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Guys going from the colder weather to the warmer weather

Hello, to my men readers and females that admire a great man in great fashion as much as I do. This post will display an outfit that is fit for any guy, on a casual day. If you are in a climate where, wearing a jacket is still feasible, during the winter to spring transition, this outfit is for you. The jacket shown is lighter than a winter jacket but also made well enough to break the wind. The jacket is NIKE SB Tour and has colorful detailing on an all black majority. This jacket is found on and is $165.12 . I believe that the NIKE SB Dunk Low Pro will match with this jacket. It matches in a way that is not too matchy and I am sure that the shoes can be worn with other outfits. The NIKE SB Tour jacket can be easily worn with other fits, as well. Price $148.60 . Why not match the other two garments with, 7 for All Mankind jeans ? Seven has produced a Double Dylan black black jean for the denim connoisseur. Try them on and then decide if you like them or not. Pri

Missoni selections for Spring '08!

Missoni has some great pieces for the upcoming season. I have uploaded pics of key pieces that could be mixed and matched throughout. Missoni is a very reputable brand that deserves to be in every woman's closet. Especially women who have a desire for authentic, classy, sophisticated apparel. Some of the apparel below is available as pre-order pieces on Saks Fifth Ave . If you don't feel like getting Missoni garments, how about just getting a Missoni accessory? It will add flavor, to your wardrobe too!

Giorgio Armani sunglasses and MORE!

I visited a Solstice store recently and really spent almost an hour trying on sunglasses. Of course, I adored the likes of the Marc Jacobs, Oliver Peoples, Tom Fords, Guccis, Chanels and other brands. But when I tried on a pair of purple tinted Giorgio Armani's, I fell into instant lust. They complimented my face, greatly and were also sophisticated. The other pair of glasses that really, made their way to my MUST HAVE list were a pair of Juicy Couture's. The frame was smooth, hard plastic, just like I like. The crystal encrusted, gold logo is very FAB ! Pick your favorite pair of sunglasses for the upcoming vacation season. I hope that my selections will inspire you to!

Midwest Fashion Week: Sacrifice

Indianapolis hosted a grandiose fashion event last night at the Indianapolis Hilton Hotel. This event is entitled Midwest Fashion Week . Midwest Fashion Week is a non-profit organization, that always donates portions of their proceeds to those in need within the community. The event is put on by an inspired designer extraordinaire with a desire to make Indianapolis a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. This designer's name is Berny Martin and his line is called Catou . If you view Catou's most recent collection you can see his level of creativity and his fashion perspective. Midwest Fashion Week brought together designers from New York, Indianapolis, Chicago, Cleveland and some designers from the Art Institute. This show was very well put together and executed precisely and for that my hat's off to the Midwest Fashion Week organization. Last night, I was wearing my style hat and the designers had some very cutting edge pieces. Joan Vaccianna blew me away

Saks Fifth Avenue at Keystone Crossing is getting Gucci, Prada and Chanel apparel??

Saks Fifth Avenue at Keystone Crossing (also known as the Fashion Mall) is the only sliver or dripping of luxury and contemporary vendors in one department store that Indianapolis possesses. The Keystone Mall will soon be adding stores like Swarovski, another Nordstrom and hosts to others such as Tumi, BCBGMAXAZRIA, Coach, etc. But if you want a Neiman Marcusesque shopping experience and access to brands such as: John Varvatos, Ermenegildo Zegna, Manolo Blahnik, Miu Miu, Missoni, Louis Vuitton handbags and DVF, while you're in Indianapolis-Saks Fifth Avenue at Keystone Crossing or Fashion Mall is your place. This year for the Fashion Mall-will be a big one! I received EXCLUSIVE information , that the store will begin carrying, the coveted shoe brand Christian Louboutin beginning in mid May. Right before the heart of summer, hits. So those of you preparing for summer vacays will have the best selections available. Also, Saks Fifth in Indianapolis, will be getting 19 new vendors

What does the Members Only jacket and Lauren Conrad have in common?

