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Ice Cream, BBC and BAPE Exposure!!

July has obviously been a big month for Pharrell and N.E.R.D. With appearances in Canada, NYC, London, and other places this month, Pharrell needed to take advantage of the worldwide exposure that he was going to have. I would say he has done so, by wearing the brands and getting the brands on other major players, at the right time. View the pictures below and you will see what BAPE, BBC, and Ice Cream have to offer and how good that it looks on the gents. Photos courtesy of

Wrigley's Debuted New Jingles: July 29, 2008

Wrigley's debuted their new jingles at the Nokia Theater in NYC on July 29, 2008. The 3 recording artists involved in each of their own jingles are Chris Brown , Ne-Yo , and Julianne Hough. If you are wondering what any of the jingles sound like, I hear that Chris Brown's song "Forever" is an extension of the jingle, so I am assuming the sound of the jingle will be a bit similar. Check out the pictures below and notice Chris in the Billionaire Boys Club hat and Ice Cream t-shirt . I told you guys if you want to dress like stars or have a swagger like one, then you have to stick with me. I can get you there, on any budget, + my fees, TOODLES! The Ice Cream smiley face tee is SOLD OUT!! But click this link to look at more Ice Cream apparel options. Julianne Hough and Dawn Richards from Danity Kane. Dawn is probably thinking, awww Julianne I wore a similar version of that dress months ago........we must be sisters. Julianne's version of this Alice + Olivia d

Puma & Evisu Collabo

Two of my favorite brands have collaborated, which looks like a match made in heaven (haaahh, as the heavens open up). Puma's athletic and stylish appeal combined with Evisu's high-end luxury appeal within the denim market has opened doors to all customers that like both brands, with a very tasteful and attractive denim product. Click the logo to be taken to the Puma denim website.      The offerings are vast, ranging from denim skirts, wideleg and bootcut jeans for males and females in a vintage, worn type of denim. CLASSIC! The Puma Evisu jeans can be found at Puma Stores Worldwide and I'm estimating a price point of about $200.  

Bloomingdale's Shopping Bags

I believe my first purchase out of a physical (as opposed to virtual) Bloomingdale's store (Beverly Center) was in 2006. It is always a treat to see a store that you've never been in before. I first noticed that the selection and tastes were a little non-Macys (their sister within parent company Federated Department Stores ). Bloomie's has it's own kind of stern, dry flavor, like a dry red wine. You have to have a taste for it, but if you do like it, it's not bad, it's actually good. If I remember correctly, my first visit, I purchased a Donna Karan swimsuit and a pair of low waist Citizens of Humanity skinny jeans. I recall staying in the Diane Von Furstenberg section forever, debating which dress that I should get......needless to say, I didn't get either. But more than I was impressed by the endless designer selections and marked down items, I fell in love with the "Brown Bag". Bloomie's has supported a non-store listed, less than flamb

LnA V-necks

LnA is known for their creative take on normal everyday basics. The ladies of LnA Lauren Alexander and April Leight take pride in their simple, fashion forward and personable design style. Not only do they offer, vneck tees, henleys, tshirts and tanks in a variety of colors and great quality, you can find their zippered leggings, tank dresses, hoodies and much more available on . Lisa and , also sells a selection of LnA. The shirt pictured is a vneck, 3/4 sleeve, 100% cotton tee, priced at $62.00 . LnA is very popular amongst celebutantes such as, Paris Hilton , Jessica Alba, Mary Kate Olsen , and more. Visit the link above to see pictures of the celebrities in LnA. Then buy yourself some :-D

Charlotte Ronson - Shirtdress

C. Ronson has come (assuming its from Spring '08) with the cute, shirt dress with military shoulder straps, pegged waist (no belt necessary, unless it's a skinny - I'm OVER the wide belt) in an almost robin's egg blue color. The dress is 55% linen and 45% rayon, has an excellent form to it and would give you a nice feminine shape. Its on SALE for $80 , retails at $196 and available in sizes M to L at . By the way, pair it with the Giuseppe's from the post below , Ciao Bellas! The dress is simple enough to let the shoes be the star of the show and the colors are off, but still match enough to look like a true fashionista and not a wannabee.

