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Notable Styles and More 2021 Quarter 1 Report!

Hi! Nicole here, the creator and chief editor behind Notable Styles and More. I am here to present quick summary of highlights from Quarter 1 2021. January came in strong as Gorilla Glue girl began to share her struggles on why and how she used Gorilla Glue in her hair 🤔. My thoughts are that she intended to use Gorilla snot, but - who knows? All’s well that ends well and she finally had the glue removed by a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. The 2021 Inauguration of President Biden and first African American and woman Vice President Kamala Harris was a big fashion moment. Visit the site for images . Big moves in tech were: Local organization Be Nimble and its moves to make an impact in the Indianapolis tech space. Verzuz sold a portion of its business to Triller. TIDAL sold a majority stake to Square. And Bitcoin will now be accepted for Tesla purchases. In progress news, Kim Janey made history as first black and female mayor of Boston, Massachusetts. Subscribe to the site and fol

Fashion Layout of the Week!

This is the Week 12 Fashion Layout of the Week. Miami Blues!! Welcome to Week 13! Contribution:  @iammalibu2.0

Notable Styles and More Top Ten Looks: Week 12

Now that it is Sunday and the beginning of Week 13, it is only right that I post Week 12’s top ten looks. Enjoy! Photography:  Various IG pages

Teflar Global Is For Politicians Too!

Subject:  When predictive analytics meets fashion 📈 March 3rd, the lead contributor of Notable Styles and More @iammalibu2.0 created a red look that was sealed with the kiss of a red Teflar Global handbag. Nearly 3 weeks later AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) and Ayanna Pressley (United States House of Representatives) were spotted both holding original bags. AOC donning a Teflar bag and Ayanna Pressley holding a, Protect Black Women bag. Both of these ladies were looking absolutely beautiful while performing their political duties. Take a look below for a closer look. Notable Styles and More contributors and myself often remain ahead of trends. A fashion enthusiasts goal should be to either purchase or wear items before they become too popular, not the other way around. If you stick around this site, we will have you setting trends and not following them. 😘 Photo Source:  Unknown, Contribution:  @iammalibu2.0

Janelle Monae x Ralph Lauren

Check out Janelle Monae this evening at 7 PM EST performing from the Ralph Lauren Flagship location in Beverly Hills, CA as they showcase the Spring/Summer 21 collection. Photo Credits: @janellemonae on Twitter 

Issa Rae’s Big Deal!

Issa Rae, producer, creator, actor, influencer, Peabody award winner can now add media mogul to her list. The woman who has made waves for producing ultra relatable content (Awkward Black Girl, Insecure), being able to reflect and shift the culture, make simple statements that sound like made for t-shirt one liners (“I’m rooting for everybody black” ~ 2017), known and loved for bringing her trusted partners along for the ride and introducing unseen quality peers to the frey, has signed a 5 year - $40 million deal with Warner Media Group (WMG) which was announced in March of 2021. This deal grants exclusive rights of Issa’s content to WMG and expands across WarnerMedia’s companies HBO, HBO Max, and Warner Bros Television. This partnership also includes a first look film deal.  Issa has rebranded her Issa Rae Productions, into Hoorae. Hoorae places her film and TV development, Raedio audio content and digital content development under one roof. ColorCreative is a sister organization that

Evanston IL - First U.S City To Offer Reparations To Black People!

In Evanston, Illinois the City Council voted 8-1 on March 22, 2021 to give a total of $400,000 to eligible black households. Each household will receive $25,000 to utilize toward home repairs or a down payment on a property.  The program is funded by sales tax from marijuana sales. This is a great day in history!  🎉 Many more cities can use this program as a blueprint to finally provide reparations to African Americans in the U.S. Photo Credits: AP / Getty Images

Announcement From Elon Musk Bitcoin For Transaction!

At 3 AM EST, March 24, 2021 Elon Musk decided to make a casual, yet disruptive announcement on Twitter, regarding Tesla and Bitcoin and the future of the company. Read the tweets below to see for yourself. And feel free to comment and discuss right here below this post. Ciao!! Photo Credits: Elon Musk’s Twitter

Fashion Layout of the Week!

Contributor: @iammalibu2.0

Notable Styles and More Top Ten Looks: Week 11!

As you may know, this is the first Sunday of Spring 2021 and people all over the world are trying to get outside. With some climates being warmer than others you will always notice an array of looks in this post. This is because temperatures do vary based upon your geographical location 😉! Hope that you enjoy! Photos Courtesy:  Various IG pages

Louis Vuitton Tokyo Store!

Check out these amazing photos of the new Louis Vuitton building in Tokyo, Japan which opened March 20. The architects responsible for this futuristic designed building are Jun Aoki and Peter Marino.  L Images Courtesy: Louis Vuitton, High Snobiety

Fashion Layout of the Week!

They said, Notable Styles you are doing too much. I said, you’re - not doing enough. Contributor: @iammalibu2.0

Lil Baby’s Grammy Look!

Lil Baby performed “Bigger Picture” with special features from Tameka Mallory and Killer Mike on the 2021 Grammys Sunday wearing Tom Ford and A-Morir Stufio x Good Griff vest. I 🖤 this look.

Notable Styles and More Top Ten Looks: Week 10!

Photography: Various pages on IG