On Monday, March 24th, 2008 "The Hills" had a premiere in Gotham City, NY. Lauren Conrad, Audrina Partridge and Whitney Port were making happy as being the faces of "The Hills" once again and Mariah Carey was on deck as well, handling a little album promotion as well as showing the MTV Hills fan base how she is BAAACK!!!! **NOTE** Mariah Carey has had 18 let me spell it e-i-g-h-t-e-e-n number 1 songs-WOOOOWW!! And of course, she's smoking HOT!!! But to my advantage she is wearing, a trend that I stated back in early January that would be ON POINT!! The Members Only Jacket-RELOADED! Check this link for my original post. And, for you lucky lady shoppers, I have located a retail spot that will sell the jacket to you. But the price is a little different than the originally quoted price. They are now selling for $995 . Click the link to go to the store that is keeping you ahead of the trend. And if you don't like the gold metallic color, don't worryy

This dress IS a "Good Dream"!

Saks Fifth Avenue has offered up a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, chic and sophisticated dress by Jayson Brunsdon. It seems to be painted in black with a Chinese character that represents the phrase "Good Dream" on a white dress pallette and it definitely would give me good dreams if I were to wear it. Picture this, a downtown loft in any city of your choice a wonderful view, white carpet, black leather furniture, white candals on the black lacquer granite end tables, a wonderful piece of modern art to grace the red wall space above the fireplace and knock, knock your date arrrives as you sip your 1964, Chateau Lafite Rothschild in this Jayson Brunsdon dress. The scene is perfect and everything else is lovely, for $650 I say buy this Jayson Brunsdon "Good Dream" dres s . I am sure that you won't ever regret it. Check out Jayson Brunsdon's site for more peeks at his collection. And try it with these Manolo Blahnik's from Neiman

Unique looking handbag

I think that the Goldenbleu London handbag from the Spring/Resort 2008 collection is 80's inspired and cute. I have never been a fan of fringes on purses but there is something very interesting about the construction of this particualar fringed one that attracts me. I believe that the colors the company chose to present have really helped the style of the handbag. I personally would love to see someone carrying this. The choices offered are metallic and perforated in the following colors: cosmpolitan (shown below), chrome and gold.

HOV & MJB - Heart of the City Tour in Mia!!

The Heart of the City Tour opened on Saturday, March 22nd in Miami, Florida. Jay - Z and Mary J. Blige collectively head-lined this tour and performed together several times during the night. The showing of artist support at this concert, was decent and seemed to be well appreciated by the headliners. The performers arrived at the concert boated with the finest accessories, shoes and apparel. I definitely was inspired by their choice of wardrobe and have hopes that you will be too. In the pictures below you will see 8732, Ace of Spades, Gucci accessories, fresh denim, Louis Vuitton shades, peep-toe boots, ALIFE tee, custom jackets and more. Enjoy the photos and hit me if you need help with identifying or locating some of these specific items. Email: and visit my link: Not able Servi ce on myspace .

Gossip Girl inspired look!

Gossip Girl is one of my FAV shows. I guess, I have not totally grown out of the high-school, private school, type dramas where the story lines revolve around best friends swapping boyfriends, friends calling rank, preppy, rich bad-boys and very opportunistic parents. On the fashion tip, the show takes me back to the Jill Stuart fashion wardrobe days when Clueless was out and she branded all of us, with their preppy, modern, school-girl looks and lingo. In homage to the prep-school, uniform and plaid fashion lovers below is a look that I put together. Take any of the seperates and wear them as I have setup or as you'd wish. Option 1: O ption 2 :

A really cute BCBG career dress!

Below is a pic of a dress that is a great career day option. BCBG designed this sophisticated frock for the 2008 Spring season and I have heard that the fashion forward, professional girlies have them flying off off of the racks. The dress is colorblocked with an empire waist and is made of an imported fabric. The price is $180.00 . And to locate a BCBG store near you, follow the link . For more info on this particular item, click here .

Miss Sixty & Energie

Miss Sixty and Energie are a part of the Sixty Group Corporation . The Spring/Summer 2008 of both brands has some nice options. Check these out.

2 items from Tod's that I lo-lo-lo-lo LOVE!!!

Tod's has been on my hit list for awhile and the two items below display the expert craftsmanship and design that is well known throughout the brand. See if you likey, likey. Oh, btw, they do have men's luxury items and they are nice, as well. For details follow this link .

Chloe' Dress from

This dress is very beautiful, romantic and attractive. I think that this dress can be worn to a daytime event or out at night for a chic and casual outing. The price is $2605.00 . Found on . For the heck of it, see if you like these shoes with it. Also found on .