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Final Four Weekend T-Pain Party!!

NCAA Final Four Weekend is coming up in Indy, THIS WEEKEND!!!! Butler University is in the tourney and everyone is RAVING about that! There is no telling how many college basketball fans and celebrities will be in town for the weekend. So far I've heard T-Pain, LL Cool J (is giving a free concert) and possibly Fabolous (?) is coming into town. But, this blog post is ALL about the T-Pain, 2009 Miss America Katie Stam and friends party on Sat, April 3rd . This party has some of our cities best dj's in line-up, along with (96.3 radio station) as a sponsor, Nuvo, Sean John, Bud Light, 625 Entertainment Group and more! This party also has a V.I.P. list that will make you want to do whatever it takes to be on it (oh - I already am, lol)! This Saturday, at the Scottish Rite Mansion, on April 3rd IT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN! Another bar in event/nightlife production for Indy will be raised AND I love it!!! Visit or call 404.784.2731 for advanced

Weekend Recap!!

I've been working pretty hard lately, which is not really all that much different than usual. But March, has been especially significant because I have planted and harvested all at once this month. I have been planting seeds in the fashion industry since 1999 and I do not plan on retiring anytime soon. The Clothes Minded Fashion Affair took place this past Sunday (March 28th) and it was TOTALLY AWESOME!! Below are some of the pictures. Become friends with Peanut Butter Pix via facebook and you can view them all. Marc by Marc Jacobs Nikki Blaine Couture Juice Mami Flys Nest D. Lamont Also, one of my regular clients ( NaNa Strayhorn ) (visit her You Tube Channel here ) had a performance on Monday night performing alongside Nappyville and G-Fresh at the Vogue Nightclub in Broad Ripple, as an Opening Act for Bone Thugs and Harmony. This was a spur of the moment notification to say the least, which caused me to have to outfit her in like less than 24 hours. I pulled it off

French Connection Body Con Dress!!

Oh wow, if you read my blog regularly, you would know that I have a fetish for body conscious style dresses or bandage dresses as I often call them. There is just something about them, that shows a woman's shape without it being too much, like the too tight, Rave dresses that we used to wear back in the day, lol. Remember the shoop outfits that Salt n Pepa, made so popular? Those things felt cheap....I mean quality is very important in fashion, but dont think that the price is a direct relationship to the quality of the garment. No, no, not all of the time. But that is a new topic, in itself. French Connection has a Myla Knit Dress, that I am lo-ving, right now. The design speaks for itself. Price - $158 . Available in sizes 2 - 8, awwwww for me. The garment description also says, that you should go up one size when you order, so please take that into account, ladies. Below is another dress option for a woman with a lot more to love :-) Brought to you by Torrid, a knit dress,

Fave 5 from Mens Gucci BlueFly Collection!

BlueFly has over 8 pages of top notch Gucci items, for every occasion. Below you will see five of my favorite selections. If you would like help shopping and selecting product email me here . Enjoy!

Ralph Lauren Collection Unisex Look!!

Tell me Men and Women, Are You Feeling This Look? Would you wear it???? Yes or No Why or Why Not??!? Photo Source: Japanese Vogue

Mens Spring Jackets!!

I am an avid fan of layering as the seasons transition. I feel that doing so makes it easy to add items to your wardrobe that can be used throughout the year. This Spring for men, I am feeling the Uniqlo Zip Jackets and Hoodies in light gray, black, and even purple. Price points on the jackets are below $20 and you can wear them with anything. Isn't that a deal? If you need help shopping for these items, email me here . Enjoy!

Are You Practicing Proper Social Networking Etiquette?

I believe having the proper etiquette is key no matter the topic, situation or place. Please take the time to review the following link and review many unknown rules about facebook etiquette and business/personal relationships via social networking sites. Although what you do outside of a corporate business may seem to be your personal choice, there is a protocol that should be followed. Are You Practicing Proper Social Networking Etiquette? - Do you think tweeting while at dinner is acceptable? Why or Why Not? Photo Source:

Catherine Malandrino Rose Influence!

