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For the Love of Ray J 2!! - Indy is in the building!

" For The Love Of Ray J " will return to the airwaves on Monday, Nov. 2 at 9/8c. Ray J is a character, to say the least and I am sure will entertain the viewers. You will be supporting Indianapolis, this time when you watch this season. And the character from my good ole hometown can be found on twitter here . Everyone follow Ophilia on twitter . When the show starts, Im sure she will be able to give us a little insight to what REALLY happened!

Gucci Aviators: Classic Eye Wear!!

I got hit up last night by one of my old, fashionable, friends and classmates, asking me if Gucci Aviators are timeless? See the screen shot, below. To address this, I decided to show off some of the current Gucci Aviators. The designs are UBER hot, reformed to address the shoppers new, upcoming 2010 state of mind, as well as give consumers the luxury feel they are looking for, when they shop Gucci. Mostly everything that Gucci makes is timeless, Mr. Price, especially when it comes to accessories (sunglasses, handbags, shoes, belts, etc.) They are one of THE BESTS and one of the MOST POPULAR! The Gucci aviators shown below are from the Cruise 2010 Collection, shop now, for next year. Gucci Large Aviator Available in 6 different variations Price - Under $300 Gucci Small Aviator Available in 2 different variations Price - Under $300 Gucci Medium Aviator Available in 2 different variations Price - Under $300 Gucci Aviator with the brow bar Available in 2 different vari

Simple, Yet Chic Laptop Bags!

Check out this laptop bag from Urban Outfitters. Bears the highly coveted texture look of the season, quilted fabric, it's black maintaining - a professional feel and it's recession proof Priced at $48.00 . What more could we ask for? Want something a little more fun and imported from another state? Try this purple, sparkly, Kitson LA laptop bag. Price - $58 . Are you a fan of the backpack style bags? Roxy wired backpack. Price - $49.50 . Then, there is always the less is more, laptop sleeve look. Marc by Marc Jacobs Printed Nylon Croc Price - $68 . You have to find somewhere else to put your charger :) American Apparel Laptop Bag that can double as a small duffle bag Price - $38 . For more product info hit me Via Gmail .

Jay-Z is Making Waves in Japan!!!

Jay-Z continues to conquer the world and this time he gets a cover in one of the biggest urban magazines in Japan 'Holla! Magazine'. It looks like good times are playing ahead for Jay-Z as The Blueprint 3's album goes Platinum in the US and continues to be dominant in the top 5 of the Billboard Album Charts. For more of the original article, click here . He is also on the Japan Source Magazine!!! Link to other Jay-Z posts

I Wanna Go Outside..In The Rain!

I have been a fan of Fendi, ever since my mom brought my first vintage Fendi bag home. Check out their rain boots. I will admit, I am a label lover, as well as an all around fashion enthusiast, but I also gain pleasure in wearing luxury items at unexpected times, i.e, running into Nordstrom after a Pacer game out of the rain, in Fendi rain boots, J Brand jeans and a top. I mean, its a know. Im not flamboyant, I speak VOLUMES ....quietly. Ciao!! Price - $239.99 + tax Sizes avail Italian 35 - 41/ US 5 - 11 For more product info email Notable Nik Via Gmail .

Japanese Style Quilt Puffer Coat!!

Check out this Japanese Style Diamond Quilt Puffer Coat Price$ 47.99 Available for purchase through Notable Styles. To email me, click this link .

Loso: Watch How He Does It!

Twitpics are the SH*T! Loso is rocking the crazy Damier backpack and sweater, so FABULOUSLY !! Rich Yung money!! Of course, I can get you fresh like this! I'll show you how to do this, SON! Email me, via gmail Here or at the link in the top right of the blog page. Source: (@myfabolouslife via twitter) More links to Damier Graphite design here . More links to Fabolous here . By the way, I heard that Fabolous' performance at Ibiza, in D.C. last night, was CRAZY!!! Thanks Emily Minor, for the update.

What's New From Melody Ehsani!

See Me Swarovski Earrings Price - $225 Roar Necklace Price - $120 Fuck You Swarovski Necklace Price - $100 Mariel Peep toe Boot Price - $160 Kathy sandal Price - $140 Melina knee Boot Price - $280 For more information on Melody Ehsani and her other products, click here . To view other posts about her, click here .

