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Viktor & Rolf Spring Couture 2019!

Viktor and Rolf (V&R) have figured out how to make "statement couture dresses". The duo presented 18 looks with 18 bold statements attache'd to their beautifully constructed, colorful tulle and ruffled gowns. Research has provided that V&R did not want to impose any specific explanation for the phrases on their clothing, that they would to allow the viewer to interpret the message for themselves. Similar to a statement shirt. You purchase it - because it speaks to you in a particular way, normally in a direct way and it aligns with the thoughts that you would like others to see you. Some of the dresses are a bit more sinister, in a beautiful dark twisted fantasy kind of way. I hope that you enjoy the dresses and also gain your prospective where the statements are concerned.

Notable Styles Friday: Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland looking sexy and dapper in white blouse, black slacks, black trench overcoat (with leopard lining), simple silver two strap sandals, diamond necklaces, two rings and an Hermès belt. With the red lip and nails and white top hat with black accents, she has signed, sealed and delivered this look to perfection. Kelly Rowland is such a beautiful woman, we wish her the best in her family, music and other business endeavors. I hope that you enjoy. And don't forget to check out Kelly Ro for Fabletics. Leggings are $24 when you become a VIP member with Fabletics. Photo Source: @kellyrowland

Yvonne O. Or Molly my Molly!!

Within this post you will see colorful and vibrant images of Yvonne Orji, (best known as Molly on Issa Rae's series Insecure) taken for the knock out magazine O. In the show Insecure, Yvonne plays a beautiful, independent, single lawyer with a wardrobe that is to drool over.  In these pictures, nothing much has seemed to change from the looks that she wears on the show because she still looks amazing, professional, well dressed and like a bossette. ;)  If we had to pick a favorite, we would say the fuschia cropped pants suit is it, because this suit will go day to night in a flash! I hope that you enjoy these snaps of Yvonne Orji that were published in the February issue of O magazine. Photo Source: @yvonneorji

Notable Nail Fashions: Erinn Shante!

Hello Notably Stylish Ones. We know that you are somewhere reading this post waiting to be informed about what's notable and stylish in 2019. Please look no further (and come back too) because today, you will find some stylish nail fashions on this here, blog, okuuuuurrrrr. Today, we are featuring nail goddess Erinn Shante (theenailgoddess) because the nails that she does are just that HOT!! She has been doing nails over six years and staying up on nail trends by continuing to learn about her craft - and it definitely shows. View three images of Erinn's aesthetically pleasing work below and comment on this post with your thoughts. For pricing and appointments link in to and follow @theenailgoddess on Instagram for more images and to stay up to date on her developments. Ice Princess Unicorn Candy Monet and Crystals Disclaimer: The names of the nail art were made up by Notable Styles and More staff.  Photo Source: @theena

Notable Details: Virgil Abloh

Iridescent. Three amazing images of Louis Vuitton fashions and accessories appeared on the Instagram page of Virgil Abloh (@virgilabloh) two hours ago. Look at the three dimensional details in the pants. And the patchwork that says Pay Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain on the aluminum-esque thermal dynamic cape. I believe that Virgil is giving modern spacesuit vibes for the upcoming travel to Mars in 2020, so that you can visit the planet in true Louis Vuitton style. What do you think? Photo Source: @virgilabloh