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Makeup Tips For 2018!!

Hola Notable Stallions! We are excited to present to you a makeup tip guide. A guide that was put together to assist those interested in learning new ways and making improvements in applying their makeup. This guide will never go out of style. So bookmark this post and the guide itself to access it whenever you need to. Specifically, this guide is comprehensive on 50 makeup tips every person should know. It is over 7,000 words and packed with practical tips. Makeup guide . Notable Stallions I hope that you enjoy this post and the makeup guide.  

Voting Guide for College Voters!

This is the year of the 2018 Midterm elections. There are some resources listed below that will help you navigate the process. Everything you need to know about 2018 midterm elections. Navigating the Election Process for Students and First Time Voters -  https://www. resources/students-and-first- time-voters/ College Voting Prep Guide -  https://www. college-resource-center/ student-voting-guide/ Vote. Vote Smart.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr!

As we celebrate the life of an important soul today, Notable Styles and More (NSM) wanted to post the work of Daniel Rerala. There are several articles written on this site depicting the life and the importance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, if you prefer a biography style post feel free to read previous articles . In 2018 the question remains how can we utilize history as a resource and integrate it with examples, messages, circumstances and experiences from recent times. The images below do an excellent job of relating the words of Dr. King to the atrocities of current times. Thank you Daniel Rerala and Amanda Seales @amandaseales for posting it.

Notable Styles and More Legacy

Today, Notable Styles and More would like to celebrate Bernice King as a legacy figure. The youngest child of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and Coretta Scott King (who was the mere age of five years old when her father was assassinated) is established in her own right. Miss King is currently a minister and CEO of the King Center. Miss King had her first United Nations speaking engagement when she was 17. Bernice has also participated in non violent demonstrations and is still active within the community of Atlanta, GA where she resides. She was elected as the first female president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in 2009 but due to differences she declined the role. Months later King became CEO of the King Center. King's focus as CEO is to ensure that the nonviolent philosophy and methodology (Nonviolence 365) is integrated into various areas of society including: education, government, business, media, arts and entertainment and sports. King is also the CE

Ready Jet Go!

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Notable Styles and More Legacy

Notable Styles and More is starting something nuevo with a series of posts that will reflect on a legacy! Not that we particularly planned it this way ;) ;) 😉😉, but the initial post will showcase King Combs, birth name Christian Combs none other than Sean Diddy Combs' youngest son. King Combs almost looks identical to his father and is following in the footsteps of his father with his efforts to pursue the music (on Bad Boy's label) and fashion business. King Combs music can be found on TIDAL and other music outlets as well as visuals and interviews can be watched on REVOLT. Watch out for more fashion influence from this young man, as he recently was featured in an ad for Dolce & Gabbana and walked in fashion shows in the Spring/Summer 2018 NYFW season. Read further for more on King Combs and to view images.