Friday, August 31, 2012

Playing With Color!

Despite the naysayers I think that a man this complexion playing colors is the ABSOLUTE right thing to do. I mean the bright color shows of the features and jaw structure of the model. The off color of the tie sets the tweed and the shirt off, so that your eyes aren't lost but that every detail is featured. And for that I think this look is genius.
What do you think?
If you would like to check out a great menswear line, venture into the land of This line does AN EXCELLENT job of combining colors for men. And the founder Berny Martin is an amazing person. Check them out.
Style Contributer: Joi Lindsey
Writer: Nicole McClain

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Twentyeight Boutique Exclusive: Fall Prep!

Twentyeight Boutique is ready to give you a taste of fall and the two exclusives this week are proof of it!

The first exclusive is a vey well selected (based on upcoming trends) vertical stripe black and white, soft cotton blazer with mini structured sleeves and a tailored fit. This jacket will look good just about any way that you wear it. This will only come in M and L and will run out faster than you can say, I AM ABOUT THIS LIFE!!

The second exclusive is of a pleather bodice with sequin sleeves motorcycle style jacket. The jacket is equipped with silver hardware and major attitude. Careful when wearing, your Notable Star Style may increase by 300%. Turn to the side and give face, I LOVE IT! Sizes of this one are in S, M and L.

Both items will be available for purchase tomorrow so get over there to the boutique ASAP and tell them that Notable Styles sent you!

You have NO idea what will be in store for you once you arrive. HOT, HOT, HOT Fashion!

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7131 East 46th Street Indianapolis, IN 46226

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A Beauty DIY: Nail Art Pens!

Hello Notable Fashionistas/os this is what we are talking about today. Nail Art Pens, do it yourself nail designs. This is exciting right???

If you are a budget happy individual, that likes the manicure and pedicure look, but do not like to spend the dollars on it week after week, these nail pens are something to look into.

I am sure that you have experimented with polishing your own nails before. If you have not even attempted, you should take this opportunity to try.

1. Wash, clean and dry your hands very well.
2. Apply a skin moisturizer.
3. Wipe off any remaining oils from around your nails and nail beds before you begin the polish.
4. Use a base coat, the polish color of choice and a top coat.

When creating a nail design hold off on the top coat, until you are done with your creation. Here is a picture of designs that you can do with the NPW Nail Art Pens. Price - $14. Follow this link to purchase them.

If you are looking for good fall fashion friendly nail art ideas view images here.

**BONUS** Follow this link to all kinds of fun nail materials (stickers, exotic polish, etc) that you can use to experiment with for a very good price.

Product Source: Fashion Wrap Up

Written By: Nicole McClain

Image Source:

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pinterest Pick!

First sketch released from Nicole Miller's Spring 2013 line. Do you like?


Simple Subtle Swag!

Morning Ya'll! Are you ready for Simple Subtle Swag?! Gray cardigan, black and white ruffle sleeveless blouse, black skirt and black belt.

That was easy right?

You were just styled by  Contributing Editor Joi Lindsey!!

Need help shopping for those pieces, email

Image Source: Unknown

Monday, August 27, 2012

Quick Make-up Tip!

If you are like me, you have previously wondered how to put mascara on your lower lash without getting it on your face?

Well, wonder no more. Take a plastic spoon and place the rounded side up and the tip of the spoon under your eye lid. Apply mascara and done! How simple was that?!

Tip Source:

Contributor: Joi Lindsey

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sneaker Sunday!

Today is all about smokin' sneakers here at Notable Styles. The previous post is also about highly fashionable tennis shoes.

This shoe needs no introduction or description.


Fashion Boks: Limited Edition Reeboks!!

Melody Ehsani + Reeboks have collaborated and designed one heck of a fashionable tennis shoe for us ladies!!

It is python printed leather, with a cursive Lo on one shoe and ve on the other, the shoe is meant to translate the idea of  “Love being the only nutrient in the world that can be expressed.” It comes with 4 different shoe string colors and the shoe also has stud detailing along the back giving it a nice touch.

The shoe is available for pre-order here ( but will be available in stores on Sept. 30th, 2012. Price - $170.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

In Memory Of Aaliyah Dana Haughton

Today is the anniversary day that our precious gem of an R&B songbird Aaliyah "Babygirl" Haughton passed on to a better place. She spent January 16, 1979 to August 25, 2001 blessing the world with her presence and although the 22 years that she was here seems short, I am just thankful to have been able to watch her live as long as I did.

On August 25th, of that dreaded year 2001 I remember receiving a call from a friend (that is also no longer with us), being asked, "you cried didn't you?" And I remember shamelessly saying yes. Aaliyah was the first person that I had never met or even known personally that I felt a connection with. She felt like a sister to me, an icon, if not just a pretty girl with enormous talent that was living her dream and giving me the chance to see it. The only poster that I had in my sibling shared room and the only poster that went to college with me was of Aaliyah.

