak EasyShare M893 (Purple)
8.1 megapixels
Price - $69.99
More info on product

Kodak EasyShare C180
10.2 megapixels
Price - $76.99
More info on product

Cynthia Rowley Dress

Sauce Studded Pocket Tee

Calvin Klein Long Sleeve Double Breasted Coat with Heplum Hem

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall into Fall with Flannels!!

Welcome in Fall with a SMILE!!!
GAP Price - $34.99 Link to shirt
DC Shoes Bombshell Flannel Price - $54.00 Link to shirt
J. Crew Price - $69.50 Link to shirt
GAP Price - $44.50 Link to shirt
G Guess Sutton Shirt Price - $44.50 Link to shirt

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Poncho With Edge!!

This Topshop poncho, knocks a major punch in my fashion eye. I think that the silhouette on it, is much more favorable on a woman, than the "tent" style ponchos of previous years and the buttons also give it a higher level of sophistication. Price - $90 at What do you think?

Uptown Girls will match this with a pair of riding boots from the Ralph Lauren Collection or other similar places.

Lauren Two Tone Calfskin Riding Boot Price - $198

Downtown Girls will go for the ankle boots or booties from Aldo, Nine West or other similar stores.

Aldo Ankle Boot Hurtgen Price - $130

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ann Demeulemeester Kicks!

Ann Demeulemeester's are the new haute couture sneaker shoe for the officer and a gentleman. This shoe is sleek, suede and laced with a rubber sole. The price point on this Ann shoe is a whopping, $870.00. Peep a couple of the styles below. Do you like them?
Jay-Z's dressing room for Letterman. Ann Demeulemeester's on deck!! Danka, June A!!
Jay-Z on Letterman! Cant see his shoes, though, hmmm..we can imagine!
Similar Style Sample Price
PF Flyers Men's Astor Price - $119.99
PF Flyers Men's Glide Price - $109.99
PF Flyers Men's Bob Cousy Hi Price - $89.99

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Christian Siriano for Payless!

What do you all think about the boots? They retail at $49.99. Click here or the ad image above to view his entire Payless collection.

Patricia Field Calls It A Onesie, Hmmmm....

Earlier this week I made a post educating gentlemen on - what a bodysuit is and requesting that they do not call them, onesies, lol. Link here. Since then, I have discovered that Patricia Field, faithfully calls these one pieces, onesies. As seen here on her site. Do you know who Patricia Field is? Briefly, she is the uber popular, great and talented stylist of the Sex And The City (sitcom and movie), The Devil Wears Prada (movie) and Ugly Betty (sitcom). Google her, for more information.

Does that change my mind about the terminology? No. Patricia Field gets a pass, because she is not calling, this piece of fashion, a onesie out of ignorance, there is probably a creative reason behind it. I believe that a tricked out bodysuit called a "onesie" is a lot more marketable, than calling it a bodysuit.

But my opinion still stands, guys when referencing this piece, I would love to hear, bodysuit, fall from your lips. Ciao!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Culture & Class Event at Cloud 9 ToNight!! Something New and Something True!

Click the flyer or this link (facebook readers) to enlarge the image for complete details.

I am hoping that this event tonight at Cloud 9 ends up being "something new" and "something true". My idea of poets/poetesses, a live band, hip hop artists, a fashion show and after party with one of the best deejays in the city sounds pretty DOPE to me.

Remember, Love Jones, and Lorenz Tates rendition of Brotha to the Night? See the video below.
VIBE Love Jones Clip "Brotha to the Night"

Love Jones Clip Link (facebook users)

And most of you already are familiar with Cloud 9. How often does it lend it's nice, large, exotic atmosphere to an event such as this? Uh-NEVER! LOL! A lovely reason to attend an experience what it can offer to a more cultured event.
Link to C9

Rhymefest - Grammy Award Winner alongside Kanye West for Jesus Walks
Malik Yusef - Former band mate of the Roots and hopefully you know how they get down
Brittany Street - I hear she is devastating on the mic
Taquisha Moneque - I heard this young lady at the Wes Montgomery Community Event and her words and storytelling had MANY snapping in the park.
Fighting Words - Has a way of mixing the backsounds of harmonies in with the poetry, that takes you to the place of a live performance done by Erykah Badu or Jill Scott.
An'nem - The nicest band that I have heard in a long time. - Does his thing, he is thought provoking and entertaining.
Trillogy with Tweez - Has been in the game awhile and would love to take us to the "Top of the World" with their slick lyrics and top notch beats and production.
Allen Imagery - Is very fluent in his hosting and keeping a tempo
DJ Limelight - Mixes the best tunes to mesmerize crowds from rumpshaking party kids to established professionals.

This event is hosting itself to a lot of firsts and if we would like to see more events like this in our city, I think we should all go out and support it and give ourselves a chance to experience "something new" and "something true"! I know that I am!!

Bodysuits: Fashion Lesson For The Guys!!

I must put an end to guys using the term "onesie"! LOL! The fabulous one piece items that have been seen on the backs and bodies of Beyonce, Rihanna and Lady Gaga, should NEVER, EVER be referenced as a "onesie" again!

Onesie's are for babies and they are made by Carter and Gerber! The grown woman version is called a bodysuit, one-piece, romper (if it has shorts) or leotard (if you are old school). Guys, come on now, get it together and by the way, visit the American Apparel site...often, and you will understand that there is a difference between the two. CIAO!!