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The New Pastry's Online Shop!!!

The ladies of Pastry, Vanessa and Angela Simmons have decided to launch an online boutique to give their fans something more. The ladies have a lot going on with the brand as of late and I am sure, more to come.   The recent and upcoming projects consist of things such as a collaboration with the brand Chivalrous Culture started by their brother Diggy, a breast cancer awareness bracelet, a Spring 2012 campaign ad competition with Cody Simpson and much more. This online boutique will offer all of what is past, present and future to you on Love! Pastry products will also be available at a discounted rate on the site address here, .    V & A would also like to tell you, to get ready to see a lot more of the new brand ambassadors Mz. Bratt and Jessica Jarrell, as their faces become the new face of Pastry. The Pastry Shoes Vice President, Solomn Dabah states, "We are celebrating this transition by offering cheap shoes on this off-Pastry site.&qu

Christian Louboutins Big 20!!!

Barneys New York has created a grand of a window display for the Celebration of Christian Louboutins 20th Anniversary! If you would like to see and know more, link in to view the video .   To help celebrate the Big 20, Christian Louboutin the brand released a self-entitled book "Christian Louboutin". The book is priced at $150 and is available in stores and on-line  now.   To further celebrate the arrival of the book, twenty pairs of exclusive limited-edition 20th Anniversary shoes have gone to Barneys. Each pair will be personally autographed by Christian Louboutin himself. This is certainly AB-SO-FAB-U-LOUS !!! And you do not want to miss this extraordinary fashion exclusive. Some of the important details are below: The shoes will be available online beginning at 9am EST on November 1, 2011 . There are 20 pairs of limited-edition shoes available. Each pair will be autographed by Christian Louboutin. Price: link to the Barneys site for more details If you

Shoe Blues!!

One of my clients has the Fall Birthday Solemn Shoe Blues. She just is down right NOT in the mood for any shoe. Have you ever been in that funk ladies? Nothing fits within her budget or liking. And even a virtual stylist cant fix that. But I have a surprise for you all. Since my client didn't select any of this round of choices, I will share the shoe options with you all! What do you think of the shoes pictured above? Colorful, platform, peep toe, texturized beauties. All are priced under $100 and look great. Feel free to leave comments if you like. Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

Another Dose Of Couture Style For Less!

Giambattista Valli has created a 40 piece line for Impulse at Macys which launches today! Valli is known for admirable gowns and dresses that have walked many red carpets. There are several animal prints, modern and fun styles as well as after after 5 options to choose from. To shop the collection visit . Hurry! Photo Source: Who What Wear Daily Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

Nail Color Tuesday: OPI's Roadhouse Blues!!!

Today's post is inspired by @Tiara_Thomas, the student, singer, musician (popular for collaborating with Wale), model and tweeter.   I ran across her tweet that stated, she was looking for the Roadhouse Blue color from OPI's Fall Collection and I hopped on the search. I am a personal shopper and purchasing guru so I found it within seconds and of course, tweeted if back to her. The link for others to purchase it is here .   This product is the 2011 Best of Allure Winner and I can see why. Kind of B.I.G, hunh?   That said, how do you feel about the dark blue, fearless girl polish. I think it makes a powerful statement.   Link to the Wale featuring Tiara Thomas song - "The Cloud"  

Wish List Item!!

This lace and floral, round neck frock in a power blue by BCBGMAXAZRIA is definitely a coveted piece. Ladylike silhouettes and romantic textiles are MY weakness. Price - $298 .   What type of dresses make you weak ladies? This is just one style among many, that I love.

Versace For H&M Lookbook!!!

The lookbook for the Versace for H&M Collection has finally dropped. And let's just say, Donatella has done it again! A collection that will include mens and womens apparel and accessories as well as some houseware items, is totally appealing, dont you think? Donatella offers some simple silhouettes with chic detailing yet powerful construction. That fact that some of the items have the signature Versace logo and pattern style is the BEST! The line offers a wide range of colors, dresses, pants, tops, scarves, jewels and more, to offer consumers a luxury feeling at the mass market retail level. Co-Contributer: Monie D. Photo Source: Fore more on Versace for H&M click here .