Aaliyah's song, "One in a Million" was one of the first songs that my dance group Basic Instinct danced to, over and over again. I vividly remember the moments when "One in a Million" and "4 Page Letter" were played at my high school prom, more than I remember any other thing from that day.

The Missy Elliott, Timbaland, Ginuwine, Blackground Records situation seemed like such a good touch to Aaliyah's image. I always wondered was it their closeness (the family like love) that gave Aaliyah the push at times to go ahead and reach for more. If you listen to her music, watch her videos, her movies or anything else that she has graced, it is classic, but was also cutting edge.

Aaliyah still lives in my heart and in my soul when I sing her music, perform her dance steps and watch her music videos or films. "Rock the Boat" is one of my favorite depictions of her spirit and her kindness that other people often talked about. The visuals (Hype Williams) of that music video are very angelic and Fatima her choreographer did something new with the steps too.

Aaliyah represented the young lady made for stardom, but still kept her innocence. I am sure that she did not live the "perfect" life but her image was never tarnished. She never gave away too much in a video or interview. She was always classy, on point and seemed to be herself and that is what makes Aaliyah a beautiful person inside and out.

I love you forever Aaliyah!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Gearing Up For Fall!!

The co-editor of Notable Styles and More Joi Lindsey is ready to get you all ready for Fall! But are you ready??

Two cute looks that you can think about transitioning to while it is still warm. Preparing your wardrobe is lot better and fulfilling than runing out and buying an outfit at the moment. You will find that you may get more wear out of the pieces that you take the time to purchase in advance. The chunky heel, camel colored shoe, denim jeans, short sleeve button up and add a scarf - BOOM!

The second look requires more layers but its simple. Jeans, flat knee boots, button up, pull over sweater and add a blazer. All pieces that can be mixed and matched with different outfits to give you maximum use of your apparel - Ta-DaaH!

Style Contribution: Joi Lindsey

Writer: Nicole McClain

A Daddy's Love!

Diddy enjoying the children that remain in the nest!

How sweet life is!

Cheers to you, Diddy!

Harrison College Fashion Show!

Notable Styles and More attended the Harrison College Fashion Show Wednesday at the Circle Centre Mall Artsgarden. The show ran very smoothly, the scenes were organized by styles (i.e, "Pops of Color") and named accordingly.

The show took brief pauses in between each scene to give away raffle prizes and this really kept the attention of the guests. The artsgarden atmosphere was very charming with the sun shining through the window onto the runway as the models worked their magic. The hostesses were very friendly and the show MCs showed charisma.

We give Harrison College a notable round of applause on their event and a job well done. The images above are of some of the looks that I was able to capture.

The event was jam packed and room was limited. Some of the designers featured in the show and here are Juice Mami, Butterfly Couture and apparel from Runway Diva Boutique. I hope that you enjoy the images from the show.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Notable or Not?

Today Alicia Keys released her new album cover to the world via instagram. The album is entitled Girl on Fire and is set to drop, 11.27.12.

She seems to be pretty excited about the work she is putting out. And I hope that the fans will receive it with as much excitement.

Is the cover Notable or Not? Your thoughts?

Nicole Richie Designs For Macy's!!

A little late we are but late is better than never. And right now late looks pretty good as we present the Nicole Richie Macy's Collection!!
One of the looks is pictured above and feels very daring, chic and comfortable for Fall 2012.

Link in here to view the full collection slideshow on

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

FNO: Its A Big Deal! #FNOIndy

09.06.12, Indianapolis, Indiana Circle Centre Mall Artsgarden 6pm - 9pm.

BlumLux: A Diamond In The Rough Literally

BlumLux is a mens jewelry line based right here out of Indianapolis, created by Nick Blum. It was very refreshing to find out that there is a mens luxury jewelry source in the heartland of Indiana, that has a fresh perspective to share with a global fashion market in a unique way. This line features artwork, cufflinks, earrings, pendants, rings, tie bars and watches.

Right now this line is carried and can be purchased at Reis Nichols. The images that you are viewing were selected by Notable Styles as some of the key pieces that we feel can be added to the dapper fellas current wardrobe to help them prepare for Fall 2012 fashions. BlumLux prices average around $150 - $3000 depending on your selection and are very reasonable and competitive.

To read more about BlumLux's designer Nick Blum click here. To visit the BlumLux website click here.

Special thanks to @FNOindy for making it possible to view this collection on a larger scale at the Inaugural Fashion's Night Out Indianapolis' Events at 6pm on September 6, 2012 in the Circle Centre Mall Artsgarden. Follow @FNOindy@_Jeremiah_ and @notastyles for more information and great things to come in regards to fashion, entertainment, lifestyle and FNO! If you tweet about Fashion's Night Out use #FNOIndy!!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Stylish, Flat and Comfy!

Good day Notable Stylers we have an idea we would like to share with you.

If you are seeking ways to be stylish while wearing flats and be comfortable this pre-fall to fall season seek no more.

