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Nice look for a male urban, ROCK-STAR!

Alright, now you all remember Levi's and how prevalent they were in the 90's like if "it ain't Levi's it ain't right." Well, they are constantly trying to regain their market medium in Spring of '08 with some high-powered trendy items. Read my previous post for more Levi's products for Spring . And let me tell ya something fellas, just because you don't see it in your latest video or in the hip/urban magazines doesn't mean that it isn't fly and in this case, the look that I have put together MOST DEFINITELY is fly! I would like to start with the denim that I have selected. The Andy Warhol & Levi skull jean is BANGING! Now you say, aww, I'm tired of skulls, what's new for Spring, but the skulls on this jean are subtle, giving sort of an embossed feel. Found on priced at $110.00 . Then let's not overdo it at the top because this is a simple fashion forward urban look. ;-) Just wear a plain white l

Express dresses for tha low!

I visited the very popular Express World Brand store today to browse and see what was stocked new and FRESH for Spring and I stumbled upon nice bright colors and spandex/tight fitted fashionable solutions. Of course, they also have the sophisticated, young business and contemporary solutions available but a particular style of dress stood out to me the most. Express has designed a body con scoop dress and a body con criss-cross dress in black that is to die for. It is made of spandex and viscose and is mini-skirt length. The dresses are priced at $79.50 and are channeling Herve Leger (owned by BCBGMAXAZRIA) designer dresses that cost anywhere from $900-$1500 . The Herve Leger dress is displayed below (available at, giving you the opportunity to see for yourself how similar the two are. The Herve Leger dress is made of rayon, spandex and nylon blend and hosts a V-neck and back zipper. SOUNDS LIKE THIS DRESS IS --- YIKES, WAY SEXY!! But, if you can't

Tyra Banks inks a deal for a new reality show

The America's Next Top Model mastermind and talk-show host Tyra Banks has inked a deal for a "new" show that will be a fashion magazine reality show. The show is said to be a mix between, "The Devil Wears Prada" and "The Assistant". The show will host challenges in search for the next best assistant fashion editor and the winning candidate will be able to go on and work in the fashion industry afterward. Fore more info view the article here . (

Victoria's Secret yoga pants

I own a pair of Victoria's Secret yoga pants and I just LOVE THEM! They are soft, very comfortable and are GREAT quality! This particular pair is a foldover yoga pant and is available in 7 other colors. The price is $29 or 2 pairs for $50 . You can pair a sports bra with these pants and have a nice yoga outfit. The keyhole back bra I believe is a good pick for $9.99 from Victoria Secret as well. Since yoga is generally not practiced wearing shoes, try these yoga socks while you practice, your spiritual and physical meditations. The toe socks can be found on sold in pairs of two for $25-$28 .

Favorite dresses from the SAG Awards 2008

The SAG Awards red carpet was a little um, blah for me, this year, I hate to say. But since there are like 3 dresses that did inspire me, I will post them. I guess I am feeling the gold and silver look for the carpet and I think that all of the ladies below are stunning. Chandra Wilson, Debra Messing and Christina Applegate respectively.

Crooks & Castles is a menswear line to watch!

If you are familiar with the Medusa head or highly publicized Crooks & Castles logo, then CONGRATULATIONS, you are up on your menswear fashion game. This line of clothing is cutting edge with their designs and is getting much airplay around the world. The likes of Big Boi (Outkast), Ricky Ross, Jay-Z, Bun B, Gorilla Zoe among others have been seen playing this brand. And if I know anything about fashion (as I know that I do) this line will be around and HOT for awhile. Price Point $VERY REASONABLE ! Crooks and Castles has just opened a flagship store last month on Melrose and that's where you will find anything that you may want to purchase from the collection. Check out their website . And their myspace page for more information and remember, "Aint no such things as half way crooks." Of course, they have women's clothing. And it's sold EXCLUSIVELY at their flagship store on Melrose in BH! Below are the Crooks & Castles Mitchell & Ness jac

Designers Against Aids - H&M fashion clothing release on Jan 31st

I previously posted about the combination of the DAA and H&M to bring a worldwide awareness of AIDS and AIDS Prevention to the forefront. You may click here for my original post. I am revisiting the subject for two reasons: 1. The apparel line will be released on January 31st in H&M stores worldwide. 2. I would like to share this video with you. If you take it upon yourself to become involved in this movement and share this information with only one more person, you may possibly prevent the world and yourself from the continuous growth of this disease with NO CURE. Check out the DAA site as well. ~ONE~ Watch, listen and learn!

