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Pick Me Up In Your Vans!

The first image is an image of whats to come in the Fall/Winter 2012 Collection of vans sneakers. You like it? Kind of tribal and textured, a little different for vans. The second shoe is the Stage 4 black sneaker which is available now! The two sneakers are both vans but have very different sneaker styles. Which van will you drive? A Spring/Summer or a Fall/Winter 2012? Photos Courtesy: Hypebeast and Complex

Allow Hyatt Regency Workers The Right To Unionize!l

The Super Bowl is not the only thing shaking up the city this, week. The Hyatt Regency workers will be picketing on February 3rd for their right to unionize. The Right to Work initiative is important and will offer some workers the right to be protected by a union that will bargain for fair treatment in the workplace in regards to wages, benefits, etc. The Hyatt Regency Indianapolis has created a petition addressed to Hyatt CEO Mark Hoplamazian spelling out their wishes. Their goal is to reach 100 signatures and they need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here: ~ Stay Notable

Was The French Elle Fashion Writer Out Of Line?

Word around cyber town is that Nathalie Dolivo fashion writer for French Elle stated that African-Americans did not step out of our streetwear fashion style until the Obamas came into office. Hmm, thats interesting? Well what actually do you mean, Nathalie? That Sammy Davis, Jr wore streetwear back in his day? Or that Lena Horne's classic dresses are equivalent to todays Coogi brand? It is obvious that French Elle magazine was running short on articles because this lady wrote from an uneducated, predjudice and undesirable perspective. A perspective that I would not expect from a reputable magazine. What do you think Notableistas and istos? If you would like to read more on this topic follow the link:

Boutique Feature: RunWay Diva Boutique

In 2012 I am bringing you more! More features, more layouts, more hot items and more things to think about! Stay with me through out the year, because this will be a BLAST!! Today, I would like to drop a MUST SHOP boutique on you. A boutique by the name of RunWay Diva Boutique . I have yet to visit the physical store location, but from the images that Notable Styles received the looks, products and window displays are darling. This boutique is the epitome' of creative showcasing. Notice, how each wall has a color theme and the accessories are located in close proximity of the look? Need help with shopping? Well yeah, the store has already put some items together for you. To me it feels like bringing a fashion graphic design layout to life. Art meets Fashion! I love it!! I also love the texture and background of the decor in the boutique, small things that enhance a consumers shopping experience. Don't you agree? RunWay Diva Boutique sells apparel, sh

I Chove You!

I bet that you didnt know cheese pizza was a romantic food did you? Well when its in a heart shape how can you deny the love? I chove you, notableistas and istos! Thank you for being dedicated and loyal readers. Dinners on me! ~Enjoy

2 Reasons That I Am Slimming Down!

I am on a mission to change my relationship with food. And there are many reasons why I want and need to be healthier. But I must admit that one of my reasons is so that I can fit into clothes like these and not look like a stuffed burrito! Lol. I love the casual and dressy look of a t-shirt with leather pants. And the mix of the tuxedo jacket on top of a striped form fitting dress. Wait until you all see me. Wooow! The war on a healthier lifestyle continues. Photo Source: H&M

Rihanna For Armani!

Rihanna signed on to help Armani with their A/W 2011 jeans and under garments campaign. The images are published and circulating and Rihanna looks great in the Armani! I may have to check out those jeans, they look kind of nice. The fit and price will be worth looking into. And I think the two piece underwear set is smoking! Notable Styles Buzz: Rihanna is now a brunette. Photo Source: Vibe Vixen Link here for more info.

Hot or Not?!?

Presenting the Pansy colored Ugg classic short boot. I think this is a cute color and brings life back to the over played Ugg boot trend.   What do you think? Go to Notable Styles and More on facebook by clicking this link and vote under the picture.

An Investment Piece!

This 5th Avenue Designs by Veronica "International Treasures" Lizard Cuff is a GREAT investment piece. Items like this should be purchased even if you do not know what you will wear it with at the time. Its just one of those pieces. It has texture and it looks very high end. The price is $27.08 and was originally retailed at $95. Need I say more??   Pair this item with an after 5 or classy chic look and it will more than double your style quotient. Trust me.   ~ Stay Notable

Charlize Theron For W!

W Magazine's next issue has a dual cover that will give the viewers a peek at a handsome Brad Pitt and a beautiful Charlize Theron. The image above is a preview of the February W mag cover with Charlize and she is wearing a Bottega Veneta gown and Martin Katz jewels. I think that the image is absolutely stunning. Photo Source:

The Difference A Colored Belt Can Make?

