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Jay-Z | Male Style Icon of the Year 2007

And the winner is...........Jay-Z! My man (in a Denzel Washingtonesque voice). I award Mr. Sean Corey Carter the trophy for Best Dressed Male of the year. Jay has played many roles this year as President of Def Jam, veteran rap artist, a glamourous girls guy, New Jersey Nets investor, 40/40 sports club owner, clothing label flipper, Forbes List leader and much more. But throughout all of that, Jay's swagger has not gotten weaker, but stronger and his clothes game has "upgraded". Mr. Carter can go from the board room to court side and back to his private jet and not miss a step. So, in honor of the Best Dressed Male I have posted some of his looks from 2007 and some hints on where some of the items can be found. Enjoy my gentlemen and ladies. Jay-Z in a Dolce & Gabbana suit back in May of this year. Hova's most recent concert intro attire. I wonder how many D&G white blazers he owns?? Jay-Z looking smooth as silk with sunglasses on. Marc Jacobs shades $225

Lindsay Lohan's on the scene and is not a "Mean Girl"

I recently reviewed some pictures of Lindsay while she was visiting the isle of Capri and I think that her clothing totally fits her style, charming and charasmatic personality. The look is a pretty simple one, but something about it makes it a look that is truly admirable. Maybe it's just Lindsay? But you be the judge of whether or not, YOU would rock it. I would! The event was actually the 12th Annual Capri Hollywood International Film Awards and Hayden Penattiere was also there. Photos courtesy IS TAKING OVER!!! is an online shoe retailier that offers some of the best shoe designs in fun colors, elite designers and flirty styles. The style of shoes that are offered on this site, makes me feel like I just stepped into a shoe boutique, and I still have a chance of selecting an item that no one else in this world will have. The shoes are broken out by women's character and they also have an easy, breezy, sort tool that the shopper can use. Oh, but this shoe site also has a continuous ticking timer, that displays just how much time that you have left to order if you want your shoe overnight shipped for FREE and by what date that you can receive it. Talk about convenience, I LO-LO-LO-LOVE IT! definitely gets the fact that in order to succeed in retail you have to have excellent customer service and online retailing is no excuse for shabby customer service. This shoe site also offers FREE Returns , but are sure that returning your shoe will not be an option, because yo


H&M is intent on bringing forth the word on AIDS and AIDS prevention to influence lives positively while increasing your style quotient. The products will be made available on January 31st, 2008 . And H&M will offer organic cotton t-shirts, hooded t-shirts and mini dresses all designed by celebs. The celebrity designers include Rihanna, Timbaland, Good Charlotte, Chicks on Speed, Henrik Vibskov, The Cardigans among others. Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) is creating this collection with the non-profit group Designers Against AIDS . I think this will be a banger ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned to your local H&M stores for product reviews and specific availability. **2.5 million people were newly infected with AIDS in 2006. This is equivalent to 6,800 people being seropositive everyday.**

Do you wear Singelringen? It's HOT!!!!

Singelringen ("The Single Ring" in Swedish) is a unisex ring that serves to remind the single wearer that they are already complete; while open to possibilities. The ring features a turquoise acrylic layer shining over a sterling silver band engraved with "made in Sweden" and a unique registration number that provides access to the Singelringen Global Community. First introduced in Scandinavia in 2005, Singelringen is now worn by more than 150,000 singles in over 20 countries around the world. The ring has been spotted on LA celebrities including Paula Abdul , Terrence Howard , Madeline Zima , Mario Lopez , Haley Bennett and Corbin Bleu . Singelringen is available retail for ONLY $59 . It makes a great gift for still and newly single friends and relative. Article information courtesy of Singelringen agent Linda Sherman . For more info or to purchase Singelringen do so, here . If you are in LA the Singleringen can be found at Scandihoovians at Pico a

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin?

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin, premiered in June 2007 and is now back again January 27 - January 31st 2008 to showcase emerging talent and a few already established designers. "Today's Berlin is what New York was in the 80's. Berlin is one of the most dynamic sities in Europe and is full of creative energy and spirit." This was stated by Zac Posen the established women's wear designer that will be closing up Fashion Week in Berlin. Keep an eye out on the fashion to come out of the area in Berlin, I am sure inspiration and good fashion will be received. To finish the article follow the link . Below is a pic of Zac Posen. To see his apparel click .

Best Buy's earnings are up to 228 Million

Consumers are obviously spending heavily on techie toys, even more so than last year, even in a downward spiraling economy. So, if you thought that you weren't going to get the flat-screen tv that is on your Christmas list, think again. Best Buy's previous quarter sales are at 9.9 billion pushing their earnings up 34.2% to 228 million from last year. And price per share has increased from last year's $.31/share to $.53/share. (Do not buy-now, LOL) So, I guess the Ipod is the hottest new, fashion accessory, replacing the Chanel bag, Ohh (gasp), only in America. Read the entire article on . With the year that Best Buy is having their shoppers definitely said technology over purseology.

Do you plug your own name in a search engine?

Studies show that 44% of Americas population is googling themselves on the internet. Americans who are under 50 and those with more education and income are more likely to perform the self-google. The statistics are equal when it comes percentage of women vs. men who self google, but women are more likely to google or search the internet for info on men that they are dating. Hmmmmm..... To read more about info on the self-google go to .

