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Now Casting For New York Fashion Week!!!

NOW CASTING: New York Fashion Week Documentary Special. Please email submissions to  with  ATTN: CHANEL  and include photographs, bio, press kit, and links to any on camera appearances (if available). The Casting Firm, IMG and a Major Cable Network are seeking charismatic Fashion Designers, Runway Models, Stylists, Publicists, Editors, Fashion Bloggers, Makeup Artists and Photographers for a documentary special on New York Fashion Week. IMG Original Content's new Fashion Follow Doc will follow cast members from different areas of the fashion world as they prepare for and tackle the challenges of New York Fashion Week. The program will feature a selection of top models, designers, stylists, bloggers and more in the time leading up to and during New York Fashion Week. Viewers will get the ultimate insider access to the glamour, beauty, creativity, hard work (and occasional chaos) that goes into one of the biggest fashion events in the world!

Fashion on Fleek!

I have to do a Saturday post for you all just to say OMG, the pieces that I am about to show you got my little heart pumping today. I love each and every style and the way that the boutique decided to merchandise them. The boutique by the way is and if you check them out tell them the blog Notable Styles and More sent you.  I hope that you Notable Fashionistas enjoy these items as much as I have, and go ahead link into the site, there are many more fashionable items to explore. Ciao!! Photo Source:

Pumpkin And Spice!!!

I say, why not wear a little orange and black before Fall hits!?! Who says that orange and black is only for Halloween anyway? By the way, who still celebrates that event??? In the line up of clothes below of course the orange items are what I am referring to as Pumpkin (referenced in the blog title) and the spice can be any of the remaining items that you choose. I figure a leather mini, a cool shaped beanie and a black one shoulder crop top are all notable enough to be considered the spice ;)!! I hope that you enjoy and please surf responsibly and check us out on Twitter and Instagram @notastyles. So Kate 120mm Pumps $620 Leather Mini Skirt $230 Beanie Hat $44 Cropped Bustier $900 Knit Crop Top $240

We Gon Be Alright!!

#KendrickLamar #SandraBland #IfIDieinPoliceCustody #Suicide #SuicidePrevention #Depression #PTSD I do not know if Sandra inflicted this upon herself or not but I do know that we all at least know one person that is depressed or that has committed suicide or has indirectly killed themselves through substance abuse due to the affects of post traumatic stress disorder. Why is this family? Can we help? Are we missing the point by focusing on what we don't know? Is there an opportunity to help those that are still ALIVE!! If you are reading this, I love you!! You mean the world to me. You are not your past. You can be who you want to be. Just find out who that is. Hug yourself tight! Love yourself FIRST!! Do not believe the negative words against you from others or yourself! Tell that negative spirit to GO AWAY!!! It is not real! Love is real!!! Love is right!! Pray and ask for life and that you receive it abundantly!!! 🙏🏾 There are levels in life but at the core of it all is you

Balmain Blazer!

This AMAZING Balmain wool blazer is a precursor to all things lovely for Fall 2015! Olive green, just so happens to be one of my favorite colors. And I personally love to pair it with gold jewelry, so the gold buttons on this jacket just tickle my fancy!!   Im pretty sure this blazer may be on Kim Kardashian-West and Bay Nori West's Pre-Fall hitlist! I mean they have to wear it before Fall to let us know that they get it pre-release style, you know? :)   Notable Style Fashionistas this piece or one similar is a definite wardrobe staple. It can be worn multiple times and in multiple combinations.

Creative Cardio!

Hi Blog readers!!! Please don't judge me on my preferred choice of cardio. No really I plan to improve regarding punctuality and exercise beginning in 2016!! Lol! ;) Visit the blog often for more interesting points and Notable Styles humor!!

NSM Doll of the Day: Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato inspired me to create a new topic on my blog today with her look. That new topic is called Notable Styles and More Doll of the Day!! #nsmdotd The white nails, bra-let top, haircut (going back off of the forehead), double layer denim skirt with frayed edges, minimal tats, drop earrings, eyebrows on fleek and lip color all gave me life! Photo Source: eonline instagram page