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Jimi Hendrix Tee!

Jimi Hendrix tees goo sooo hard, even in the office! Price - Less than $10 Loves it! Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

Him by Those Dudes

Him by Those Dudes is a video produced by a production company by the name of Glitch Films out of Indianapolis, Indiana. I like this song and the video, its rather cheeky. I would say that the young ladies could possibly take a class or two in walking and proper body movement (more fluid, swan like), but other than that, the video is all good!

Look like Camillas

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Etro Dress!

When I laid eyes on this Etro dress, I loved it!! For some reason, anytime that I see a soft, flowy, dress somewhat boho style it reminds me of the sunny beaches in California or even Hawaii. Warm, but not tooo hot, where the wind keeps you cool.  I think the colors in this dress are AMAZING !!! If I wore this, would I remind you of cotton candy? Don't we all like cotton candy?? Not too much of it, just enough to satisfy that sweet tooth. Hmmm, that is the way I feel about this dress too!! ADOR !! Photo courtesy:


Beauty (n.) - the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit. Merriam Webster Beauty is physical, mental and spiritually induced!!!

Shawl Collar Cardigans are IN Gentlemen!!!!

 If you are a man and among the grown and sexy crowd, then you will be happy to know that shawl cardigans are one of the seasons go to pieces for guys!!! This sweater can be dressed up with a dress shirt and tie to complete the mature look. Or this sweater can be worn with a soft cotton long sleeve geometric tee under it for a casual look. I say, a striped or funky shirt under, NOT just a plain tee! Check out the options below. The price points range from $59.50 - $195 . The top two choices are available in Big and Tall sizes.

Grace Coddington - Thoughts On Bloggers | Styleite

Oooooh wooow, one of the stars of Vogue Magazine (Grace Coddington) hates fashion bloggers. Does she or doesn't she? Below is an excerpt from the article written on “Well, my first reaction was I absolutely hate them. Ha! I have to say now, you’ve got to love them, I’m just a little old-fashioned and old. It takes me a little while to come around to it. I mean—I don’t like it if they sit in my seat. But I’m getting used to it." Follow the link below to read the entire article, it is interesting and informative. Grace Coddington - Thoughts On Bloggers | Styleite Photo courtesy:

Roccobarocco Handbag Heaven!!!

If you like carrying nice handbags that are of good quality, hop on this Roccobarocco multicolor python mini satchel. Price - $219 .

Protect Yourself From The Rain in Style!!

American Apparel makes it possible for us to protect ourselves from the rain, in style and in many different colors!!! :-) The parka below is a Unisex joint and it is recommended, that women buy one size smaller, than their normal size. Item Description: A hooded, thigh-length rain parka with six cord locks – two for the fitted hood, two for an optional cinched waist and two on the bottom. Perfect as a raincoat or light cover-up in spring and fall. Price - $85  

Louis Vuitton S/S 2010 QP's!!

Black Ginger Shades (women) Price - $640 Soupcon GM Shades (women) Price - $560 Impulsion Shades (men) Price - $450 Tower Sneaker Boot in Monogram Embossed Leather Price - $700 Milla Clutch MM Price - $500

Notable Styles and Mariachi Band!!

Mariachi Bands are a timeless piece of Mexican culture. Their origins date back to the 18th century in Cocula, Jalisco. I wanted to show you that there are many cultures and different genres of people and things in the Indianapolis area, so (my soon-to-be manager Thea) suggested I take a picture with them. Embrace the differences of one another, guys it opens the door to explore a whole new side of life.

Bey's New Shoes!!

What do ya'll think? I looove these Alexander McQueen boots!! I wanna know what my fashionistas think? Price - $1295 on Image Courtesy: Fashion Bomb Daily **BONUS**   Ada Slouch Boot Price - $180 Amour Peep Lace Up Cuff Boot Price - $160 Turner Suede Laceup Boot Price - $84.55

Have You Subscribed To Blueprint Magazine?

Saturday was a busy day for me, Indy blogger extraordinaire. I thought it was pertinent that I attend the Blueprint Magazine's 901 Tequila, Dreyer & Reinbold BMW Sponsored Subscription Party. And I am extremely glad that I did. The party was like crazy, retarded in a GOOD WAY!!  Good music (courtesy of "The" Limelight), Good People and Good Times! Click here for more information on the Blueprint Mag, especially subscription information. Let's support one another. To see a few pictures from the event look below and to check out the rest of the pictures go to the Blueprint Magazine Facebook Fan Page .

Dainty Jewels!!!

(All jewelry worn in the photo can be purchased at ) This past weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting, the owner of Dainty Jewels and viewing her entire jewelry collection at my own private Notable Styles Showing . All I can say is Wooooow!!! If you want to make sure you have jewelry pieces that are trendsetting, high quality, well priced and fabulous, Dainty Jewels is your go to retailer. This company is only 4 months old, but the business acumen displayed is very mature and the ideas are futuristic.  Dainty Jewels operates like a well oiled machine and that is something, that I have not witnessed, as frequently as I would like to in my hometown. Miss Venisha of is from Detroit, MI and is bringing her flavor, influence and style into Indianapolis, slowly, yet surely and effectively. I am looking forward to seeing what else Miss Venisha and Dainty Jewels will do. This young lady, is sharp and focused.   Price upon request Check out some of

Cop This, Wear It - It's On Sale!!

I haven't seen any of my guys in this Cavi Hutchinson sweater yet? I am uber feeling the Cavi brand! I like their direction, their growth and their color selections on the multicolor joints. I feel that Cavi does a great job at appealing to the urban customer as well as a more fashion savvy male customer. There is a blueprint behind successful brands like Cavi and others and it mostly involves keeping your client in mind when you are in the design phase, making quality of the garment a high priority and remembering to have a unique point or in other words something to say to the world, with your finished product. Price - $70.99 To view Cavi's entire collection click here . *BONUS* Cavi Spring

Dope Couture: Bringing Their Culture To The Masses!!

Dope C, has a video ad in rotation for their brand and it is a fairly good look into the culture and design aesthetic that they are currently bringing to the market. I say go hard, Dope C, you can only do more, get better, reach more people and if you're reading this Matt or Chris, I would like to sit down with you all, one day in the very near future!!! Dope Couture Spring Lookbook from Dope Couture on Vimeo .

Express' Commander in Chic Collection!

With me, being the Commander of my Notable Styles Army, I am always looking for the perfect mix of clothes that will allow me to be soft, yet stern. Project authority, and also be appealing and sultry. This Express look from the Commander in Chic line -- definitely meets those qualifications! Cost of the Look - $113.50 (for the jacket and the skirt). Earrings and aviators, can come in at a total of $20 max for both if you personal shop with me, for the accessories. And shoes, well I can help you buy those at any budget price :) Bye - bye!

Billionaire Logo Tee!

I am an apparel stylist in the central midwest region of the US and I would love to see more designers and styles from the east and west coasts drawn upon and mixed up on the fellas in this region. Add a touch of individuality to create your own signature style and POW! If given the honor and humble opportunity to dress you (any guy out there) this Spring, I would start with this Pharrell brand BBC tee and build from there. Price - $80 . All sizes S - XXL are still available.  Next - J. Crew lightweight button down on top of the tee Price - $69.50 . Pair them with - Gap, loose fitting denim, Price - $54.50 . Step out with the Adidas Y-3 Yohji Yamamoto's in navy and chalk. Price - $264 . Top it off with the Diesel wristwear. Price - $99.99 . Your Notable Look has been signed, sealed and delivered. Ciao!! Contact me for styling tips, quips and trips when you follow this link .