For all you Value City management may be on the rise

Well, to the Value City shoppers, (myself included) if the deal goes through, they may finally get the face-lift they need. I once remember Value City being the go-to department store for the commoner, lately, the stores that I have been to are the common place for....uh, whack, ill fitting selections. The presiding company (over the department store chain) named Retail Ventures, Inc is in talks of selling 89 stores in the venture deal. Burlington Coat Factory is even supposed to purchase 24 stores (outside of the 89) in the first quarter of next year. For more info on this article click the link . Btw, Retail Ventures, Inc also owns DSW and that company is operating very well. Retail Ventures, Inc. Speaking of DSW, they have a wide range of high-end shoes for discount prices. YESSS! Bargain, bargain. Click here to find a location .

Beyonce & Giorgio Armani

Beyonce and Giorgio Armani got together on December 17th in Milan, Italy for the launch of the Emporio Armani perfume, Diamonds. The fragrance can be purchased online here . Beyonce is the spokeswoman for the "Diamonds" fragrance and the commercial can be seen here.

1st Annual Menswear Awards

DNR produced the first-ever Menswear Awards and named Tom Ford "Person of the Year". Awards were also given to Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana "Style Icons", Thom Browne "Collaboration of the Year", David Lauren "Marketer", Ermenegildo Zegna for Newsmaker. For more info click here (DNR article) or here (Reuters article). A picture of Tom Ford the "Person of the Year" is below along with some of his product.

got SOLE? Sneaker Boutique taking the MIDWEST by STORM!

got SOLE? is a sneaker boutique created by Mike Watson, to give consumers the street edge and flyness that their shoe game desires. The newly opened store in the Broad Ripple Village of Indianapolis, IN is the first store in that city dedicated "solely" to tennis shoes. got SOLE? brings forth a range of exclusive colors and fabrics with their shoe selection and also are the hosts to apparel labels such as 10Deep, SneakerTip, Crooks & Castles, Sneaker Pimp and much more. got SOLE? can be contacted by: Myspace http:/ / or Tel e phone (317) 466-1173 . Got Sole had a grand opening event on Dec 14th and Dec 15th in Indianapolis. You can go to their myspace for more images of their store and selection. P.S. got SOLE? also gets a GOLD STAR ***** for customer service.

Outerwear selections for the average shopper

I have selected some basic options for male and female winter 2007 outerwear. There is always room to get creative with your outerwear look in which I am capable doing as well, but the selections you will see below are functional and basic. ENJOY! Akademiks reversible jacket | available in 4X and 5X Sean John Lux Parka | available in 4X and 5X Eddie Bauer superior down parka | available in 3X and 4X Uniqlo premium hooded down jacket | available in S to XL American Eagle alpine bomber jacket | available in XS to 3X Rock and Republic leather puffer | available in S, M, XL Juicy Couture red bomber puff jacket |available in Petite to XL or 0 to 14 Topshop clean parka | available in 6 to 16 Banana Republic feminine military coat | available in XS, L, XL Baby Phat faux fur bomber | available in XL to 3X Old Navy belted anoraks coat | available in XL to 4XL Torrid black quilted satin bomber | available in 0 to 4 or 10/12 to 26/28

Macy's Stores in NYC will operate 24 hours

Macy's stores just made a bold move, by announcing that 8 of the stores in the New York City area will be operating 24 hours a day starting on December 21st at 7am . The Queens Center Mall will start their 24 hour a day schedule one day sooner on December 20th. The Macy's locations that will partake in this heavy duty schedule are: Kings Plaza in Brooklyn, Cross County in Yonkers, Staten Island, Roosevelt Field in Long Island, Jersey City, and Macy’s Willowbrook in Wayne, N.J Well s hoppers in New York, there is a department store willing to serve all of your shopping needs, 24 hours a day until 6pm on Christmas Eve and this may also come in handy for those last minute party or socialite apparel needs. More info on this article . To visit Macy' .

Holiday DEALS You Don't Want To Miss!

Several stores are running promotions for online shoppers and some of the promos have some pretty good perks. I have listed only 8 of the many stores that are offering HOLIDAY promotions with one being an in-store promo only, but finding a location is only a click away thanks to the w onderful, w histful, w owing, world wide web. Get it? HAHAHA! Timberland - 20% off of your ENTIRE pur chase price from Dec 13 - Dec 17 | Promo Code: WTRSALE20 Michael Kors - FREE Shipping on orders over $100 | Promo Code: SHOPMK True Jeans - FREE 2-day Shipping | 365 Days a year FREE standard shipping on all orders over $100 | Promo Code: NONE Required Shopbop - 20% off on contemporary dresses | Ends at midnight Dec. 18th | Promo Code: DRESSCODE Bebe (in store only) - 20% off regularly priced me rchandise | Ends at 3pm EST Dec. 15th | Store Locator Warehouse - 20% off | Nov. 24th - Dec. 14th | Promo Code: FRIEND at or Neiman Marcus - FREE 3-day Shippi

December 18th is the deadline.......

December 18th, 2007 is THE DEADLINE for "ground shipping" items to reach homes by Christmas, my online shoppers. So if you don't want to add a $30-$50 premium on top of the purchase costs just for Next Day Air shipping or Fed Ex overnight, you may want to order by December 18th . If you don't, you may be sorry........

TRL had Bow Wow in the spot

TRL (the MTV video show) based out of Times Square, NYC had Will Smith and Bow Wow and Omarion in the house on Tuesday, Dec 11th. Bow Wow and Omarion looked pretty "choosy" and if you'd like a handkerchief similar to Omarion's try Metropark and take a look . But guess how much the bandana is, $9.00 + shipping. Jump on it!