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Fashion Prediction: Versace Fall 2016!

Today, I'd like to make a fashion prediction. After reviewing the Versace Fall 2016 Collection I believe that Rihanna will be seen in the colorful mink from the runway or a version there of. I would also like to add that if it isn't Rihanna it will be someone with a style similar to hers like Rita Ora. Let the countdown - to seeing celebs in the upcoming 2016 Fall fashions begin!!

Make Every Day Count - Day 26!

On this day, I'd like to say if you would like to join me in making every day count here is the advice for the day, don't call the game either way (win/lose) until the last buzzer sounds. Why do I recommend that you wait until you consider yourself with a win or a loss? Because champions win games and sometimes champions lose. But one thing champions don't do is give up. And in order to fight until the end your mind must remain focused on the task. And that is to play to win and to fight until it's over. In doing so, you are still in the present moment and working to make every day count!

Make Every Day Count - Day 25!!

Be unapologetic! Day 25's Make Every Day post is about how to be unapologetic in the pursuit of your destiny. Put God first and those people, places, and things that aren't aligned will fall by the way side. And there is no reaso to be sorry for it because God will handle the rest.

Make Every Day Count - Day 24!

How many times have you attempted to do something fresh and different, but you just end up right back where you started? Two things could be happening there. The focus may need to be placed on the process of the exercise and not solely on the outcome. Or it could be that instead of your thoughts being fresh and different they may need to be forward thoughts.  You ask, how can you "Make Every Day Count?" And I respond, think for the future and not for the present.

Make Every Day Count - Day 22!

Do all things with love in order to make every day count. Does that mean that you will agree with everything, like everything or even agree to everything? No. But if you respond in truth and in love that is what matters. When you choose to respond in love you have made a commitment to respect and be courteous to whom or what you are responding to. I am sure that responding and doing things in love will help make every day count!

Making Every Day Count - Day 21!!

Let's take one more look at how we can Make Every Day Count! For the Day 21 post ensuring that you have limitless thinking in your approach to doing things , is one thing that has been on my mind to share with you all. I am guilty of calling a task small, or saying oh it's just a little _____, or dismissing something that may be major to be something that is minor. But if you want to medc and move closer to your dreams you have to be able to see yourself doing things that are unimaginable and accept every step along the way as a stepping stone towards that goal. We never know how big something will be, so to call it small is reducing its potential and we definitely don't want to do that. Remove the ceiling from your thoughts so that you can see yourself among the sun, moon and the stars in every action that you take.

Making Every Day Count - Day 20!!

The 20th Making Every Day Count blog post is about having good expectations in order to get through your day successfully.   If you expect to have a good day from the moment that you rise, your actions should support that belief consciously and subconsciously. And the same goes for the opposite if you expect to have a bad day, sometimes just having a negative expectation will make having a bad day more likely. So, on this day commit to having good and positive expectations. Believe that you will have a productive day. Believe that things will be better than yesterday with hopes of Making Every Day Count!! I love writing this series. I hope that you enjoy reading it, don't forget to leave your comments and ideas or questions in the comments section. Also read the previous posts as well.

Make Every Day Count - Day 19!!

Make Every Day Count is a series of posts that discuss how to maximize your day which will then impact how productive we are in our lives. Today's message is about taking action as way to make every day count. Try not to dream, plan or brainstorm without actually putting some action behind those ideas. In order to be successful you have to dream then do, plan then take action. What are your thoughts or ideas on how to make every day count?

Make Every Day Count - Day 18!

Despite what you see on television, social media or being promoted anywhere in the world, make every day count by doing you . Be true to who you are and you will always move forward in truth and spirit.

Make Every Day Count - Day 17!!

Making Every Day Count today and for the rest of your life is a process. It requires doing a number of things and understanding a series of principles. For this post I'd like to suggest that we count it all joy. The good, bad and indifferent. Remember that it ALL works together for the greater good of those who believe in him!

Make Every Day Count - Day 16!

In this 4th week of the Make Every Day Count series I'd like to point out that taking healthy breaks and enjoying a small amount of time doing what you love will help make every day count. One of my favorite past times involves reviewing fashion and looking at clothing and beauty items on the Internet. This activity helps me unwind and refocus my attention on something else for awhile. Begin to schedule breaks into your work schedule and life schedule for that matter and it will actually allow you to become more productive once you go back to your tasks.

Make Every Day Count - Day 15!!

Let your light shine! If we focus on living our life through our true self, walking in excellence and accepting of all of the attention that doing so will bring, we will free ourself and our mind up. Subconsciously sometimes our thoughts will plan small seeds of discourse in an attempt to discourage us from being great. But I am here to say, if we just live in excellence everyday, counting failures as mistakes and using the next moment to try again there will be no more time or energy used toward non productive thinking. We can use it all toward positive thinking, rebuilding and walking in the excellence that we already possess.