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Hat Fashion Inspiration

I personally love the hat, snood hat or knit hat, look, it is really cute. And I guess since my hair is short, then I fit the profile of their preferred customer. I have placed a WhoWhatWearDaily layout of Zoe Kravitz in one and Rihanna Rih-Rih Brown in one. Are you into hat fashions? Leave a comment and let me know.

Chip & Pepper Denim Jumper: Gilt Groupe

I would like to first express my apologies, for bringing you this look after the Gilt Groupe sample-sale has ended. I have had a very fashionable, fun-filled, stylistic gal type of week and am very late on the posts. That being said, you have to see this jumper anyway. Chip & Pepper created a denim, sleek-fitting jumper that is A -MAZING ! This jumper is called the Chip & Pepper Stardance Jumper and it will certainly make the guys see you as a star, while you dance through their minds, LOL!

Ferrari Fashion: Why NOT?

Well, all of us may not have long money, long enough to afford a ferrari vehicle. But that doesn't make them, any less hot! And that doesn't mean that you can't wear their accessories and apparel, either. Today, I will show you my favorite pair of Ferrari sunglasses. The glasses are found on . List Price - $282.00 . Available in black and brown. Click here to go to them.

BET Awards 2008: Some of my favorite performances

I liked SOOO many of the performances on the awards last night. CONGRATULATION S and THANKS to BET for making this a charismatic, interesting, talent-filled complete show! The only thing, that was missing, was MUA! Chris Brown feat. Ciara VIDEO NO LONGER AVAILABLE Alicia Keys feat. SWV, En Vougue and TLC (Shouts out to Alicia Keys to showing love to the old school girls groups) VIDEO NO LONGER AVAILABLE Young Jeezy feat. Kanye West VIDEO NO LONGER AVAILABLE Lil Wayne feat. T-Pain VIDEO NO LONGER AVAILABLE Ne-Yo VIDEO NO LONGER AVAILABLE THERE WERE MORE GREAT PERFORMANCES SUCH AS: Al Green, Rihanna, Keyshia Cole & Lil Kim, Usher and more. If you missed it, I am sorry....for you!

BET Awards 2008

The BET Awards took place in Los Angeles, CA today and it was GREAT! I have included some pictures (courtesy of wireimage) and I hope that you enjoy!

Louis Vuitton Damier - Belt and Bag

Photo courtesy of The Louis Vuitton Damier Azur was a popular style amongst those that attended the BMI Brunch in Beverly Hills, CA today. I guess women aren't the only ones who flock to the store to make the "newest" LV purchase. Yes, men are interested too, they just only buy bags for their lovely ladies, and buy belts and shoes for themselves.

Send me ur pics!! ALL AROUND THE WORLD!

I am in Chicago, right now, and I must say, at least people here have some style. I am currently living in Indy and let's just say, 1 in every 20 person may have something on that represents their own sense of style and the other 19 people have on what everyone else is wearing, lol. And I am not trying to clown my native city, but, it is what it is, so here is a PSA TO INDIANANIANS: STEP IT UP!! If you think, that you are fly and want to be featured on the blog, send me a photo, of your best shot at displaying your own personal sense of style. Include a little caption of who or what you are wearing AND I will post it.

10.DEEP: Summer ' 08 Lookbook

CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!! Summer '08 Lookbook The 10.DEEP photo shoot pictures for the Summer '08 lookbook portrayed a FUN , photo shoot, bbq, pool party! Who said that work could be this FUN ? I know that it can, that's one of the reasons that I am into fashion. The clothes looked HOT and HOTT and HOTTER ! Don't forget to pay attention to their women's wear... all of the apparel is so Cali Sheik!

Billionaire Handbags

So you think that you know what the Billionaire Handbags are about? I DOUBT IT!! Billionaire handbags can be found on and they are NOT a billion dollars. Billionaire is a luxurious handbag collection, out of Florence, Italy and are made in many different styles. They offer casual bowlers, leather handbags, satchels and totes, amongst others. See for more luxurious choices and this link for the Billionaire Handbag Collection. Take a look at a couple of Billionaires from the Fall 08 Collection. Tell your lady friend that you make her into a Billionaire, overnight! But don't forget to buy the bag, LOL! Price - $138 Price - $418

107.9 Concert celebrating 13 in Marietta, GA

Marietta, Georgia hosted a GREAT showcase of recognizable Rap Artists on the night of Saturday, June 14th, 2008. The occasion was 107.9 celebrating 13 and the outcome was GHETTO FABULOUS! Check out the pictures of all of the artists and their apparel. TI and Big Kuntry TI Game TI (looks like he's rockin' all black Pradas) Young Jeezy (reppin' Barack Obama) and Shawty Lo in a Gucci jacket and hat Gorilla Zoe in Ed Hardy and red Prada shoes Bun B in Jordan sneaks or well.....shoe heads help me out here Plies in a Gucci belt and Dickie shorts Shawty Lo Soulja Boy in his own apparel Photos courtesy of

Kit Kittredge: American Girl Premiere

Look who came out for the Kit Kittredge Movie Premiere. All in attendance looked adorable! Photos Courtesy of

Louis Vuitton: Fall 2009 Men's Preview

I believe that Marc Jacob's Fall 2008 Louis Vuitton designs exuded growth and that growth will translate into Simplicit Swagger on all of its customers. This man is growing toward a more mature mind frame. The Louis Vuitton man, is sophisticated, a leader, a trendsetter, classic, adored and loved. The Fall 2008 Louis Vuitton collection speaks volumes and offers seperates that may be paired with other pieces in the line. In the fall of this year, if you are successful, if you have reached a milestone or if you just damn well want to treat yourself men, do it with Louis Vuitton, you are so worth it. More looks are available here . Photos courtesy of