Can you tell the difference between image 1 and image 2? Well, the first image shows a brown belt and the second image a green one? I hope that you can see the way that the green belt brings out more of the colors in the outfit? Which will in turn bring out more colors of your personality. :-) I purchased the green belt about a month ago at Goodwill for $.50 just because I know the importance of having variety. I did not have any parts of this look together when I bought the belt. The point is, anytime that you can pick up a colorful item, for a cheap price, get it. Always keep an eye out for color. There is always a use for color in ones wardrobe, especially colorful accessories. ~Stay Notable

Notable Styles Hype: The Gel Nail-Day 3

This is an update of how my gel nails are holding up. I had my nails manicured Friday and today is Tuesday. Do you think the nails will last 30 days? Or is it too early to tell? Follow this link for the Day 1 pic

Wish List Item: Hermes Belt!

Wow, I have pretty much been coveting the H hardware Hermes belt for about 5 years now. Why? 1. A belt is an essential piece to your wardrobe. 2. Anytime that you want to make a plain outfit feel major you can add a fancy, notable accessory. (in this case the Hermes belt). 3. Its luxury and its Hot! The Hermes belt in black and blue is shown above. Its calf leather, non-reversible with gold hardware and its on sale. Doesnt your favorite blogger deserve one? :-) As you can see countless celebrities have been seen rocking this popular belt. Nicky Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Drake, Fabolous and Kelly Rowland. Photo Sources:, and other various sources

Beyonce Takes The Bun Out Of The Oven!

A number of sources are reporting that Beyonce has delivered the Carter-Knowles child, that is infamously named Ivy Blue Carter. Original and cute name, you think? The couple shut down the entire fourth floor of Lenox Hill hospital and Beyonce checked in as Ingrid Jackson. Follow the New York Daily News link below for more of the delivery story. The images posted are Beyonce's last pregnant photos.

Notable Styles Hype: The Gel Nail!

The image that you see is less than 24 hours after the gel nail was applied to my nails. Now, I have heard that the gel nail polish stays on longer. How long? For up to 30 days, is what I have been told and you and I together are going to see how this stuff holds up. Check back to the blog frequently or go to Notable Styles and More on facebook at for the gel nail project update. See you soon!

Iris Sandal & Cayla Clutch!

Jimmy Choo' Spring Summer 2012 Campaign is slightly sickening. The colors, textiles, design and style are exuberating! I could see this sandal being worn with a satin top and a bandage style skirt. Oooh, nice. What so do you think? Are you feeling Iris and Cayla? I am!

Keep The Gloves Out!

Its a sunny 52° day in Indianapolis today but Im sure, there will be more glove wearing days to come. In the next few days I will continue to work with the touch screen compatible gloves and the fingerless mitten gloves alternating the use between the two deciding which pair that I prefer. Ive heard that the isotoner touch screen compatible gloves cost close to $20 and the pairs that I am using are half that cost. You may want to keep a close eye on the blog to make sure that you dont miss the comparison post. ~ Stay Notable

Top Ten Workout Songs For January!!!

Let's Bring in the New Year CORRECT with a post on the Top Ten Workout Songs from our friends at Run Hundred !! Chris has been a definite asset to the blog by providing us with top workout songs every month. Everyone say at once, "Thank You Chris" ! Thanks Chris for caring about our health and giving us some jams to listen to while working out. Lady GaGa - Marry The Night - 132 BPM Rihanna - We Found Love (Cahill Club Remix) - 128 BPM Avicii - Levels - 126 BPM Grouplove - Tongue Tied - 113 BPM Daughtry - Renegade - 157 BPM Hot Chelle Rae & New Boyz - I Like It Like That - 104 BPM Mary J. Blige - Ain't Nobody - 107 BPM The Downtown Fiction - Super Bass - 118 BPM Gavin DeGraw - Not Over You - 71 BPM Kesha, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, T.I. & Andre 3000 - Sleazy Remix 2.0 - 86 BPM Photo Sourc

Look Ahead To Warmer Weather!

Some of us have been hit with the big chill over the weekend and being cold is rarely a reason to celebrate fashion. But I think that I know how to cheer you up! Lets begin to think about upcoming warm weather travels. Spring Break, sunny, or maybe even a cruise where you will become one with the ocean currents. Even if you're not travelling soon, its fun to think about warm weather travels and their fashions anyhow. Versace for H&M is releasing their Cruise Collection on-line and in select stores January 19th. And Im sure that it will be a blow out like the previous collection. Do you like what you're seeing so far in the attached photos? Photo Source: H&M on facebook