Happy Hour and Shopping? :)

Nice Piece of Outerwear for the Men!

I think that the following coat is a great selection, for professional, business savvy or just down right debonair men. It will bring out the navy, in you, trust me. It is composed from wool and nylon and the four toggle closure makes it a home run! It is available in sizes XS - XXL and Big and Tall and in colors camel and black. The cost is near the $350 range, if you would like to order it, have more questions about the product, or may even like to find a more recession proof priced version, email, The Notable Styles & More Stylist , Via Gmail .

Rihanna "NEW" Single Russian Roulette!

Rihanna's upcoming album, Rated R drops November 23, 2009. I like the new single and think that the radio listeners will like it, too. Singled Out: Rihanna "Russian Roulette" : Posted using ShareThis Click here if you do not see the song player Source:

Dope Couture: Dopey Tee!!!

Dope C, has presented another Limited Edition tee, as they are celebrating the recognition of two celebs wearing their product within the past 45-50 days, Fame is a Drug Tee (Drake and Trey Songz - Successful video) and Smoke Me Im Dope Tee (Jay-Z during his BP3 Tour). Dopey is a mad, crucial concept and has two sets of colorways that are flattering for guys. Available in sizes S through XXL. The price point is on point (no pun intended) at $29 . The quantity of the shirts available worldwide make for a very exclusive, Dope Couture Tee Club. You could be a member of The Dope Couture Tee Club (if you would like) and you would easily be considered within 6 degrees of separation of a celebrity. Now, that is fashionable, social networking. Click here to purchase. BUY these shirts gentlemen. Don't miss out! If you would like to buy them through me, which will save you time and effort, feel free to contact me via gmail here . Dopey Tee will auto populate as the subject header.

Midwest Fashion Week Finale Show!

The photos directly below are a few of my favorite pics from the designers who showed their collections: Bridal - Antonio Bernett | B Trousseau Couture | Kay Oss Designs | Berny Martin The Finale Show to Midwest Fashion Week , was as FABULOUS as I expected. The venue was the first thing, that set the mood for a high-powered fashion event and the Scottish Rite Cathedral, did just that. There was a packed house full of important business and fashion industry insiders, as well as valuable media representation, bloggers, VIP's and fashionable spectators. Midwest Fashion Week , LLC has done it ONCE AGAIN (bigger and better than last year) and even will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Autism Society. I commend Berny Martin for his inspiring actions of putting together and following this Midwest Fashion Week concept from an idea to its fruition. His sponsors have also supported him and the concept throughout this process and I would like to grant my accolades to them

Michael Jackson's - This Is It Extended Clip

Please view the video of Michael Jackson singing a portion of Human Nature, that will be included in the This Is It movie. AWESOME & CRISP!!! Link to clip for those who cant view Link to original post on the blog

Dope Couture and H-O-V!

Visit the Dope Blog here , for what's new and fresh in their brand and fashion, entertainment and culture from around the world. Just in time to get me warmed up for the Jay-Z Concert in Champagne, IL, (next month) the Dopest Designers that I know "personally" make a sharp discovery and notify me via newsletter. Jay-Z performing and wearing their Maison Martin Margiela, inspired, Smoke Me Im Dope, tee. Their branding moves are extraordinary and come off effortless as making grilled cheese is. Although, I know their moves are far from effortless, Dope's guys just make it seem that way. I have been observing the brand from afar and see how strategic the designs, colorways, manufacturing and placement, actually are. I LOVE Matt and his Dope Operation and people who support their movement, Straight outta ....... Indiana (not Compton) - LOL! To order, click here . Order every t-shirt, that they have left in your size. Not only will you be supporting a well-ran br

Fashion Forward: BCBG Max Azria S/S 2010!

Max Azria's Collection for Spring/Summer '10 represents a lot of color, soft jersey, perfectly matched piping and form fitting looks to show off, those curves. Some of the designs, even reveal areas of your body, that will excite on lookers and allow you to feel sensual, yet sophisticated, especially if you top off the revealing look with a blazer. View the looks that were selected by me, below. Do you like them? How do you feel about the collection, in general? Leave comments. Photo Source: