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Jimmy Choo - Thinking outside of the "shoe" box!!!

The new Jimmy Choo shades are CRUCIAL DEALINGS . The actual name of this particular pair are the: Jimmy Choo Oversized Square Sunglasses with Star s . And when they say with stars, they aren't playing. I am featuring this pair of shades for one reason. These gla sses can be that staple piece of Jimmy Choo, that you want for your wardrobe . Here's the deal. There isn't a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes available, for less than $500 , unless you cop them on sale. With that being said, this pair of glasses are $395 . You can purchase these glasses in black, get major wear out of them, AND add Jimmy Choo, to your wardrobe, for cheaper than $500. Now, that's what I call thinking outside the "shoe" box. Meagan Good likes this pair of Jimmy Choo's. Link to or see below, to check them out in action. Photo courtesy of Jimmy Choo Glenys Sandal Price - $995 . You can purchase these shoes if you follow this link .

Winning Casual Look from Christian Audigier!

Christian Audigier previewed his upcoming line at the Magic TradeShow, yesterday, with celebrities, like Nicky Hilton, Mike Tyson, Macy Gray and others on the sidelines to watch. I was magnetically attracted to this uber funky casual look for the laid-back days in Indiana. I would rock this look out (minus the CA hat and sneakers) with flip flops, when there is an Indian Summer breeze still around and add boots as Fall transcends into Winter. Check out a nice indigo color pair of Ugg boots that I would wear with it. I added the oatmeal pair to demo, how PHAT these boots REALLY ARE when they are folded up, WHOA Nelly ! Price $144.00 . Available at . Of course, I won't be mad, if ya'll wear this look ladies. I got'em Jockin' Ni-Ki, Jockin Ni-Ki!

Gossip Girl Season 2!!!

How Steamy Will "Gossip Girl" Be??? Video courtesy of Young Hollywood. Am I the only one anticipating the return of the G.G. next Monday, September 1, 2008!!! I mean, that is definitely one of my guilty pleasures. Watching high school kids, deal with high school drama along with, life, acceptance, and peer pressure issues. I get chills just thinking about it. Yeah, high school was one of the good times in my life. Being a varsity cheerleader by the time I was a sophomore, a cheer captain my senior year and an academic honors student, I have plenty of drama that I had to deal with, myself. Note to the writers of Gossip Girl: Some things that they deal with seem more like young adult issues to me. Is it because they are Upper East Siders that Chuck and Nate will both be dating women in their 40's, while still being in high school? Oh, well, I guess some of the guys I knew probably did that too, I just didn't know about it. Stay tuned for another video of what the

Switch your necktie to Purple Label via Gilt Groupe

In the famous words, of B (Beyonce, that is), " switch your necktie to purple label......Upgrade Ya, up, up, upgrade ya, pa'tnah let me upgrade you. " She's talking about taking a guy from his, 12th grade graduation, silk tie look, to the coveted Ralph Lauren Purple Label designed tie. Price points are $165 and up , but you can find some RL Purple Label ties on the Gilt Groupe website for more than 50% off retail price. Now, isnt that SCHWEEEET, ( sippin' some Patreezy, while talkin to this breezy, brushin off my 3-piece, I make this look too easy...... ) oh my bad, I went into a Jay-Z hypnosis, but YES, purple label ties and other apparel for less than 50% off of retail, on Gilt Groupe. Click this link to be signed up for the Gilt Groupe if you aren't already. Or email me directly at or with Gilt Groupe member in the subject title and I can invite you personally. Featured Item Ralph Lauren Purple Label Navy Herr

Oversized Missoni Cap

Do NOT be surprised if you see me rocking this cap, this Fall 2008. I love the look of this and the colors. I AM a fan of green and its color variances and adore the Missoni knitwork. This cap can become a piece that you can plan to work your other wardrobe pieces around. Throw this cap on with some cute skinnies and a fun phrase tee, with some HOT ASS shoes, and you will be celebrity stoppin', with a simple fit. Missoni Oversized beanie hat Price: $295 Available at Take a trip to this link for the celebrity inspiration of this hat look.

Psycho B Approaching!

This new t-shirt concoction from Marc Jacobs , says beware of the B, when you walk into a room. Simply stated, if you where this shirt, you will be walking around saying, watch out guys and girls, I am "OFF THE DEEP END". Doesn't that give you chills? Cant you hear the Norman Bates music playing now...................Price point $68.00 and that's cheap to let everyone know you are looney and fashionable. Available at .

A cute BCBG dress!

Check out this BCBG dress . This is a silk charmeuse dress priced at $268.00 . I think this can be played easily in the Fall as shown in the picture with stockings and nice fall shoes or peep toes. Since the dress is mid thigh length it will also look HOT with ankle boots. What do you think about these ones? Report Boston Bootie available at priced at $115.00 . REAL CUTE!!

Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite design

I've been hearing a lot about the Damier Graphite lately, so I decided to post up the belt. This belt is the Damier Graphite Force 30 design for $370 . The Damier Graphite design is also available in the Pegase 60 rolling suitcase for $2310 . Both items are available on .

The Galaxy Tee for men! - Simplicity Strikes

To my ladies: Can you imagine being inside a club, or seeing a guy in this tee, in a dark, semi-luminous setting? I mean, if his swag is like immaculate and his eye is as piercing of a tiger, I think that the stars on his shirt will automatically look as if they are coming from his eyes and then WHAZAMM, thy girl be therefore mesmerized. In love with a figment of what she sees and he hasn't even spoken a word. To my gents: Buy this shirt and work on your swagger. Because with this shirt on, the stars will do all of the talking for you, LOL!!!! Price: $94 Available at .

Benjamin Bixby by Andre Benjamin

Andre Benjamin, better known as Andre 3000 of OutKast has launched a clothing line that will be in stores this Fall 2008. The stores slated to offer his clothing are Barney's and Neiman Marcus . A quote about the clothing line from the designer states, "The person that I'm making clothes for doesn't want to wear the same thing as everyone else, and so our biggest advantage is that we can be exclusive. If a man is wearing Benjamin Bixby, you know he's in the know." For more information on this, see the September issue of 2008 Esquire Magazine. 23 sec video of Andre explaining some of the items in the clothing line Fonzworth Bentley video feat. Andre 3000 and Kanye West. I bet there are some hidden Benjamin Bixby clothing items located in this video. Seriously though, this video is soo entertaining, I could watch it, over and over.

75 Years of Style for Men by Esquire

Today, gentlemen it is all about you. I have uploaded a layout titled 75 Years of Esquire Style and it's ALL for YOU! The details can be viewed on in a slideshow format, if you click here . Looking at the history of fashion allows you to assess the fashion genre in it's entireity and create a style and look all your own by incorporating your own ideas and likes and dislikes from throughout the year.

Cute Military Inspired Vest!

Check out this military inspired mix check waistcoat . It is sooo CRUCIAL and will have you lookin' very Sienna Milleresque rapido (quickly). It is 100% cotton, machine washable, has excellent detailing on the front side and silver hardware buttons. Don't druel too much people, it is only available in the UK at !

Grown Woman Style for under $300!!

I've been looking for a leather jacket that will fit the fashion bill of leading lady, while not leading you to "BrokeLand" in the process. Now, first let me start out by saying there are lovely options out there for casual, trendy, weekend and fun outerwear looks (which I will present at a later time), but the jacket that I have decided to feature today, is eh em....sophisticated, modern, well-made and cute! This is a Bagatelle ruffle-trim leather jacket with gold hardware and a nice fit. It's non mainstream so, every woman with swag won't be rockin' it, and it's only $295 . Available at Neiman Marcus online. Look at the detail and the high neck on the jacket...steppin on the scene in this leather, will have the world's eyes on you. Toodles.

BCBGMAXAZRIA Corporate Office

My "day" job as a Quality Assurance/Control Manager at a foundry is in the heart of Huntington Park, CA. Huntington Park and Vernon are side by side territories and within these two districts there are tons of manufacturing, production, and storage facilities of ALL kinds. About 5 minutes from me, is the BCBGMAXAZRIA corporate headquarters. And when I say, mesmerizing, it is nothing less than that. I interviewed there back in January of this year and it was a treat, to even be invited inside the parking lot. When you think of a BCBGMAXAZRIA, BCBG Runway or a BCBGirls piece, understand that it is manufactured within the building that is shown here in the pictures. Cool, right? I know! BCBG tweed jacket, shown here. I can see "B", Blair from Gossip Girl rockin' this, with her well-dressed, entrusted with funds, vindictive, selfish, revenge oriented self.

Pics of the actual "Medium Brown Bag"

I created a post about a week ago on the history of the Bloomingdale's bag and how exclusive carrying the bag makes you feel. Click here for previous post. Well, I obviously am not the only person that thinks so. While shopping in the American Apparel Warehouse on 7th and Alameda, in Los Angeles, yesterday, I spotted a get, reusable Medium Brown Bag. Can you believe it???? This young lady, Ashley was nice enough to let me shoot her with my video camera, to get an image out to my readers. So here is a pic, so that you can see, just how chic the "Medium Brown Bag" is. Thanks, Ash. Smooches!

End of Summer Look for Classy Ladies

This end of summer look from Club Monaco , is PRIMETIME!! A forever sexy and sophisticated, halter, full skirt dress, accented with a python printed leather belt and clutch accessories, ALL from Club Monaco . All that you need now is the right shoes to wear with it. Oh, I found a pair of Luichiny sandals in brown that will go nicely with it for $69.99 on .

