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Balmain Fall Winter 2015!!

Balmain presents another amazing and gorgeous campaign with siblings Joan Smalls and Erika Smalls as they feature the  Balmain brand. Bravo! The ladies and the clothing look AMAZING!! Photo Source: Vogue France

Nike Rosche!

The Nike Rosche One in fleece khaki. Don't you love it? This is a very male friendly color way. Image Source: Hypebeast

Skirt Into Fall!

This is a sexy high waisted asymmetric stretch low mini Maxi skirt. Wait! Did you hear that? So many awesome trends in one distinct piece. High waisted - which is great for lengthening your torso. Stretch material - which clings to your shape while the skirt also has a low mini and maxi hem. All of that in the same breath has to equal A Notable Styles piece! This would be perfect to pair with a cute crop top or a regular tank top. And it would look amazing with short heels or toe out wedges. It fits perfectly and .   it comes in different colors such as blue, grey, rose red ,  white, tan, wine red and yellow. For more information on this piece email . Enjoy! Article Contributor: Brooke Burris