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Fashion Layout of the Week!

This fashion layout is for last week. Stay tuned to the site for this week’s layout! Contributor:  @iammalibu2.0

Kanye West Breaks World Record!

Yesterday, it was announced by Sotheby’s that Kanye West’s Nike Air Yeezy’s that he wore to the 2008 Grammy’s sold for $1.8 million! This sell was the highest publicly recorded price for any pair of sneakers ever. Mic drop 🎤! This was a sample shoe that just sold for almost $2 million dollars‼️ Photos courtesy:  Sotheby’s

Hailey Bieber for Vogue Paris!

Hailey Bieber for Vogue Paris May 2021 issue is giving super model vibes with super blonde tresses to match. I like the dress that she is wearing on the cover. What do you all think? Photographer: David Sims Stylist: Emmanuelle Alt

Notable Styles and More Top Ten Looks: Week 16!

Week 16 round up!! Keep coming back to the site as we prepare for hot boy and hot girl summer. I hope you enjoy!

Balenciaga DMX Yeezy Tribute!

During the time that DMX was featured praying at several of Kanye West’s Sunday services it was said that Kanye and X were in talks of collaborating. We are not quite sure why it never came to fruition, but time has not run out yet. In light of Earl Simmon’s (DMX’s) passing Kanye West has since asked Balenciaga to design a t-shirt in tribute of DMX.  The link to purchase the shirt can be found here . The shirt went on sell today, April 24th, 2021. All proceeds will go to DMX’s family.

Erykah Badu for Burberry!

This is a quick post regarding Burberry, since Auntie Erykah came to snatch up y’all’s edges to compliment some long tresses and Burberry attire.  Enjoy the images of Badu in her latest fashion campaign for Burberry. That’s a nice looking suit, don’t you think? Images:   Various sources

Fashion Layouts of the Week!

This post will consist of two beautiful fashion layouts that I know my notable stylistas and stylistos have been waiting for 😉. Where could you see yourself wearing these looks?? Hope you enjoy!! Contributor:  @iammalibu2.0

Notable Styles and More Top Ten Looks: Week 15!

Photography: Various sources

Fashion of the Layout Week!

This is a fashionable dress solution and contribution for Week 13. We’re playing catch up over here! Contributor:  @iammalibu2.0

Coinbase: NASDAQ’s Darling!

Coinbase a “trusted” large platform used to purchase cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTCUSD) and Ethereum (ETHUSD) will go public today. This is a huge deal for a few reasons: 1. This solidifies Coinbase’s position as a key participant in the financial / currency model in the U.S. 2. By going public it brings the discussion of cryptocurrency into more homes and potentially investment portfolios. 3. Coinbase itself makes purchasing crypto more accessible to everyday people. Bonus: I believe that Nas stands to gain approximately $100 million from the company IPO, which correlates to the change in the company’s valuation from the time of his investment to now. 🤩 Keep an eye out for COIN on the exchange.

Notable Styles and More Top Ten Looks: Week 14!

Photos:  Various sources on IG

Amanda Gorman for Vogue!

The most amazing youth poet laureate, 2021 inauguration performing Amanda Gorman has just had her first Vogue cover published and it is stunning! She also made another first by being the first poet to ever grace the cover of Vogue. Let’s celebrate 🎉🎊 this young lady, she is not allowing anything to stop her shine. Photography:  Annie Liebovitz