Video: Slim of 112 feat Yung Joc and Shawty Lo

Check out the link to see this new video "So Fly" or per my request you don't even have to watch the boring video, just click the link and listen to the song! IT'S HOT!! Well maybe, I changed my mind, you need to see the video so you can see Slim, do the signature 112 dance :-D

T.I.'s new vid - Whatever You Like

This new video has some nice fashion jumping off with one of the cool chicks that makes nice appearances in music videos (here lately in her acting career), Regan Gomez-Preston. The direction of the video is NICE! The video is "actually" me. But maybe you have to be a chica, to like the theme, haha. Peep the first portion of T.I.'s lyrics though. That definitely gets me listening to the words of the song. Cause I'm normally, just a, waiting for the beat to drop type of _______, (don't you say that) LOL! ENJOY IT, I DID!

Nappyville is soooo DOPE!

Nappyville has generated A LOT of BUZZ lately near and around the I-465 area. With their released single SupaClean feat. Lil Boosie and the make the ladies love'em groove, Take'em Off, they are laying grounds to be your next solid hip-hop/rap duo. I have had the pleasure of being their stylist, over the past two months and will continue to be in the future and I must say, it has been a PLEASURE working with these two young men. Their most recent appearance was on the Russ Parr Bus Tour (sponsored by Radio One ) as it swung through Indianapolis on Wednesday, August 6th, 2008. And as mandated, they tore the stage down. With their shirts being sponsored by the Good Ol' Boys of DOPE Couture (click the logo on the home page to enter the site). I'd like to give Matt of DOPE MAJOR LOVE for lookin' out for a young lady, such as myself, while finding my way around the fashion world as a stylist. If you can't help anyone along the way, you may as well, not tra

Hot Items from American Apparel Women's Collection

American Apparel strikes me as definitely providing a women's collection that is made for a dancers physique. But more importantly, they do offer some of the standard options in sizes up to, XL n selections such as their infamous shiny leggings and a special stand alone 2XL and 3XL section. Despite the fact that the average size woman is not particularly a 2 or 4, American Apparel has some really cute, simple and basic casual looks. I like American Apparel because you can wear there clothes on a casual day, but look charming, chic and a little eclectic, while you do it. And I also like American Apparel because, their price points are REASONABLE! Take a look: Shiny Late Night Skirt Size - S thru L Price - $32.00 Thick Knit Jersey Skirt Size - S thru XL Price - $19.00 Polyester Microfiber Tulip Skirt Size - S thru L Price - $28.00 Melange Jersey Pocket Skirt Size - XS thru L Price - $30.00 Interlock Pencil Skirt Size - XS thru XL Price - $32.00 Unisex Slim Slack Size -

The Color on this Clutch!

Have you ever seen a gradient on a purse with a smooth transition and pop such as the gradient on this clutch by Julia Cocco ? Probably, NOT! Because I haven't. This color is EXQUISITE!!! The handbag is from her S/S '08 Collection and the price is just as GRAND! Price - $145 . 8-D!! Great googgily, mooggily!! The designer is from Milano, Italy and this clutch amongst her entire collection can be found on the wonderful, italian shopping website. By the way, this handbag is patent ECO -leather, so GO GREEN IN STYLE!!!!

Reggie Wayne from the home team!

Readers, if you didn't know, I am originally from Indianapolis, IN currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. So what goes on in Indy, is STILL my business. And I am going to make it my business to announce to you, that 6 pick abs ARE a fashion accessory. View the picture of #87 Reggie Wayne wide receiver of the 2007 World Champion Indianapolis Colts , with the finest accessory that you would want to see on a gent, a 6 pack of Bud.........oh I mean, abs....... WHEW!!!!! (fan the face) Abs are an accessory, right? Look at the pic AGAIN, then leave a comment, on whether or not abs are a fashion accessory, to you.

Argyle - Back to the Future?

Argyle, has been a fashion staple for centuries. The diagonal checkerboard pattern is said to have originated from Great Scotland. The argyle pattern has been in the fashion industry since, argyle socks and vests were first seen, always a part of the preppy look and even Russell Simmons has named an entire "new" line Argyle Culture . This post is about the modern take on argyle, that I fortunately discovered, while web surfing. The 2008 argyle is presented by Express Fashions and is the brightest argyle, that I have ever seen. Express married argyle with sequins and I like it. I actually adore it. See if you like it as well as I do. Price Points $30 - $60

Colorful accessories for Fall 2008

Bright colored accessories are not only for Spring ladies............AS IF! Fall colored accessories totally up your fashion quotient to the umpteenth power. BUT, you have to know how to wear them, well and for that, you must obtain MY services. Sorry dolls, I charge religiously what I'm worth, but I offer you value and quality services. Contact me on myspace or via email: or email: AKA New York Tie Dye Scarf $139.00 BCBGirls Cherie Pink Ray Patent $133.00 Leathersmith Leather Purse $142.50 Disney Couture Nameplate Necklace (designed by Kidada Jones) $40.00 FCUK Traditional Aviators WAS $78.00 NOW $59.99