Giuseppe Zanotti with artsy FLAVOR!

I have discovered the most, elite shoe, possessing impressionist art design elements and technique. I reference impressionist art because the color and strokes of the shoe design are reminiscent of a Pierre Auguste Renoir painting. There is one painting in particular, that this design reminds me of and it is entitled, Bouquet in front of a Mirror 1877 . The design on this shoe is very creative and shows an artistic side of the design label. If you wear this shoe, I think that it will bring out the artist in you. Shoe available on Couture in the Giuseppe Zanotti Fall 2008 selection. Price Point $799 .

Coach Hampton's Collection Fall 2008

Are you looking for a gray slate colored luxury, leather tote for the upcoming Fall season? If you are, I may have saved you some time, by featuring this Coach Hampton's leather flap tote, if its your style? It comes in colors gray or black both with brass hardware. The dimensions are 14 1/2 (L) x 11 (H) x 5 1/2 (W). Price $498 . Go to to look at the entire collection. And if you are ready to buy, you have to purchase online because the Fall 2008 collection is not available in stores until Friday, July 25th.

Janelle Monae in Vogue Magazine

Janelle Monae is a new breed of artist that is makin waves where ever she treads. She has emmaculate taste in clothing and music. Janelle IS A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH . How many people make the Vogue magazine before their debut album has dropped? How many artists, make the Vogue Magazine, at all. CONGRATULATIONS , Janelle, the Vogue Mag score is MAJOR . See videos below of Janelle's raw exemplary talent.

Love Yaya! Size 4 = LARGE! WOW!

Love Yaya by Yael Aflalo was created in 2004 based on the premise of LOVE and creating comfortable, feminine clothing that can be worn with ease and sophistication. Visit the website to read the official story behind Love Yaya. Im sure that you will LOVE it. Late Saturday evening, I went to Saks Fifth Avenue and decided I needed to get a chic, comfortable, non FREAKIN' trapeze or baby doll (UBER PLAYED OUT), sophisticated, cute dress. I had 1.5 hours left before I was to be prepared to go out and decided at last minute, that I was interested in buying something new. I scoured the clearance racks on the 2nd floor of the store with 15 minutes left before the store closed. I took 7 options into the dressing room with me, because I wasn't going to be able to change selections, with the store closing announcement rumbling through the PA system. One dress, said size 4, but it looked as if I could get my KFC 2 piece dark meat (legs and thighs) into it. So, in the dressing room,

Tocarra Looks CUTE!

I know that you all remember Tocarra from ANTM's Cycle 3? Well, she attended a Swagga Entertainment and Dunk Ryder Records private bowling party in Miami, FL yesterday and I think her causal outfit looked cute. She's working her little shape and representin' for the cornbread fed....Go T!!! What do you think?

Versace Fall 2008

Saks Fifth Avenue has posted a video interview of Donatella Versace discussing the Fall 2008 Versace Collection. The garments, accessories and shoes are available at Saks. In the words of Donatella herself, ..."the Versace woman is sophisticated, sensual and glamorous." Watch the video below of the interview to get the inside scoop on Versace from the designer herself and then go to Saks Fifth Avenue to shop the collection .

A Muy Caliente Pre-Fall Item!

Okay, so, fashion is a revolving door with at least 6 or 7 seasons that designers can design for and a showing of the items at least 3 months before they can be purchased or even thought of being sought out in retail locations. A pre-fall item showing right now on is a "smokin" HOT, 100% alpaca fur-trimmed knit jacket made in Italy designed by Maison Martin Margiela, (reference to "American Gangster" the movie, Denzel Washington's character - Frank Lucas, smacked his brother for shooting someone and getting blood on his 100% alpaca rug) . Meaning, if you see me in this coat, you better not even look at me wrong, or I am going to thrash you, LOL! The price point is $2745.00 and honey, worth every red cent.

What does Kobe Bryant and Michael J Fox have in common?

