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NAACP Theatre Awards!!

The NAACP Theatre Awards were held in Los Angeles at the Directors Guild of America! See pictures of some of the attendees on the red carpet when you view below.  Where have you been Ashanti? She is wearing a rich tone colored dress which is one of Fall's hottest trends. Mr. Bobby Valentino himself, channeling the smooth, Miami Vice look. Naturi Naughton looking very fresh in a textured, jeweled toned, crowd pleasing, ruched dream. Nia Long, with the goddess gown in a soft pink. Just lovely. Tamera Mowry, also in soft pink, a fun, contemporary youthful and sophisticated look. Tatiana Ali is wearing a sharp fit, black jersey dress, with peep toe shoes that further accentuate her hip and bodice, just right. Sharon Leal is wearing a more casual shape, but the texture and textile print informs the eye that this is not just another walk in the park. In my opinion, this was a great choice. Lisa Raye is wearing a white, loose fit, draped gown, with soft lines. Giving the nec

Fabolous Did A Sirius Radio Interview!!

Sirius radio must be the new tool for entertainers that would like to tap into an emerging market. A few weeks ago, I blogged on T.I. and his Sirius radio appearance and today, I am all over F.A.B.O and his interview. Fabolous played the part of well-to-do artist by wearing low-key, statement jewelry , a nice pair of black Raybans and comfy, euro-style sneakers.

The Emmys!!!

Look at the way the jewelry accents the dark tones.  The necklace and bracelets are to die for, LOVE IT! This dress won me over with the texture of the material and the way it is layered and constructed. True artwork! I A-DORE Tracy's tux. Shaun Robinson's dress was simple, chic and dainty! She scored!! Clean Cut, simple! Looks great! Maria Menounos added a little Grammy flair by showing some skin, although the dress still pulled off a sophisticated feel overall. Grade A! I can say this dress fits well and I like the color. I think Lauren "Lo"" Bosworth was at the wrong event. In my opinion, her dress could have been worn to a graduation dinner. Although, I do like the dress and the overall look. Lara Spencer looks stunning!! Kim K, looks nice is white. Kelly Osbourne looks A-MAZING!! I love the texture and construction of the dress. The fit is impeccable and her shape, godly!! Julia Louis-Dreyfus' choice of jewelry to accompany the black dress is

Mixed Prints!! Yes or No?

Yahoo OMG seems to think that Beyonce's pairing of mixed prints and gaudy jewels is a definite fashion faux paus. Hmmm? What do the Nobies think? Yes or No? Leave your comments below.

The Carreras!!

Peep the shape of the frames! I think Ross is rocking iced out Carreras. What do you think? Carreras are available Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Solstice Sunglass Boutiques! Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

From Fred to Frederick The Film!

"It's the night before the wedding, and there's a lot to talk about." Larvell Hood's film, "From Fred to Frederick", will make its Chicagoland premiere on Friday August 27, 2010 @ 8:15 pm (and on Tuesday August 31, 2010 @ 8:15 pm) at the Gene Siskel Film Center during the Black Harvest Film Festival. The address is 164 North State Street | Chicago, IL. Tickets are $10 at the door. Please visit the "From Fred to Frederick" page on Facebook here . If you are in the Chicago area go out and watch the screening of this movie. I think you will enjoy it, I certainly did. Previous Film Screening poster for a festival in Pasadena, CA that Larvell attended in July.

Think First, Speak Next!

Today, I would like to tell everyone reading this that your mouth is a powerful tool. It can heal people, hurt people, uplift people, speak hate upon others and a lot of different things. Within the realms of using our mouths and speaking, words are things that we can never take back. Once the words have been spoken, it is done. I ask you today, my friends, to think before you speak. To not be so anxious that you blurt out something without first regarding someone else's feelings or without taking into account the way they may interpret what you are saying. The worst thing that we can do is say something that we regret saying. Life is too short to be filled with regret. And the power of love, life and positive thinking is to good a thing to be upstaged by negativity. Focus in this life and think before you react in many situations. I have been guilty as charged myself of this, more frequently than I would like to admit. And each time I tell myself that I will do bet

Beyonce and Jay-Z's Vacation!

B and Jay took a fabulous vacation to Cannes, France recently in a uber yacht! Both the two look refreshed and happy as ever! As usual, the golden nephew Jules was in tow as well as Beyonce's lovely cousin, Angela Beyince. I hear that the yacht cost Jay somewhere between $350,000/week. (But really, how important is the price when it comes to family?) The estimated list of expenses for the yacht includes: - Full Gym - Jacuzzi - Jet Ski's - Scuba Gear - Sleeping Space For 12 People - A Staff of 14 People Follow this link for more info Source: Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

Aoki Lee Simmons Birthday Fashion Show!!

Kimora Lee Simmons coordinated a Birthday Fashion Show for her daughter Aoki Lee, that took place yesterday in West Hollywood. To my understanding this fashion show occurred for two reasons. Of course, celebrating Aoki's birthday in style and with glamour was the first reason. But, there was also a secondary reason that spans beyond the need for Kim Simmons to make her child feel like a princess, she also wanted to give back to other little princesses and include them in on the fun! The gratetful young ladies she selected were apart of the Make A Wish foundation. Check out the pictures below to see what kind of fun the little ladies had. They look absolutely adorable. Kudos to Kimora Lee once again for raising the bar a little higher. This time where being a mommy, a successful business woman and wife are concerned. She is proudly wearing the hat, yes you can do it all and be fabulous while doing it!

The Blueprint Magazine August Issue Is A Must See!!!

The Blueprint Magazine is one of the BEST magazines that you will see, offering all digital subscriptions. The content, layout, organization and design of the mag makes it the awesome magazine that it is today. The latest issue which just dropped today, features: Taylor Lautner, Rihanna, Diddy, Kim Kardashian, Drake, Taylor Swift, Keri Hilson, Mick Boogie, Ludacris, Paris Hilton, Atlanta's House of Adrene Boutique, Indianapolis' Catwalk Boutique Event (co-coordinated by myself and Kim Corbitt (the owner) ~ pg. 29) George Hill, Lady Antebellum and more. Follow this link to get it!! Download it, review it, tell me what you think about it. Let's clap for the Blueprint Magazine team!


This boot is soooo sexy!!! Clearly, I am not allowed to have them, because they are priced at a whopping $699.00 and that is waaay over my current shoe budget. :) Boot designed by Charles Jourdan, named the Blythe.