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The Cycle of the Make It Happen!

The cycle of the make it happen begins NOW! 2018 epitomizes what's fresh and new. Displaying all over the culture our ability to switch things up. This is a new beginning, a renaissance of sort. But this time the culture will maintain the grip on what's theres and never release it. When celebrities are doing exclusives with us, for us, by us..... oh what a world. The sky is the limit (like Biggie and Diddy said). Check out Fashion Bomb Daily (FBD) for the scoop and deets on Mother Remy Ma and her cute, sassy and classy prego fashions. She was lit, her entire pregnancy, check her Instagram for receipts. Thank you Remy, stylist Daniel Hawkins (@1800dhawk) and FBD Editor Claire Sulmers for the post Christmas gifts. 😘   Photo Sources: @RemyMa, @fashionbombdaily and @1800dhawk on Instagram 

Notable Visuals: Omar Victor Diop!

The beautiful imagery seen above of a black queen draped in a flowing red, green and black printed garb and hat in front of a contrasting gold mixed print background is an amazing sight. The artist responsible for this next level visual titled Aminata is Omar Victor Diop (@Omar_Viktor on Instagram). This photo was discovered by Notable Styles and More staff on E. Martin’s Instagram page (@the_em_effect) who happens to be the creator behind the travel and products at Black and Abroad, web url . One of their products can be seen below. Travelist Dad Hat Price $27 This post serves as a continued demonstration that there are many awesome products and ideas out there, aside from what is considered mainstream or exceptionally popular. Actively support ideas and products with intention. Enjoy your holiday season!!

Notable Styles Luxe: Jennifer Le

Jennifer Le is a brand coveted by fashionistas, stylists and celebrities worldwide. The brand has a specific focus on being inclusive and providing high-end luxe pieces that will turn you into the celebrity in the room when you are wearing them. Watch closely to see which celebs are wearing Jennifer Le, her items definitely have a flair. She offers products in croc, velvet, flat, heeled, regular and larger calf sizes and adorned in details that you normally don't see from an independent retailer. Finch 2BD Unrealeased*** Remy Ma in JenniferLe Driftwood boots Draya in Jennifer Le $$ Boots To shop Jennifer Le and look at more of her fabulous and stylish products follow this jump Photos:  @iamjenneferle and @remyma

Notable Beauties: Somewhere In America!!

This is a quick post to demonstrate a plethora of style and beauty looks, from 8 women in a real life setting. I requested authority to post this image because I believe people stand to benefit from seeing how everyday women interpret fashion, style and makeup as 2018 comes to a close. With all of the pressures and definitions of beauty on social media, reality television and society (in general), it is refreshing to know that there are still women who come together and look beautiful, without appearing flashy and boasting of million dollar brands. If you look closely there is style inspo for all people visible in this one pic. I've spotted animal prints, patterns, cobalt velvet, the cardigan look, matte fitted pants, moto jacket style, fall colored tresses, corn rows, soft curls, glam hair, ponytails, serving face, nude lips, pops of color and more. Notable Styles and More is on style overload ladies and gentlemen. Hope that you enjoy! Drop a comment below and te