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Make Every Day Count - Day 14!!

I am noticing that a lot of the principles that will help us make every day count are simple to think about but require a level of throughput from us that is not so simple to tap into. Day 14's Make Every Day Count post is simply to rise and shine earlier . When you have many things that you need to accomplish during your day (like myself), we increase our risk of accomplishing those things by starting the day a little sooner than normal. I hope that you are enjoying my Make Every Day Count series and I would love to hear from you in the comments section on what you feel will help m.e.d.c. and your opinion on the posts here. Be blessed!

NSM Doll of the Day!!

Yesterday, Zendaya released a picture of herself in warm/neutral color make up and a golden bronze short crop cut and she looks amazing!! I love how Zandaya's style team switches things up for her and it always ends up looking well put together. I would make the assumption that the cropped cut is a wig of some sort but I just love the style and fashion range that they play with for this young actress, singer, performer. Zendaya you are my Notable Styles and More Doll of the Day!!

Make Every Day Count - Day 13!!!

Attention, attention! This Make Every Day Count post is uber important!! It is a simple thing that can make a big difference. Network , talk with someone that you've never spoken to before and have a conversation, you never know whose who if you don't speak or talk to them. I am almost certain that when you talk to that right person, you will be surprised at what you will find that the two of you can possibly collaborate on, work together on or form a team to accomplish!! Let's make every day count by meeting and talking to people that you don't know or haven't met yet, so you can be one person closer to your next collaboration.

Make Every Day Count - Day 11!

In the effort to Make Every Day Count, do not allow your emotions to make decisions for you . Life is all about the experience (journey) and when situations arise it is in our best interest to go within, seek the kingdom of God and learn to problem solve through the situation. In doing this, you will not hand over valuable time to emotionally charged actions and you will be steady due to working on core things that really matter toward Making Every Day Count #medc.

Notable Styles Picks: Barbara Bui Pre-Fall 2016!

A few of my faves from Pre-Fall 2016 Barbara Bui!!! Pair large print with a smaller version of the same print for style. Wear a large textured cape over a mini dress with pockets for a sophisticated look. A double breasted a line dress with cape and scarf in matching large plaid print.... classy. All Robin's egg blue, trench, tank blouse, leather zippered pants and a black wool ball cap for a twist. Velvet tux dress with a waist belt and the black ball cap says I know what I want. Wrap skirt, black top and trench for a relaxed lady like look. Mix small polka dots with thin vertical stripes to get your mixed prints in. Take note of the animal print and how it's being used here for an accent of the basic plaid mini dress coat and matching animal print bag.

Make Every Day Count - Day 10!

Do you know where you are going in life? Do you have a plan in place that will aid you in reaching that point? If you answered no, then you may be totally out of sorts with Making Every Day Count. How can you honestly say that you are going to make every day count without knowing where you are going, how you are getting there and with whom? In order to truly tap into this you must first access God. Allow him to be the guiding force of your life. Then be prepared to work on your plan, execute that plan and repeat. Make Every Day Count by working toward fulfilling your destiny . Tap into the instructions for your destiny and life by making God the head! Please leave comments and feedback as well as your tips on Making Every Day Count!!

Make Every Day Count - Day 9!!

This is a catch up post, because I realized that I should have 9 posts total by the time Monday morning arrived. But please do not be alarmed this post will not be any less valuable or thoughtful than the other 8. Today I would like to say in an effort to Make Every Day Count, do not be so entertained, thrilled or involved in the preparation for an action that you fail to reach or even complete the actual action . I feel this is an important tip because pre-work, planning, etc is an important part to excellence and completion of some things. The amount of planning that goes into something can almost always be seen by looking at the final product. But for some, this can be an area where procrastination and/or distraction can occur due to some subconscious feelings about or toward actually doing the final action or producing the end product. So Notable Stylers, in bringing this to your attention I would like for you to be aware to actually do necessary and direct pre production, pre work

Make Every Day Count - Day 8

The struggle is real, so to make every day count just think of this day and every day as grind time or the time to plant your seeds. What is planted now, will be ready for harvest in 6 months to a year so there is no time to waste my friends. Prepare the ground and let's sow some seeds. Matthew 13:1-9. What seeds have you sown or plan to?

Ugg Boots for Boy Toddlers!!

I have several styles of Ugg boots here that I feel would be excellent choices for your little boy toddler. The boot styles that I have selected would pair well with almost any outfit from uniforms, to church to casual outfits and Uggs has a variety of color options available. The three styles pictured here are the Canoe, the Casson and the Orin and feel free to visit for more info.

Make Every Day Count - Day 7

Hold on hold on, group. It is still Wednesday in the Pacific Time zone so I can still squeeze in this Day 7 post. This message will be short and succinct. Tell yourself the truth about all things in order to make every day count. Have you ever experienced talking yourself into doing something that you had previously made a decision about? If so, that is a total violation to your well being and productivity. To prevent this, go with your first instinct because it's almost always right. And it will certainly be a better choice than rethinking something that you have already made a decision about. This is almost the reverse effect of not facing the truth. You are changing the present and doing something that you may later regret. I once heard someone say, "Don't rehash the past, move forward fast." - Author Unknown Being truthful with oneself requires that you are able to hold a mirror up and analyze the reflection. But NEVER beat yourself up or talk down to yo

Make Every Day Count - Day 6!!

