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Notable Styles and More Top Ten Looks: Week 7

This weeks, well last weeks (that is just now being posted 😊) top ten looks is trending toward the introduction of spring like color into the fold. Enjoy and be inspired as you view the images below. Is your style Notable or Not?

Forum: Dangers of Lead In Homes and Water Moderator Dr. Caine

There is an exciting and informative forum planned to discuss potential exposure to lead in the home and water, taking place on February 25, 2021 from 6-8 PM and you should attend. If you do not know why you should attend, well you should attend. And if you are aware of the importance of this information then you do not have to be convinced. From my POV, lead is a silent killer, with gradual deadly effects and more attention should be paid to preventing the exposure to it and the ways and means to identifying whether or not you've been exposed. Environmental protections should be discussed way more often. There is also another side to this in regards to how legislation and federal and local governments effect whether or not environmental issues are discovered, discussed, monitored for compliance and corrected in the first place. For more details on this forum feel free to check out the Indianapolis Recorder article  and register   for the event by using the link above. Image source

Yeezy 1050 v3 Release Date!

Orange has been the go to fashion color, as of late. Whenever you’d like to add a touch of color or a pop, red used to be the play, but now it has definitely gradually transitioned to orange and we are here for it! Yeezy and Adidas’ highly anticipated orange and tan boot has been released in a sample format. I am figuring that they are probably trying to assess the market and see what potential consumers think of the product. Personally, I like the color, the mesh upper, the waves along the side to increase fluidity of motion, the traction full soles and of course the zipper reveal. There is no official release date for this style, but if I were you I’d keep an eye out and my hopes up for a 2021 release. Images:

Holiday Edition: Valentine’s Day Fashion Layout of the Week!

Here at Notable Styles and More you don’t have to choose who you love, what outfit or item that you like most or any of that. Why? Because we love and choose you! 🥰 And this is the land of - if you want it you can have it all. Below you will see two different yet similar Valentine’s Day or any red date night look. Hope you enjoy! Contributor: @iammalibu2.0

Fashion Layout of the Week!

This layout is the sixth one of the year. Contributor: @iammalibu2.0

Notable Styles and More Top Ten Looks: Week 6!

Images: Various sources

Fashion Layout of the Week!

This is a combination of a summer bare shoulder and a winter leather slack. A professional bag and shoe with a fun and trendy watch. Enjoy! Contributor: @iammalibu2.0

Notable Styles and More Top Ten Looks: Week 5

Images: Various pages on IG

BeGreatTV: Courses For Us By Us!

BeGreatTV is a digital course platform with a goal to provide learning and exposure of real industry careers, taught and led by the African American and minority individuals who actually work in those fields. The Executive Chairman of BeGreatTV Cortney Woodruff states “....there’s nothing that really exists that gives you a glossary of every business vertical and where you see a representation at every level in a well put together way.” This platform hosts a core team of 15 including Cortez Bryant and Jesse Williams. BeGreatTV has also pulled in investments from Arlan Hamilton and Tiffany Haddish.  As well as has instructor commitments from industry giants such as make up artist Sir John (pictured above) and fashion connoisseur Law Roach. The business model will be fee per course basis with intentions on eventually offering an all access subscription. I think this is a really viable idea and can not wait for it to launch. Image credit: BeGreatTV

TIME Mag x Black Renaissance Issue

TIME Mag and Ibram X. Kendi partnered on a Black Renaissance issue and it is about time. Ibram pitched the idea to TIME on the basis that in the past 6 years a cultural black renaissance has emerged. The rebirth has hit across all of the creative industries, film, art, music, production, poetry, spoken word and more. And the essay pays homage to the veterans and newbies that are apart of these industries. None other than the recently famous Biden-Harris inaugural speaking youth, poet laureate Amanda Gorman was pegged to grace the cover of the issue. I must say - it is well deserved.

Stacey Abrams Nobel Peace Prize Nom!

Photograph:  NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images   Stacey Abrams was the Georgia gubernatorial candidate that we all expected to win in 2018. After losing that race, she decided to get to the root of the cause: voter suppression. Stacey launched Fair Fight in 2019 with a cause to fight for free and fair elections in Georgia and around the country. Another one of Fair Fights missions is to mobilize with other organizations and register voters that are otherwise disenfranchised and therefore have their votes suppressed. Fair Fight has had such success that in 2021 Georgia elected Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff - its first ever African American and Jewish senators. A lot of people are crediting this to the litigation, legislation and effort that Fair Fight and others are putting toward the voting rights cause.  Stacey Abrams is a leader and game changer. She has worked tirelessly toward ensuring voting is equitable for all.

Normani Pics!

Normani posted a few pics overnight to give the girls and guys something to look at. She’s looking good, as usual in Dior swimwear. I wonder does she have some music or a visual dropping soon????? I’m here for a nice bop and some stellar choreography. Image source: Normani’s Twitter page

Wall Street Journal!

In today’s news.....

Head to LV for Coffee!

Check out a preview of Louis Vuitton’s first ever café and restaurant located in Osaka, Japan. Set to open February 1, the exquisitely designed café and restaurant also hosts an outdoor terrace which will serve as a perfect spot to wind down after shopping. Louis Vuitton sure knows how to garner ones attention. Thoughts? Images courtesy: Louis Vuitton

GameStop Cash In for Jaydyn!

Most of you have probably heard by now about the surprising rise of GameStop’s stock this past week. That of course, didn’t stay up long - so the market could  reverse the losses that the “hedge funds” incurred during the surge. Anyhow, a lucky 10 year old young man from San Antonio, Texas by the name of Jaydyn Carr saw his GameStop stock take a charge. Jaydyn’s mother Nina Carr gave Jaydyn about $60 in GameStop stock for a Kwanzaa gift in 2019. After the stock price jumped,  Jaydyn and his mother saw a $3200 gain from the initial $60 investment. Good luck Jaydyn! You are off to a great start. This  is what I call a notable success.  Image: Nina Carr