This boot is edgy, can be worn with slacks, khakis and jeans. Visit for purchasing info.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Notable Or Not?

Are you into the wedge shoe? Notable Styles loves them. And what do you think of this pair? Notable or Not?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Twentyeight Boutique Weekend Pick!!!

Twentyeight Boutique has produced a heavy hitter this week. A synthetic leather, fitted, strapless, peplum waist jumpsuit with a zipper in the back. Paired with animal print shoes and clutch for the picture. Get into the store ladies and gentlemen (for your ladies)! This is a birthday girl outfit or a nice gift, seriously!!
Shop Twentyeight Boutique:
7131 East 46th Street Indianapolis, IN 46226

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DIY Of The Week: Tye Dye Shorts!

Rihanna was recently spotted around in Barbados wearing a pair yellow tye dye shorts from Urban Outiftters that are priced at $54. Ashley Madekwe British actress in Revenge was also seen wearing tye dyed shorts around the end of May. This pair or a similar pair to hers was also spotted at Urban Outfitters priced on sale at $29.

And I just happened to have a submitted image from a Notable Styles reader of a DIY pair of tye dyed cut off shorts that is very similar to the shorts that Rihanna and Ashley are seen wearing here. So I felt that this was the perfect opportunity to post the photo. With just:
  • A pack of Rit dye
  • A bucket, some water
  • A pair of scissors
  • Gloves (optional) 
In just 30 minutes you can make your own tye dye shorts as the Notable Styler has done here.
There are also DIY tops in the photograph that were completed by the reader as well. How is that for a cost savings? Do you like the design work that she did? I do. Do not be afriad to experiment with DIY designs, you never know what you may come up with or how much you can save.
Photo Sources:, Kyla Johnson

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Champions And Marie Claire!

This is an image of Jordan Wieber and Gabrielle Douglas (Olympic Gymnast Gold Medalists) with a couple of ladies from the magazine Marie Claire.

The Olympians look very cute and age appropriate. Great job!

Image Source: @Marie Claire

The History Makerz Are At It Again!

One half of the History Makerz duo Eroc is pictured above and the other half Brandon is always in close proximity. The History Makerz stay working and have perfected the art of the grind. Since the Hip Hop Weekly Magazine told the world this summer about their current records with Mello Tha Guddamann featuring Ace Hood "I Love The Streets" and Showtime's "I'm On" featuring Ron Browz and Lil Scrappy, they have went on to strike more gold.

Reported by the History Makerz will be credited with producing Jo FloWroshus' album entitled 900 Degrees (set to be released 12/21/12) and are responsible for the soon to be released HIT single, "We Do It Big" by Jo FloWroshus featuring Gorilla Zoe and Wayne Blazed. Congratulate and continue to support the History Makerz and keep on following your own dreams as well.
"In order to follow your dreams you must wake up." - Anonymous


Article Source:  

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Video Alert: Brandy Feat Chris Brown Put It Down!

I am generally a fan of any music video directed by Hype Williams (TLC's Waterfall; Aaliyah's Rock the Boat, Kanye West's All of the Lights....) the way that Hype incorporates graphics and special effects into his creations is absolutely breath taking. In the case of the new Brandy video featuring Chris Brown, Hype Williams has transcended the industry once again. The color ways, effects, lighting and over all fluidity of the video are modern, creative and exciting to watch.

Brandy has stepped up her choreography game for this vid and I think she is doing a great job. The song Put It Down is catchy, I like the hook, the production by Bangladesh beats hard and all is well for Brandy's 1st single. Let's go Bran. It is good to see Chris Brown in a different light as well. He is pretty much a relaxed feature, not dancing all over the place, just giving off a presence. I like it!

Brandy's hair, make up, and apparel styling for this video is pretty much on point! She was doing a lot of pattern mixing in her looks and I liked that. She wore several hairstyles all of which looked fresh and complimented each scene well. Bravo! Job well done Brandy.

See below to view the video

What do you all think of Brandy's new video? Notable or Not?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Michael Phelps Louis Vuitton Ad!

Is this for real? Artists, photographers, stylists, models, fans, I need feedback on this. What is the genuine creative idea behing pegging Michael Phelps for Louis Vuitton Brand Ambassador (I am fully aware of his Olympian status) and for the goggles while he is in the tub?
Visit to leave comments there under the picture as well or if you do not want to leave the comments here.

Flavor Of The Week!

Today, I would like to feature two styles that really caught my attention. I like the simple way that both of the outfits were put together, but the level of difficulty increased with the unique pairings of the pieces. For instance, a light turquoise blouse paired with tye dye pants and artistic blush smeared pointy toed pumps - LOVE!

For the second look, I was impressed with the unlikely color combinations. The blue sequin top, with the beige sequin skirt, red belt and orange 140mm orange patent leather wedges and the orange envelope clutch. These two looks right here are blowing UP the spot. The blouse is priced at $25.90 and the wedges are priced at $47


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