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This Alexander McQueen skirt is everything!! It is made from the finest fabrics, the half polka dots in black and pink on top of the beige main color fabric is amazing! There are many different directions that can be taken when pairing this, that I just had to leave it up to you the reader to decide. The skirt will also offer a killer silhouette to your curves that may leave on lookers in shock. This is it! Enjoy!

Spring Fling!

The Spring Fling look is all about starting with a monochromatic base and then building outward from there. This look I would wear just about anywhere. To work, shopping, hanging out with my girls or even on a day date. I am just that kind of fashionista. I prefer looks that can cross over  to many events with the change or addition of a piece or two and you're off!! The pieces that you see featured in this look are: a bodysuit/leotard, a skort, a satin wide striped jacket, a pair of cage sandals, a small flap handbag, silver accessories, and a pop of pink lipstick and nail color to seal the deal. Image by: Nicole McClain

Food for Thought!!

Posted on Twitter by Kyle Lacey, quote by Mario Andretti. Are you a control freak? Do you have to know how things will be going at all times?? This quote suggests that if you have everything under control that you aren't going fast enough. What an interesting thought? What are some pros and cons to this train of thought? Feel free to follow @kylelacey on Twitter. I do and I throughly enjoy it!!

Saturday Style!!!

Saturday fashion should be just as cute as your weekday fashion and a little less contrived, kind of relaxed... depending on where you are going of course. This Saturday I felt like a little Kenzo and cut off denim shorts, check out the rest of my Saturday Style Picks below!!!

Happy Friday!!

How to Wear the Paint Splatter Trend!

The paint splatter design is a pretty cool trend that emerged towards the end of last year. I like its artsy vibe and of course all of colors. The color that lends itself to the garment, grants your brain permission to go on a visual field trip. And I like a good field trip, don't you?? The three piece look is a casual simple way of pairing the paint splatter tee. Skinny jeans and wedge sneakers go just about with anything. The paint splatter skirt is a classy, timeless way to style the trend. All items are available through me. Feel free to email for purchase inquiries!!