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Showing posts from August, 2016

H.E.R. Makes Her Debut on Blue’s Clues!

​Over the weekend, I was watching Blue’s Clues with my kiddos and I saw a purple dinosaur and heard a familiar voice. I thought to myself that sounds like H.E.R., the amazing singer songwriter. Her voice is distinct, sultry, and smooth enough to be identified and not mistaken.  I did some research as found out yes, it is H.E.R. H.E.R. was making her animation and acting debut on Nickelodeon, on a Blue’s Clues episode entitled Blue’s Clues & You! H.E.R. plays a Tyrannosaurus rex that is the first female singer, songwriter, producer, dancer. actress of prehistoric times. This was a really fun and cool episode to watch. You can watch some of it for yourself here. Photo and media credits:  Nickelodeon

Vince Camuto: Come Into My Closet!

Hello all, This is a come back post, because I have been viewing fashion, reading articles and pulling down pics to post, but this just so happens to be the first post to make it to the blog.  Vince Camuto's Kesta Strappy Knee peep toe boot in black is To Die For! I could pair this boot with so many different looks that I am just giddy thinking about it.  These boots are available at Nordstrom and are priced at $198.95 . If you would like to submit looks that you think would compliment these boots, send them to . I will review them and post the top three. Ciao bellas!!