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The Cool Down!!

As summer heats up, the only thing many of us are thinking about is the cool, relaxing pool or our air conditioned places of residence. There is no doubt that in times of extremely warm weather, we get together with our friends and family to chill by the pool. But, what will we wear to the pool? Notable Styles Contributing Editor has selected the first three looks and I have selected the last two looks. Ladies there are plenty of fashionable and comfortable fitting options out there for you to go to the pool this summer in Notable Style. Don't stay sitting at home worried about how you may look in a bathing suit. We all have body parts, we just need to accent out good ones and minimize our other areas. If you would like help with your personal shopping experience, do not hesitate to email, . I hope that you enjoy our selections!! What is your favorite swimsuit style? Visit and talk to us there. We will be waiting. Sty

Old Navy $1 Flip Flops!

Old Navy holds an annual $1 flip flop sale and I just got word that it is this Saturday only! Get it together ladies cause the line is long for this one. Arrive early! And grab a couple of pair for your favorite Notable blogger. Follow this link for specifics. Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

Todays Fashion Inspiration: DaNisha Greene (YIF)

DaNisha Greene (Yours In Fashion) is a stylist that has been getting around town (Indianapolis) and creating a great, strong solid body of work. I have watched her unfold fashion shows, look by look and have me screaming for more. I have watched public service announcement videos that she has styled and have witnessed the costuming go right along with the acting seamlessly. This time, there is an image that I viewed that is of French, Italian and even the US Vogue caliber. It is of Notable Styles and More feature caliber and I hold a pretty high bar. I was told that this image is from the shoot, Haute Couture Ds Les Noir. Models: Justissa Elion , Kaymah Kamara , Reine Abahala & Tori Simone NAILED IT! Clothing by Berny Martin of Catou ALWAYS ON POINT! Makeup & Hair by MsKeondra Renee NICE! Accessories provided by Nubian Naturals~Quality Hand Crafted Jewelry Wardrobe Styling by Photography by Jeannie Casey Everything came together to portr

Lauren London and Who?

Most of you have heard by now that there will be no more Melanie and Derwin on The Game, next season. *crowd aww* But there will be two new characters to replace them. The new female character Kiera will be played by Lauren London. And her mate Blue, will be played by Josh Ellis. Are you all geared up and ready for the show the return now? Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

TwentyEight Boutique's Preview This Week!

I may as well share some of my blogger privileges with the Notable Ones and show you images of some pieces that are coming this week to TwentyEight Boutique. It keeps getting better and better. Stick with me ladies and gentlemen. We are going places.   The black and white maxi dress is soo chic. A deep V is there on the back of the dress for those women who want to be sexy without revealing their cleavage. I think we can call it, "bringing sexy back". The dress will be priced around the $70 and upward range.   Then the next piece that I will show you that is arriving this week to TwentyEight Boutique is a pair of palazzo pants, that are THE BOMB! I love cool, colorful, comfortable clothing in the summer. And you feel so darn fab in this style. You can wear them with jeweled flats or flat sandals, braided flats, ankle cuff sandals and more. These pants will cost you under $50 , so get in into TwentyEight Boutique to see what else is coming this week.   Twent

Quick Buy!! Yellow Sneak!

I spotted these cool, fun colored and creatively designed Apple Bottoms sneakers today! If you want a pop in your wardrobe and a summer sneaker to bounce around in, I think this would be a cool option. This sneaker looks comfy and the tribal print on the fold down is an added touch.   Price is around $40 and they are on sale only until tomorrow.   **BONUS** The apple ring to go with your Apple Bottoms shoes!

Ash Cali Swag!

Ashley Tisdale looks notably cute in her well crafted long sleeve sweater, tribal designed shorts and flat trendy sandal. All items are very on mark for the moment including the oversized, soft quilted hobo with purse flap and chain strap that I love! Similar items to these can be found at many stores, but remember Notable Styles personal shoppers are just a click away at if you would like assistance :) It is okay to mix warm weather and cool weather apparel, especially outdoors, you should try it. Contributing Editor: Joi Lindsey Writer: Nicole McClain

Chunk It Or Leave It!

The chunky heel, round toe or platform shoes are an item on the 2012 trend list that should be addressed with caution. This shoe is tricky and requires a nice experienced level of styling to pull off a HOT look with them. My wonderful contributor selected two well styled, creative and consistently themed looks that include chunky heeled shoes for the footwear. And I am sharing these looks with you, so that you can stay ahead of the trend and to hopefully be inspired. Look 1: Is a romantic look including a vintage style lace top as a cover up, worn over an asymmetrical tail soft tangerine colored dress that is belted, with pearl ball earrings and a low, loose bun in the hair. The tan chunky heel boot just took the look from the level of ordinary fashion lover to an experienced fashionista. I love the soft, stomp, combination. Look 2:  Is more of a rocker/earth girl look paired with ruffled ankle socks, red popping dress, cool necklace, an nature inspired head

Turquoise Blues!

Turquoise microsuede/suede shoes are an item that you can invest in and carry with you into pre-fall. Don't fret there will be plenty of clothing options to pair your "blue suede shoes" with, Notable Scout's Honor. The top two looks are the color and shoe styles in action, the rest of the looks are various options ranging in style and price from $90 - $650. If you want the turquoise shoe appeal and need assistance finding items, email to request a personal shopper. Do you like?

History Makerz In The Hip Hop Weekly!