The Perfect Daytime Look!

Thanks to the InStyle Magazine, I saw a picture of SJP rocking a look that I consider the perfect chic and chill daytime look. Animal print neck scarf, amazing brown fedora, a plush velvet of some sort grayish blue colored pant that are folded up in a random way, just to show off the banging boots she's wearing. With all of this going on, a white tank brings the pieces all together. Do you like or dislike this look? Why or why not? I'd like to hear from you. Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

A Cowboy Boot With Extra Swag!!

This shoe really needs no introduction, clearly. It looks like a cowboy boot on steriods, in a good way!! What do you think? Price, a little under $300! For more information, contact

Casual Me Monday!

Sometimes you just want to be casual. Am I right? Kick back and go shopping or better yet take a stroll in the park, but trend set while you do it! Well, readers have submitted their looks for the choice of Casual Me Monday and the picture above is the one that I selected. What do you think of the argyle sock and polka dot Oxford combination? I think - totally gnarly! Don't forget that the denim pedal pushers add flare, as well. If you'd like to submit an entry for Casual Me Monday, submit your picture to . Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

Accessory Attack of the Week - Gloves!

If you have ever seen any of my styling work, you will notice that I use gloves, quite frequently. One of my supporters determined that my styling trademark could very well be the use of one or more gloves. I am pretty cool with that determination. I always like to utilize gloves as a surprise accessory that helps the subject stand out. Gloves are also a personal favorite of mine.   In the fast paced society that we now reside in, texting, touchscreen and fingerprint recognition technology take place each second and fingerless gloves have hit an all-time popularity high for the cooler seasons. There are fashionable gloves...that are fingerless fashionable gloves, fingerless gloves that are long, fingerless gloves that are short and several variations of the such.   This post is to show the NSers (Notable Style readers) that there are several types of gloves out there that will keep you warm, that are fashionable and user friendly.   1. Lambskin leather driving gloves available

Fall 2011 Trend Alert: Bowtie Blouses!

        Bowtie blouses are one of this years fall trends that I am putting a Notable stamp on. If you have a wardrobe style that will appreciate bowtie blouses, you have come to the right place. Bowties in general were present on the women and men fall runways. And retailers have plenty to offer us in different sleeve lengths, colors and texture. The first image is a 3.1 Phillip Lim look for the runway. The second image is a bowtie blouse priced at $49 which isn't bad. The third image is Stacy Dash in a different style of bowtie blouse, in which the blouse has an edgier look. Will you be wearing the bowtie blouse look? Let me know. Why or why not? Let's discuss. Join us at our community page on facebook !

Heel Height Thats Alright!!

Quickly, ladies, because in this day and time, we don't have a lot of time to do ANY-THING!   1. Wedge boots, booties and shoes are TOTALLY in this Fall '11 Season.   2. If you like heel height but don't want to always wear a traditional heel, this seasons wedges are for you.   3. Not only does some of the wedges offer a 4" heel, but because it is a wedge, it will give you balance that you cant always get in a normal heel.   4. This particular shoe is a decent quality brand and it is marked down from its original selling price.   5. It comes in granite and black and has a cover up looking detail added to the shoe for style and flavor.   Price - $149.50   So what are you waiting for to order it? Contact for order details and what to wear with this fab style wedge boot.   ENJOY!!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Monday!!!

Marc Jacobs is a designer that gives women options. He has the high end line, Marc Jacbos, that became popular for its handbags that have quilting, chain straps and fancy hardware closures, throughout the collection. This collection also offers clothing that is normally purchased by celebrities on the spot, taking the looks directly from the fashion runway to the jetset runway.   Then there is the Marc by Marc Jacobs line that is mid price range, that offers more t-shirts and clothing that can go from daytime to night, in a flash.   Both lines are complete collections covering accessories, handbags, shoes and clothing. But today, I would like to show you a full, Marc by Marc Jacobs look that I have selected.   I would say that this look is for a date or outing night. And it can be easily turned into a work look if you add a blazer to the top portion.   1. MJ Petal cutout shoe boot - $530 **BONUS ITEM**   2. M by MJ Black lace-up knee boot - $412.50   3. M by MJ Black back