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Women's Space Snacks Boots

How do you feel about the boots below? I think if Billionaire Boys Club had an illegitimate step sister, the brand Irregular Choice Women's Space Snack Boots would be it. And this boot would be their break-out design. Ode to all of the facebook women, that had a discussion about boots on Thursday, July 30th, 2009. All of you are the BEST !! Price - $157.47 .

Hug Me Tee! , has a Huggy Bear Tee made especially for the ladies who would like a bear hug. The bear on the tee, may not be Yogi, but a designer hug is just as grand. Price - $48 . Front Back

Workplace Attire by, Do You Agree?

Weigh in on this topic, about workplace attire and add your comments. Do you agree or disagree with the perspective, why or why not? Many professional women are guilty of multiple fashion faux pas without realizing it, and their lack of judgment can sometimes lead to being passed over for a job or promotion. Dressing for success means business, not pleasure. Read on for our must-avoids. More Tips on What Not to Wear to Work Too much cleavage Showing too much cleavage at work is the No. 1 fashion faux pas on our list. Studies show that women who dress in sexy attire in a professional environment are more often passed over for promotions than women who dress more conservatively. Bottom line: If you want to get ahead, ditch the low-cut top. Too-short skirt Wearing a micro-mini may send the message that you're trying to compensate for skills you lack in other areas. Also, the knee is a visual anchor, says Barbara Pachter, an etiquette expert. People's attentio

She's Got Legs or Leggings!

Below are some nice leggings, that I sifted through on the net. Check them out and see if you like. Leave comments. $34 $28 $34 $19 $37 $115

Cute, Well Priced, Clutch!

Dan Ames presents a satin rhinestone clutch that can easily be worn on special occasions and the price is very reasonable. The purse is available in pink and brown. Click here to purchase. Price - $24.95 .

Sneak into Sneakers if You'd Like?!?

One of my Notable readers requested that I blog on sneakers today, so that's what I did, because I love to please my audience. BUT - before you can see the shoes I must WARN you, that the women sneakers you are about to see are only for the fly people, the HOT people, those - that (eh em) run clothes. You shouldn't let the clothes and shoes make you, you make the clothes and shoes. All of the shoes are available at . Click here for my previous posts on this FRESH shoe boutique. Tell them, Notable Service sent you! Price - $85 Price - $85 Price - $80 Price - $95 =======>WALKING ON THE MOON<======= Price - $130

Feels like Chloe for Fall 2009

Below you will find a brief overview of some the most popular looks from Chloe's Fall 2009 Collection. If you look closely you can see the Chloe designer followed an autumn, dark color, color palette and utilized the average Fall to Winter materials of suede, velvet, silk and charmeuse, in a not so average way. I think this collection is 100% fluid and the styling is impeccable. Click here to view the entire collection at . Leave comments below or here at the comments section of the original blog post, I love to hear from you. Hannah MacGibbon the Chloe designer Can you make a jogging suit look this fly with suede boots?

Notable Info for Models from Joe Zee!

Joe Zee, the infamous Creative Director of Elle Magazine has a wonderful article in the current issue. "Who's That Girl?" speaks to models about standing out in a crowd. The article also covers some of his expert Fall 2009 selections and must-have items. Brooklyn Decker (model on the rise), also known as Andy Roddick's wife, is the catalyst of this article, that will hopefully provide motivation to the models reading this, to step their game up. If you are a model or would like to become a model, this article is a MUST READ ! Mr. Zee, also speaks about a models ability to inspire designers with their off the runway looks and dressing style. Models get your everyday looks in order, you never know who you may see, meet or inspire in a day. The magazine is on stands now, go out and get it!!

Pac Man Jones: Not Newsworthy but Interesting....

I believe that the following clip was not produced in a very newsworthy or credible fashion, especially to be a story that airs on a national sports channel such as ESPN. I think that the news media gossips somewhat too much and deviates away from informing the public of the information that it needs to know. This clip includes a little bit too much info on people and activities taking place that is entirely unnecessary. Often times too much information is released by the media and seems to be motivated by one of three things: a play to obtain ratings, to destroy characters or to understand a specific public figures ways of life. In any case, I do not think showing a clip like the one below is acceptable or necessary to cover the Pac Man Jones legal situation and or his sports career. What do you think? (video included) Visit the blog to see it if you can not here.

Tanya Morgan in Indianapolis!

I stumbled upon these UBER talented gents today through my twitter follows of the extraordinary sneaker boutique, got Sole? These young men are HOTT!!! Oh myyyy!!!! Their album is out and you should get it, Brooklynati BABY! You can get more information about this group on their myspace page . Tanya Morgan visiting the got Sole? Boutique with owner Mike. Below are some You Tube vids of their recent performance in Indianapolis, THEY ROCK!!

Indiana Black Expo Star Power! Nelly, Gab Union........

Mike from Day 26 after Club Expo Brian from Day 26 during Club Expo Nelly at Cloud 9 for a party that he was hosting. Jamie Foxx backstage at his concert. Gabrielle Union hosted a white party at the Indiana Convention Center

Indiana Black Expo 2009 Summer Celebration!

This year, the Indiana Black Expo Summer Celebration will host a line-up of community uplifting, lifestyle, and health and wellness events during the July 9 - July 19th time frame. Magic Johnson and Gabrielle Union will be present at an IBE Luncheon today and have been very involved in the IBE Events that have taken place thus far. The entertainment and clubbing is also a huge part of the summer celebration as it is, one of the many high points for young to mid-aged party goers. For complete details of the Expo Events, follow this hop . If you would like to know where the best Urban, Shiek, Classy, Old-Skool and/or Under 21 parties will be this weekend, visit Notable Styles & More , frequently, beginning this evening. Locals and visitors, I will keep you up to date, with ALL of the hottest parties and events surrounding the IBE Summer Celebration. Check me out on the facebook, myspace, twitter and YouTube links in the sidebar. If you see me out an

Dockers: A Simple Classic Brand for A Simple Man!

If you are a man, with simple style and flair, try the Summer 2009 Docker line for casual wear. The items are comfortable, classic, reasonably priced and appropriate for any occasion. Go to this link for pricing, color choices and availability.

Following the G-Shock, Tick - Tock!!

G-Shock watches are on sale at for 45 - 50% off. Check them out ladies, these are pretty chic. G-Shock by Casio Baby G Classic Shock-Resistant Watch Price - $53.99 G-Shock by Casio Baby G II Shock-Resistant Watch Price - $49.99

Notable Picks from Fendi!

Saks Fifth Avenue is now selling their "NEW" arrivals from Fendi. I have selected the Notable Picks of the Week from this handbag collection. View the Notables by viewing and reading below. Price - $880 Price - $2090 Price - $1790 Price - $345 Price - $625 Price - $1330 Price - $1460