On June 6th, 2012 exactly two weeks ago the History Makerz made history (no pun intended). Erik Williams and Brandon Billeisen were featured in the Hip Hop Weekly Magazine , Behind the Beats section. The two Indianapolis natives are known for their genius music production work and hard work and determination. They are a duo that creates heavy hitting sounds for songs, distinct professional sounds for applications and games and can take a rough version of a song and turn it into a radio ready release. This is a music production team that loves music and it shows in the records that they produce. Two of the songs to come this summer from the  History Makerz  are "I Luv The Streetz" by Mello Tha Guddamann featuring Ace Hood and "I'm On" by Showtime featuring Ron Browz and Lil Scrappy. Keep an ear out for the History Makerz  music, they are playing in a speaker near you! To keep in contact with them..... Twitter: @historymakerz Ph: 31

Notable Styles Exclusive: TwentyEight Boutique New Arrivals!

I have another Notable Styles Exclusive for you this week! TwentyEight Boutique has more new arrivals on their way and I have two of the new styles to share with you before they arrive. Don't you just love it? Ok, well fell free to thank me later :) Now getting back to the cute looks. The first look is for the animal in you. A very well made leopard print dress, that is not too much leopard so that others do not mistake you for a real animal. The back keyhole, adds edge so that you are stepping out in kNOwtable style. The second look is a versace inspired print, racerback body dress that will leave the passers by in awe when they witness you in this lovely dress. Both dreses will come in sizes Small, Medium and Large. But the first style runs a little big. Style one will retail for $38  but you will have to visit, TwentyEight Boutique for the price of the second look and to see the other great items! TwentyEight Boutique 7131 East 46th Street

F & A Fuse For More Than Apparel!

Notable Style readers, fashion and art come together often. Art often inspires designers and stylists in their designs, textile ideas, color combinations and more. Today, an amazing home decor design that took my breath away, inspired me to combine 2 summer pants looks (selected by Joi Lindsey) into one inspiring package that displays how the things in your home can influence your wardrobe or vice versa. Do you see how the black and the green of the furniture pillows is prevalent in the two separate looks? You can take one solid color and spew a new color scheme, with a little creativity and channeling. I would like to tell you today to live fashion, breathe fashion, coordinate your house with art and designs that inspire you, it is good for your health. Style Contributor: Joi Lindsey & Nicole McClain Writer: Nicole McClain

Saturday Morning Swag!

Young Jeezy is showing them how it should be done! 3 piece suit, with the fresh face trim to match! Photo Courtesy of YoungJeezy on instragram.

Summer Bling!

Summer has its benefits and more sun during the day is one of them. But when the sun is at its highest in the mid of the day, I would highly recommend that you avoid direct sunlight. And if you should follow this small request, wearing your gold and silver jewelry and accesories or a blingy top or clothing item during the summer will be a breeze! I do not recommend wearing an arm full of watches, bracelets and trinkets everyday of the week. But feel free to have a little fun and add an extra piece or two, tastefully at your leisure. I hope that the images inspire your Summer Bling style. Contributing Editor:   Joi Lindsey Writer: Nicole McClain

TwentyEight Boutique Sneak Peek!

TwentyEight Boutique is a dainty sized shop that focuses on bringing the customers trendy and cute pieces that are wearable to outings and work. I would like to show you two exclusive pieces that will be available on THIS Friday, June 15th. The first is a two tone, panelled, deep v, body conscious dress for the fashionista that loves to wear form fitted, sexy and attention grabbing clothes. The second piece is a colorful, geometric/aztec patterned wrap style dress. This dress can be worn as a cover up, or by itself. Pair it with shorts for a different twist. I absolutely give both of these pieces a Notably High Rating. The designs are definitely on trend, but different enough from what is out to give you some individuality. Stop by TwentyEight Boutique tomorrow at 7131 East 46th Street Indianapolis, IN 46226 to pick up the new exclusive items and to shop the rest of TwentyEight Boutique's inventory. Sizing is small, medium and large and there are very limit

Box Clutch In Black!!

Box Clutch handbags are really hanging strong season after season and are becoming a MUST HAVE piece that needs to be added to your wardrobe.   The box shape is one of many shapes that the smaller size clutch come in, but for the most part the shape will be four sided, in a square or rectangular shape with different depths and different closure styles.   The first black clutch is from A. McQueen and priced at $1495 . And the second black clutch is from Lanvin and is priced at $1750 .   The third black clutch is by Design Expressions  a Notable Styles Personal Shopping Find and looks very similar to the other two, has gold hardware, a gold chain and gold grommets on the outside and is priced at $20 .   For more information contact Notable Styles at    

Expect The Unexpected!

  This outfit is cute and sexy right? Nice summery colors, dainty embellishments on the collar of the top, gradient colorway on the skirt which adds depth to the look. But then, there's a mystery......what color shoes do you wear with it? Well if you go with the nail look selected there's only one color shoe that you could wear that would tie the nails and the outfit together. What color do you think that is? Leave comments. Style Contributor: Joi Lindsey Writer: Nicole McClain

French Twists But No Roll!

French braids into buns, french twists, sleek buns and sophisticated pull backs are all hairstyles that are on trend this season when worn appropriately. The red color styles come with a quick How Tos that can be found here If you're interested in creating the other two looks contact Notable Styles and we will help you. Style Contributors: Nicole McClain and Joi Lindsey Writer: Nicole McClain