Boss Up Business Brunch Recap!

The Boss Up Business Brunch was a beauty, marketing, and fashion panel pre-event held at Hovito Ultra Lounge in downtown Indianapolis on November 18, 2023. 

Boss Up Business Brunch was a precursor to Midwest Fashion Week at the Arts Garden which was slated to take place the following day. The brunch aesthetic was upscale. The lounge service, cocktail, and entree offerings were all elevated in step with the panelists, moderators, and attendees.

Photos: @notastyles on IG

Side note: A popular dish choice at Hovito is the lamb chops 😊

The Beauty & the Beast panel was the first of the evening with the following as moderator and panelists.

Photo: @nichelleseye__ on IG

Moderator: Brandi Davis

Jasmine Allen

Devin Richardson

Anj Blanchard

Sonya Richards

Photo: Michael Haney

The Marketing Your Brand panel was next up with the following moderator and panelists.

Moderator: Ms. Eklass

Cesar Lopez

Brittany Marcus

Trezenay Atkins

Photo: @notastyles on IG

There was a brief intermission between second and third panels for the creator of Midwest Fashion Week to discuss the pros and cons of receiving investment dollars and more.

Keynote Speaker: Berny Martin

Photo: @notastyles on IG

The third and final panel was the Fashion Faux Pas panel. Moderator and panelists names are as follows.

Moderator: Danisha Greene

Leslie Turner

Troy Oliver

Aryéa Kolubah

This event was full of information that current and future beauty, marketing, modeling, and fashion professionals could use to start a new business or scale a current one. I hope that Seeing Greene Productions continues to partner with regional talent and host more Boss Up Brunch Events!


  1. The Boss Up event was extremely informative and anyone that attended should have walked away with valuable information and tools for their tool box.


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