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Prepping for the Kentucky Derby!

The Kentucky Derby is on Saturday, May 3rd, 2008 and takes place in Louisville, KY. Most of the time celebrations begin on the Thursday prior for locals and tourists alike. The Kentucky Derby-isn't just about the horse races, NO! The Derby has been known to attract celebrities and people from everywhere. The first noted celebrity at the races goes back to the 1800's, 1877 to be exact. Any event with celebrities and tv coverage means, you must look your BEST! And the Kentucky Derby is known for women bringing out some of the SHARPEST hats that you have ever seen. I have selected some hats that I think are beautiful and you can take a look to decide for yourself. The hats are designed and handcrafted by Polly Singer for Hats and . - GET ON IT!!! has the widest range of stockings that any woman could EVER want. They range from animal prints, to plaid, to artsy, to name brand inspired among others. I stumbled upon this site and am very lucky that I did. Check out the site for yourself and view the varieties of looks. Price range is from $10 and up . I'm positive you will find a stocking here that will fit your needs.

Jay-Z in the new Crooks - He's ROCKIN" IT!!

I had to upload this picture of Jay-Z in the new Crooks & Castles pieces. He totally ROCKS OUT with his SOCKS OUT!!!! Jay's Crooks Apparel: Crooks Lambo Jacket / Castellano Mosley Tribes x Crooks Sunglasses / Crooks High Society Tee. VISIT THE CROOKS WEBSITE IT'S VERY HEAVY WITH THE PICS!!! I LOVE THEM!!!! Skateboard P, Carmelo Anthony, Kanyeezy, more Jay-Z, all of my friends!!! Who's that girl, in Crooks? She's that girl, in Crooks. Crooks street style. I've been linking Jay with the Crooks brand check out Crooks links within the blog! Crooks on myspace: link . Photos courtesy of

Seychelles Islands & Shoes - OOH!

Seychelles islands are well known to many as the original " Garden of Eden ". They are officially named the Republic of Seychelles , since 155 islands make up this paradise. The islands are located east of Africa's mainland and northeast of Madagascar island. I have been told that the islands are very beautiful and inspires even the most un-inspirable and calms even the calmless. I located a brand of shoes called Seychelles and I feel that this brand somehow upholds the high standards that the islands have upkept for many years. This shoe brand is timeless, brilliant, comfortable and classy and of course, I can not forget CUTE ! See below for some of their collection. And, if you have the chance, visit the Republic of Seychelles, it is an awesome sight to I hear.

Heatherette Jeans are CUTE!!

I don't know how long the FIERCE duo of Heatherette Richy Rich and Traver Rains have been designing jeans, alongside their eclectic and fashionable collection but, I like them! They are available on and I hope that you will like them too. Price - $72.00 . Which isn't bad - at all for a label of their buzz and esteem. Speaking of Karmaloop, enjoy a 20% discount off of your purchase: Use Rep Code: " RN724 1" and get 20% off Your Purch ase

GIRLICIOUS - A Creative Shot of Fashion!

Today, dear readers I wanted to do something a little different. I would like to load a music video as a source of my fashion inspiration. Now, I AM DEFINITELY NOT saying, go out and buy these items and wear them outside of the house........... But if you wanted to buy them and wear them, to a hip-hop dance class or something like that, I'm sure that you would be the well....belle of the ball or diva of the dance, hhmmmm. But seriously, I like Girlicious and I think their moves are updated, snappy, sassy and on the beat! (which is very important). I hope that Girlicious make it into "heavy" rotation, because I am anticipating seeing more of what they have to bring to the table. They have two videos available on their website and their single and Like Me video feat. Jazze Pha can be purchased through Itunes.

BAPE Store Opening in West Hollywood!

BAPE , men's apparel brand had a grand store opening in West Hollywood, CA, last night. The labels horsemen are UBER-Producer Pharrell and Designer-Nigo. Having a store in Hollywood is a milestone for any designer and I am sure that it means just as much to BAPE. BAPE , is a clothing line for every man, don't forget to check out the pictures and enjoy the creations that BAPE has brought out for this season. Also, check notes of who all attended this awesome Melrose BAPE Store Grand Opening! BAPE 8001 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046 Price - $295.00 on Billionaire's Boys Club site Photo credits:

Random pic of Linds!

I love Lindsay Lohan , so everytime that I see her, and she looks stylish and chic, you can believe that I'll post it.

Sarah Jessica Parker - In Bitten!!

