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Jay-Z Brought A Fan On Stage!!

Jay-Z and fan reciting Song Cry in concert!!! Go to my blog here to view the video. Follow me on twitter @imnotonik to stay up on what I'm thinking and to view the video. Direct link to the twitvid here . Just so ya'll know, I'm going for Round Two on the Jumbotron, in my home town this time! March 20th, Indianapolis!! If I don't get on there, that is O-K! I am still going to have a BLAST!! Source: @iamrobhollywood

Style Go or Style No?

Dakota Fanning, a very talented young Hollywood actress, just recently turned Sweet 16 and from what I hear, she is loving it. Dakota's style of course has evolved along with her maturity and more pics of her style can be seen here. But the internet is buzzing about Dakota's 16th birthday casual look where she is wearing the UBER popular ripped leggings, a camel colored cashmere mini, a white 3/4 length sleeve button down, an American Apparel black scarf, Balenciaga bag, gold watch, Doc Martens and a fun girl tiara. How do you like Dakota's look? Would you wear it, why or why not? What items would you take for your own wardrobe? I personally think this is a fun and youthful look for her and it's very appropriate for casual street wear. Source: OMG Yahoo

Look of the Day: Rachel Roy F/W 2010

A tailor fitted, tapered leg pants suit, deep v, suit jacket, without a visible under shirt, ankle length suit pants and matching leather gloves. A monochromatic lovers fantasy. Thank you for having a blog worthy look Double R! Fall/Winter 2010 is shaping up nicely! Source:

Gap and Gap Kids Discount on New Arrivals?

How often does a store offer you a discount on the "new" arrivals? I haven't seen this practice too often and I shop very frequently. With Gap and Gap Kids they are now offering a 25% discount on new items until February 21st in store and online. Take advantage my dears. Gap code GAPNEW25 ! CIAO!!

Usher's Fashion Faux Pas!!!

I dont know what convinced Usher to wear leather capris, leg warmers, leather forearm shields and a leather, 6 pack armor, lace up the side "top"(?) but uhh, being married to a stylist, Im sure normally alleviated the previous times, there could have been a bad wardrobe selection made by the mega star. Seeing as, now they are divorced and I assume he didn't make time to "hire" another qualified stylist, he jacked his whole image, at the All-Star Weekend in Dallas this past Sunday. What are we going to do with Usher? There is something really wrong with what's happening in the industry, right now and I don't know, how much worst these things are gonna get. **CONFESSION** I dated a guy who wore capris once (approx 6 yrs ago), but hey they weren't "leather", he did NOT have leg warmers on with them, certainly didn't wear a fitted top with it AND he was a model, soooo he knew a lot about fashion? Im just saying, my ex's outfit didnt l

Pyramid Love!

Pyramids have been around since the B.C. times. They are rich and full of history, culture and where many of today's references and words came from. Some archaeologists and historians still marvel at how foundations built so many years ago have withstood the test of time and the atrocities of wind, rain and other natural disasters. With that said, I think that pyramids, lend something to modern society about foundation, basics and how mastering the basics, will eventually lead to something larger. Before there was Albert Einstein and popular people that broke down mathematical equations and formulas. There was a society, that knew enough about mathematics and civil engineering to build pyramids that are still standing, tall and even today. So no matter how the world today tries to put a "negative" spin on pyramids and its symbolism, history tells me that pyramids represent, team work, mathematical advancement, creativity, information, people of color and environment frie

R.I.P. Alexander McQueen

To go onto the yahoo home page and discover that Alexander McQueen, has passed away at 40, is such a travesty!! Within the past three seasons, I have grown to love his collections sooo much. His wonderful dresses from S/S 09, blew me away. And his skull artistry on jewelry from F/W 09 were lovely! All of our stories are written, some with earlier endings than others and although he is gone today, his legacy will live on forever through his clothing and the lives that he has touched. Click here to read more about his story on yahoo . Click here to read more about Alexander McQueen on the Notable Styles blog.

Nicole Richie's House of Harlow 1960 Glasses!

House of Harlow 1960 presents sunshades, available only for pre-order at Kitson LA (online or at the store on Robertson Boulevard, near the Beverly Center). The glasses cost $125 and the product will ship to you by the end of March. I think the sunglasses look nice and that the craftsmanship seems very good. What do you think? Dont forget to check out House of Harlow 1960 jewelry as well.

Rachel Roy + Estelle Jewelry Pre-Sale!!!!

Rachel Roy and Estelle have collaborated and created a very modern, quaint and fun jewelry line. This fancy and fabulous jewelry is only available for 3 days and via the social networking "champ" facebook. You must fan Rachel Roy here , to access the jewelry sale. Only shipping to the US! This sale ends on February 11th at 6pm . And beware, shop fast one particular piece is already sold OUT!

Naptown's Girl (@VH1JustRight) in Hip Hop Weekly!