ADORABLE Tracy Reese sweater - OOOOH!

It's not often that you see an elongated, viscose knit sweater with elegance and star power but Tracy Reese certainly has exceeded the norm....once again. This sweater reminds me of the jewel and collar decorated dresses of the fall, but the difference is the material, an added peep hole in the back and the sweater length. The elements mix nicely and the fit of the sweater is very chic and complimentary. This sweater is found at and costs $300.00 . But I think that it is well, worth the price. Check it out for yourself.

Louis I love you for him!

Louis Vuitton has some really debonair men's loafers that would totally give me the tingles if, I saw a gentlemen with these shoes on and the Damier logo travel bag. I would probably look at him in awe and cant say what I would do to him........If he was mine. View the Dynamique Loafers yourself and tell me if these hard bottom shoes, could tap their way into your heart. Price $680 sold through and available in moka and black. Here is the Damier Canvas Vaslav luggage bag that I think is soo iconic for a man to carry while wearing the shoes. Price point $1450 available at

Diane von Furstenberg Spring dress

Thank the fashion ruler for Diane von Furstenberg and she will never let you down, one season after another. I LOVE this designer's style, fashion savvy and continuous classic designs. Fall season highlighted vibrant colors and I am ecstatic that DvF decided to bring my favorite color from Fall collections into Spring 08. Diane has a Quincy Knit Shirtdress in Gold Sand (mustard, lol) that has classic lines and can be worn with flats or heels and look equally as charming and sophisticated. The dress costs $365 and can be purchased at Btw, this dress is pre-order so, get in line ladies.

L.A.M.B. Signature Alston Medium Satchel

WOW! Gwen knocked this one out of the park! (I'd say) The L.A.M.B. Alston Medium handbag , has trendy style and detailing with a cinch of classic authority (leather handles). And I think that it is a good mixture of fun and fashion forwardness. The cost is $550.00 and it has a little bit of blue and yellow to give you more of a direction to go with your apparel selections. I think that this handbag will go with more than one outfit and grants the dresser an opportunity, not to be sooo matchy-matchy. If you are not afraid, buy this one and watch the people stop and stare. Picture courtesy of

Loeffler Randall Penelope Zip Boot

I am having a consistent love affair with the Loeffler Randall boots , (Penelope Zip Back Boot) ever since they came out about 2 full seasons ago, with the camel colored ones. The color of the boots that I am reviewing today are more of a light tan leather that looks like as it ages, will turn to a nice darker tan. The boots are soo succulate and I have to constantly admire them from afar because they price point at a WHOPPING $750.00. Although, I love to keep these boots as a side piece and will not allow them to wreck my home, my main man Mr. Budget says that I must be loyal to him or else I will lose. There will come a day, when Mr. Loeffler Randall will be my main squeeze and Mr. Budget will be a man of the past. Until then, I will post the boots up for all to see and allow you to come in and share the admiration with me. Picture courtesy of

What is style?

Style is a noun and is defined as a distinctive matter of expression (according to the Merriam Webster definition number 2a). Now fashionistas and fashionistos, remember to define your own style, not by what the fashion mediums represent as fashionable or what's hot, but what you feel looks good and feels right to you. Represent you and seek your own fashion truths per say, because in the end it is your style. And it should be a distinctive matter of fashion expression.

Here Ye, Here Ye, ALL PROMETTES!!