Through the distractions, living, loving on others, and yourself, picking up the pieces and putting things together a key to making it all count and work is Focus ! If you feel overwhelmed at times, and things don't seem to stop coming at you, take a deep breath and tune in and focus. Focus is what has helped me reach the point of posting this article today and focus is what is going to help me through this stage and on to a stage where even more responsibility is demanded and required.  So much is going on in this world today, that focus is required just to get through your day and be productive. Let's focus together and Make Every Day Count. Don't forget to comment and share your ways on how to Make Every Day Count!!

Make Every Day Count - Day 5

Today is the official observed holiday for the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s life. And I believe he is a prime example of how to make every day count.  In the 39 years of Dr. MLK's life he graduated high school at age 15, reached the doctorate degree level of education, became a minister, found and married the love of his life (Coretta Scott-King), had children, fought for human rights - to the point that change followed, won a Nobel peace prize, and led people to stand for what they felt would be a more free society. I'd hate to see what he may have accomplished had he not been assassinated on April 4th, 1968 in Memphis, TN. When I look at Dr. King's life he has a list of accomplishments (all of which are not included above) that allow me to feel a sense of confidence in my own ability to incite change and grateful for the fight that he fought, so that the generations after him could focus on and address issues of their own time. If Dr. Kin

Make Every Day Count - Day 4!!

The theme of today's Make Every Day Count post is to  have a structured routine but also remain flexible . In this day, there is a push to get more done in less time. And in order to do so, many people plan out their days, weeks, months and even years down to the last detail. But what about when life happens? How do you adapt when something happens that is beyond your control? When life happens you have to do deal with it. You can seamlessly welcome change and remain calm by attending the situation at hand. It doesn't take for ever to deal with an emergency situation. But after it is over you have to immediately go back to your schedule. So try not to get down when your day is not going as planned, adjust your actions according to the day, maybe move what you can to tomorrow and keep on moving.

Make Every Day Count - Day 3!!!

Whoa ladies and gentlemen, it's Day 3 of the Make Every Day Count campaign and I love writing this series. Today's message is about being intentional in your actions. If you want to make all of your days matter live your life with purpose on purpose !! All of your dealings, conversations, reading, and all else should be intentional!!! So let's go out and make this day and all of the rest of our days filled with purpose!!

Make Every Day Count - Day 2!

Hello all!! I would like to say what a day, what a day. Here in Indianapolis, the weather has a wind chill that is below 0 and a brisky outlook. But on the brighter side today, marks the beginning of a "warming trend" 👀..... I know right. But anyhow, I would like to suggest in making every day count, that today we introduce a concept that I have read about before on sites like Forbes and Linked In, try to multitask less and finish all of one task prior to beginning another one . In certain instances this may be difficult if you are in an environment where some things demand immediate attention. But even so, once those tasks are completed and you return to your regular tasks, complete all of one and then proceed to the next one. I am going to start using an app that will allow me to log the time that I work on one task (for records and reporting purposes) which will indirectly assist me with finishing all of that task. See screenshot for ideas.

Make Every Day Count - Day 1!!

Today, I am launching a Make Every Day Count campaign via the lifestyle and inspirational blog Notable Styles and More! If you are new to this site, I post on a range of topics from fashion, to makeup, to celebrity children, to societal issues and more. Make Every Day Count will be a series of posts to inspire you to get through your day. Today's post is about adding variety to your day by making a simple change to your routine . It's the thought that counts and in doing so, you are actively being in tune with your day. I decided to bring one of the children's frog bowls to eat my lunch in. It will add color to my meal, allow me to use my imagination and act as a small reminder of my children. It's perfect!! Change something small into something entertaining by adding variety and making a simple change like I did. Feel free to leave a comment on what you will or have done to add some excitement to one of your routines.

Cara Delevinge & The Importance Of Dressing Like A Guy

2015 saw fashion designers globally ditch all preconceived gender representations and redefine masculinity. Women in menswear (or even women in trousers) has always been a controversial topic. Dating back to 1920s when Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel left the public horrified after leaving her home in a pair of slacks, to AW15 which saw style icon and model Cara Delevinge star in the DKNY menswear campaign. In my opinion, Coco Chanel deserves a big thank you and a lot of recognition for the liberation of our wardrobes. She allowed us to shamelessly cover up our frost-bitten legs and without her; we may still be wearing dresses in December. Coco, I salute you. Previous to starring in the DKNY men’s campaign, Cara Delevinge has always been an influencer in the fashion industry appearing suited and booted for a date with girlfriend; St Vincent. But why is it we are suddenly borrowing style tips from the boys? 1     1. T he shoes