I picked up a couple of magazines yesterday and noticed one of our own, gracing the pages of a Nationally Acclaimed publication entitled Hip Hop Weekly....Have you heard of that?? lol! She attended the Trey Songz Bday Bash in DC, along with a host of other celebs that you and I have heard of. Wale, Amber Rose, Tigger and Ray J amongst others. Get a load of this, I have worked a couple of fashion shows and talked with this young lady via twitter on several occasion and I cant say that she is anything LESS than professional, cordial and about her business! Check her name out on Media Take Out, she's been mentioned there as well. Follow miss Ophilia on twitter @VH1JustRight to keep up with her and see where she will be popping up next!! ADIOS!!! Here is a link to her other posts on this blog.

Hermes Ostrich Kelly Bag!

Thank you for following me, modaonline !! Because of your twitter courtesy, I became aware of the wonderfully discounted Italian goods you sell. And the one that is calling my name is the Ostrich Kelly Bag by Hermes!!! Just splendid. The color is soooo light and fresh I would match it with ANY color palette. Priced at 1,000 EUR and $1370.81 USD , I will more than likely be getting one of these handbags in, 2011!! LOL! Seems far away, but it's not. Thank you modaonline ! I will frequently shop your site, for women, men, accessories, apparel, jewelry and wine selection. So should you, Notableistas!!

Run This Town SuperBowl Intro!!



Support the hometown team Indianapolis Colts and wear Blue Today!! Go Colts!!!! See you in Miami baby!!!! If you'd like to send me a pic of you or someone else reppin' their favorite NFL team, I will post it on the site. Email it to and include, First Name, Fav Team and your hometown.

Perfect Spin On The Boyfriend Shirt!

American Apparel Oxford Shirt Dress!! Wear it, show off a little leg, roll up the sleeves or wear them down, put your bad girl shoe on with it it, accessorize it, and kill the industry in it!! Dont forget, your purse. Since it's casual, go for a small vintage, messenger style bag, worn across the body or the Chanel 2.55, YES, PERFECTO!!! Preppy, sexy!! My favorite!! Price - $52 . CIAO!!!

We Are The World Remake!!

The remake of We Are The World, to benefit the disaster in Haiti I think was a BRILLIANT idea. Much love to Quincy Jones for bringing it back one more time. I hear that Jennifer Hudson, Wyclef Jean, Will.I.Am, Tony Bennett, Randy Jackson (ABDC, American Idol), Brandy, Snoop, Kanye, Tyrese, Pink, Celine Dion, Jordin Sparks, Carlos Santana, Lil Wayne and so many more were in the building. It makes a GREAT statement, that even entertainers in 2010 can stand together for a great cause!! This is what demonstrates, who the person behind the entertainment persona really is. Not by their lyrics, or whether or not they rock pyramids, or skulls. Remember to define a people, by their actions, more so than their words. A basic principle, that I learned at a young age. Do not speak about it, be about it. See the video below. Facebook users if you can not see the video click here . If Notable Styles is unavailable click here . MTV Shows Source: Kanye West Blog

Notable Ones: Tony Dungy

Ever since I was introduced to Tony Dungy, by the Indianapolis (local) media, his work that he performs off of the sideline has been a focal point. I believed him to be a credible, honest, God-fearing, faithful and intelligent individual. Tony's coaching behaviors even stood out on a national stage, as he brought forth humility, calmness and focus through himself into his actions and post-game interviews. At that time I rendered, what a solid man this is. A man that has the charitable actions to back up the principles and ideals that he "says" he stands for. Even through the tragedy of a lost child (to suicide) his family and him emerged seemingly stronger than before. Now that Dungy is retired he has been able to be a life coach to some and influence others in a fatherly, wise, missionary type of way, more so than he ever had time to before. The prison ministries, NFL and sports teams all over the nation appreciate and thank him for it. Tony Dungy is well known for hi

Jump Away The Pounds!

Jumping rope is a form of cardiovascular exercise that can be done daily. And as reports say, most people begin to slack off of exercising and good eating habits after the month of January. Please people don't give up now. Keep striving to change and monitor your eating and exercise habits for life, not just for now, but for life. There can only be so many cheat days a week. And there should only be one of them, lol. Well priced jump ropes are below and you could possibly find one cheaper than these. Price - $7.99 Price - $12.99 Find a place with enough space, link to some jump rope techniques and get to working. Cheers to being FIT in 2010!!

Grammy's Recap!!

This post will be all about the Grammy's and what the celebrities wore. But the controversy of the night was that Beyonce's performance dress was an altered Armani Prive previously worn by Rihanna in a photo shoot. Ohhhh well, who cares. The dress is beautiful and so are the two ladies. GRAMMY'S PARTY CRASHERS - WHO ARE THEY?? BEYONCE vs. RIHANNA Dress OFF!!! WHO WORE IT BETTER????