I have a few random dress options for you ladies in the planning stages of the prom. Three of them are not your standard prom dress brands, but if you decide to wear one of these you will definitely look and feel like a young Hollywood celebutante. The last option is a Jovani dress (which is a very popular prom dress brand) and this dress is for prom but it also has a red carpet flair. If you as a consumer decide to go in the direction of either of these dresses you can't go wrong. The first 3 dresses can be found at and the other dress can be found at in the Jovani section.

I'm tryin' to bring the 80's back

Okay peeps, so you want to dress like the 80's. Well I just discovered some hot leggings that can be paired with a short t-shirt, just to play the ol' skool style. These leggings are found on and they are produced by MadeMe. Price $38. The short t-shirt is branded by MadeMe as well and is also found on Price $26 You say, well I'm not a size 4 and don't look good with leggings and short shirt like I used to. Or you may just want to be a little more maturely dressed when you wear your leggings. And if that is your case, pair your trendy 80's leggings with a different top such as these these Forever 21 options. Option 1 Romanza Belted Tunic Option 2 Janine Tunic Option 3 Selena Tunic

Atlanta Hawks vs. Denver Nuggets and celebrity fashion

The Atlanta Hawks vs. Denver Nuggets game had a little bit of star power in the house last night and the good thing is that Atlanta won 104-93 well I guess LaLa would have wanted Denver to win. Ciara, LaLa, Jermaine Dupri, Ryan Cameron (One of ATL's top party promoters), and good ole' Keisha Knight Pulliam were in attendance. LaLa, was wearing a simple black cashmere/acrylic dress and knee boots, which I thought was demuring. Ciara was wearing a trendy tee, with stylish leather blazer, pumps, and skinny jeans. Jermaine Dupri wore Louis Vuitton skull hat and scarf in cashmere with a down-filled vest. I am so good. Check the link to my post when I said that this LV set would be a good fashion statement for a man, Jermaine must be one of my readers ;-) Keisha Knight Pulliam wore a v-neck, short-sleeved, black sweater on top of a brown, black and gold retro type top.

Members ONLY jackets, RELOADED!!

Okay, remember the ol' skool Members Only jackets from the 80's that were sooo popular and trendy, well they're back with a vengeance and in the famous words of James Brown, Papa's Gotta Brand New Bag! The metallic revamps are a MUST SEE and MUST HAVE!! Wearing this jacket will make a girl look and feel like $600 worth of 1980's memories (and $600 could take you a lot further then than it can now). I mean, your bomb factor will increase to the 10th power. Don't take my word for it, check out the photogs, I've attached. Courtesy of and The vintage Member's Only jackets are available at ranging from $45 - $60. The reloaded Member's Only jackets will be available at exclusive retailers starting in Spring 2008. Try these budding accessories with the jackets. Fendi sandal and Marc Jacobs clutch .

Jimmy Jean-Louis at the "How She Move" Premiere

Last night in Los Angeles, Jimmy Jean-Louis looked real nice in a fashionable "man" sweater while attending the "How She Move" Premiere. You have to be a lot of man to pull off this sweater and I think he wears it very well. You can view other looks from the premiere within this post as well.

Be fitted and purchase the perfect jean, at the same ELITE website?

    Yes, there is an online store that will help you find the perfect jean fit. And once it helps you determine the fit, it will actually sell you the jean with the perfect fit for you and your body type. How is this possible? I know unbelievable? Fortunately, I am telling the truth. True Jeans is True Apparel Company's (user friendly) online store 100% dedicated to helping shoppers find the perfect denim fit. True Jeans accomplishes this task by combining a virtual model, with the measurement data that you enter and VOILA! Your perfect denim fit. Visit the True Jeans website to see for yourself and if you are already familiar with the brands and your size in those brands, just go there to shop for the BEST in premium denim. They have it ALL! Of course, it wouldn't be complete without granting you insider news on the favorite denims of the celebutantes and celebv.i.p's and always, always, keeping fresh denim inventory!