Well, DUH, they both have had a pair of EXTRA EXCLUSIVE Nike DeLorean's on their feet. The shoe of the FUTURE at that time and the FUTURE IS NOW ! In " Back to the Future Part II " the movie, Michael J. Fox 's character or Marty McFly wore this shoe and it was never produced....until now. Kobe headlined a Nike Party that celebrated the release of ALL 350 pairs of the sneaks, with having a pair on himself. So, if you want some, you probably better hit up ebay or call and ask Mr. Kobe Bryant to let you wear his, LOL. Speaking of Michael J. Fox, it would also be very fashionable for you to join in and help the fight against Parkinson's Disease ( click here ), which he is suffering from now. It's not just about the sole's on your shoes people, it's also about the souls that need your help, like Michael J. Fox and other Parkinson's Disease victims.

Looking for Help! Good help..... :-)

Anyone like to help me out with blog posts and posting their fashion perspectives for the WORLD to see? Without daily posts you lose your readers and the readers are what make your blog, (sigh). This is Tuesday, and my last genuine post was made last Friday. I despise going more than 3 or 4 days without a post. It makes my skin crawl, ehhhhhhhhh. SHOUT OUT!!!!!! Calling all fashion-savvy internet heads from any part of the world. If you want to talk about it, hit me up @ or or or just leave a comment here. HUH! I'm nice to work with. :-)

Cr8tive Recreation - For Women!

Look at these Creative Recreations for dolls. Do you like them? CREATIVE RECREATION Women's Galow Hi White Red Silver Gold Stripe Price - $130 Available at the link

DJ AM and the on and off Obama Sticker???

Okay, now this is a mystery. I was checking out some pictures of Mike McGuiness' and Kari Feinstein's birthday party which was held at Hotel Sofitel, in LA, right across the street from the Beverly Center. Now, there is a picture of DJ AM , with an Obama sticker on his laptop. Then there is a picture without the Obama sticker on his laptop. Next the Obama sticker appears - back on his laptop. So, I have two things to say: 1. Did he himself/someone else take off the Obama sticker at some point during the night? 2. People STOP HATIN' on Obama! My cousin just told me a story yesterday of how someone took her Obama sticker off of her vehicle. The Obama merchandise patrol, does not allow thievery of Obama promotional items, and if you want to get some of your own just click here . Obama Sticker..... No Obama Sticker........... Obama Sticker Back? Kari Feinstein & Mark McGuiness

Giuseppe Zanotti Design Party in Paris

(May as well, talk about Giuseppe Zanotti, I mean just plugged Jimmy Choo in the post below). thought. Zanotti designs are well reknown throughout the world and are comparable with the Manolo's, Jimmy Choo's, Ferragamo's, and Louboutins of the shoe game. Zanotti held a design party in Paris, France on July 1st and many people came out to support: including Eva Mendes. Check out some of the pics from there below and some images from Giuseppe Zanotti's S/S 2008 Collection. Photos courtesy of wireimage and

Jay-Z & GQ Host A Dinner

Jay-Z and GQ hosted a dinner last night at Berkely Square in London, UK. The guestlist wasn't so bad, with Jimmy Choo , Naomi Campbell and Piers Morgan in the building. Check out the pictures below....................and I know that you didn't miss the yellow Ace of Spade on the media wall, Jay.............well, I oughta............ HE'S SO SMART!!! Jimmy Choo Sandal $830 and Patent Leather Handbag $2195 For Jimmy Choos with a discount go to . Photos courtesy of

Michael Kors Timepieces

The day that I ran across the Michael Kors watches , was the day, affordable, classic, fashionable and sophisticated timepieces became a reality. Michael Kors offers over 35 different watch designs in bracelet and leather band varieties.  There are two particular watches that I admire from the collection and will more than likely purchase the white leather banded one. If you would like a trendy, well-designed watch, that will withstand the fashion on and off cycle, with an EXCELLENT price point for the quality that you will receive, purchase a Michael Kors .  Michael Kors Crocodile embossed timepiece $180  (on backorder) not available until 7/18/08 $140  Michael Kors Python embossed timepiece