Sarah Jessica Parker , AKA Carrie ( Sex in the City ), AKA SJP makes a $20 dress look so crisp, cute and FASHIONABLE ! This is why we LOVE her. She can do "no wrong", when it comes to fashion and definitely nothing wrong when she has finally created her OWN line. Sarah Jessica Parker wore her own line Bitten , to The Cinema Society and Mulberry Host THINKFilm's New York Premiere of "Then She Found Me", with her hubby Matthew Broderick. She accessorized the dress with Valentino shoes and Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection necklace. Valentino Satin Bow Slingback - $525.00 The key to fashion is mixing high end with low end, Sarah's demonstration of that just confirms what most fashionistas already know. And if you didn't know that, well KNOW YOU DO!! Carole Tanenbaum Vintage French pearl and cobalt deco necklace - $550.00 Clothing credits, In SJP photo, Styling credits, Nicole McClain

Heidi Klum in Louboutins!

Last night, while I was watching my personal favorite television series Gossip Girl , (second fav is Lipstick Jungle ), I caught a glimpse of the Heidi Klum for Volkswagon automobile commercial. Now, you have to know, just as Jay-Z says in one of his songs, Heidi Klum has a great body and I adore many of her choices. Choices in men, fashion choices and business choices ( Project Runway ), to say the least. Although the commercial is about the Volkswagon car, I was mesmerized by her shoes. And you ask, okay, who looks at the shoes that people wear on commercials? I DO! DUH! Especially when it's Heidi Klum . Well, of course , I-am-going to tell you what kind of shoes that she was wearing. She was wearing Louboutins , by Christian Louboutin . To see the commercial view it, below. The BEST shot of the show, is at second 00:24! The Louboutin shown is $760.00 . So, get your weight up, ladies! Or try either of these two budget friendly pairs. They are just as cute and just as

The Fashion “bubble” is still around!

If you thought that the fashion “bubble” trend had left room on the clothing racks for a more unique trend this season, you were wrong. You can still find bubble skirts, dresses and tops in retailers throughout the world and I have found a reasonably priced, spring colored one for you, if you are interested. This polyester/rayon blended concoction will offer you a comfortable fit, a classy design and a poppin’ punch of color. What more can you ask for? Price - $21.99 . Available at Charlotte .

Rockport washable leather mens shoes!

Rockport is offering a washable leather loafer, for men who have a taste for the driver style loafer. Personally, I adore a man, in a driver loafer. I mean, it is totally alluring, especially in a great material and washable leather sounds like a good material to me. This loafer is available in "colrain orange" and "colrain honey" which is shown. This loafer is ONLY $80 , so tell your beau to go to anyplace that sells Rockport's or purchase them online .

John Varvatos - Nice male loook

John Varvatos is a designer for men shoppers, whom always want to look their best! John Varvatos will allow any man, to walk into a room and mesmerize those in his presence. No, I am not John Varvatos hired help, but I am speaking solely on those things that I KNOW . And I KNOW this because I have seen it happen. I have selected one look from Mr. Varvatos' Spring/Summer 2008 Look Book and let me just say, this look is so Brad Pitt , Johnny Depp and Nas mixed. The itemized listing of apparel is as follows: Fossil Cotton/Lining Ticking Stripe Work Jacket $895.00 White Light Weight Printed Cashmere $298.00 Slate Gray Washed Plaid Suspender Pant $325.00 Black Silk Striped Skinny Scarf $198.00

Dr. has MAD Fashion SELECTION!!!

For those of you who don't know, Dr. Jays is a place that will keep you up ON the urban fashion game. Akademiks, RocaWear, Avirex, Coogi, Cavi and others. If you want to know what's hot, what's new with brands, just check out their site Dr. . Dr. Jays has over 25 years of serving fashion consumers and are more than just an online urban apparel store. Dr. Jays offers a wide range of apparel in several online shops. DJ Premium which offers mens and womens labels such as: Miss Sixty, Moschino, Evisu, William Rast, Custo Barcelona, Frankie B, KLS and more. Street Swag is another way that Dr. Jay' categorizes their trends. They are always finding a way to bring in fresh, new apparel. Some of there new brands for this season are Cheap Monday, Shmack, Poets & Thieves, 55 DSL, WeSC and more. Did I forget to mention that they offer Big & Tall, accessories and footwear, too!!! Dr Ed Hardy tee Coogi dress Akademiks polo Famous Stars an