I think that this look is to just D.I.E. for! Flirty, light frock, with a banging color, that will give you the lift to light up any room. The ruffles add flair to the dress, adding some tempered drama. The dress is so fabulous that I recommend simple accessories, with this one. The fact that I believe Catherine got her influence from pink roses makes the dress, that much more fresh. Available at Saks Fifth Ave, Price - $595 .

Plump Your Lashes!! was kind enough to post 11 Tips on how to achieve a celebrity eye lash look. Click here to read the remaining 10 tips! For celebrity eyelash extensions like the ones Beyonce is wearing you can also try Lavish lashes .

Fresh Faces!!

I choose Oil of Olay for my facial cleansing needs. The product does not seem harsh to my skin and leaves me with an open pore, clean feeling. I used to use Oil of Olay Age Defying Daily Renewal Cleanser. Then I realized, it wasn't as much of a cleanser as it was an agent working against an aged skin look. Since I didn't have many lines or signs of aging on my face, I went on the hunt for an Oil of Olay astringent Cleanser (something that would open my pores) and began to use, Oil of Olay's Foaming Face Wash for Sensitive Skin . It has only been a week and I notice the difference in my skin already!!! I am LOVING Oil of Olay products as a whole, for face. And maybe you should try it to? Link to Oil of Olay Product line . What face cleanser do you use?

Nail It To Me!

In continuation of my week in ensuring my ladies stay fabulous, I would like to touch on nails today. Nails are a very important accessory!! And they say A LOT about your general cleanliness. Manicures and pedicures are a MUST bellas and with Spring approaching, it is time to get back into your hand and feet regime. A raging trend in nails right now are the minx nails. Minx are most often seen on the tips of celebrities, entertainers especially and some socialites. This is a product that is only sold to beauty industry professionals and really looks good when applied to your nails. Minx nail application does not do nearly as much damage to your nails as acrylic and gel, is equally pretty and comes in hundreds of colors and patterns. Minx nails really stand out in a crowd and look good while they are doing it. Most minx hand nail sets range from $40 - $50 in Indianapolis. Check your local nail salons for more information. OPI fingernail polish is another trend I would like

Touch-Up Your Lips!!

Loreal Paris USA is going to help us with lip color application ladies. Collier Strong will give us easy tips to follow in less than 60 seconds in the video below. For more information go to the Loreal Paris website . Direct link to the vid Link 1 Link 2 View video below

Makeup Monday!!!

I have seen some AWESOME makeup applications over the past few weekends, shouts out to @shaniaja on twitter, for definitely having a popping eyeshadow job at KB's All-Black VIP Party, a couple of weekends ago. And for someone like me, a minimal wake up wearer, my concern became, A. How can I get a little more pop to the colors that I do wear? and B. What about make-up longevity, how long can I get these colors to stay on? I am gonna go out on a limb and say, I believe M-A-C Cosmetics, Prep + Prime Eye , may be a good place to start. It is my understanding that a primer goes on before any makeup application if you would like the color, to dance happily on your face and last. Lets try this product together ladies. Price - $16.50 . Available in 3 shades. Dont be alarmed it only goes on before the eyeshadow and the color does not have to match your skin perfectly. If you are not a makeup guru, make an appointment with a M-A-C store near you and get your complimentary makeover.

DJ Neil Armstrong BP3 Mixtape!

DJ Neil Armstrong is the Blueprint 3 Tour DJ for Sean Corey (Jay-Z) Carter and is also the Adidas brand "Official" DJ. He is also a member of the DJ Crew 5th Platoon so you can check him out getting down with them as well. DJ Neil has released a FREE mixtape download called DNA of the Blueprint and rightfully so, it explains through music the DNA of the Blueprint Albums, and also gives insight into the foundation and thought process that Jay-Z utilizes while making the albums. In my opinion, the mixtape is soundly and professionally compiled (in other words GREAT ) and has me highly anticipating attending the Indianapolis, March 20th, Jay-Z Concert After Party at Mo's A Place For Steaks , where DJ Neil will be spinning and the Roc Boys (Jay-Z's Band) will be in attendance! Dope Couture will also be showing their Spring line at this party and the product will be available for purchase. Good music. After Concert Party. Good People. Fashion. You all know Notable St

Fab Looking Denim For Spring!

I am not sure if denim EVER goes out of style, but it certainly has come to the market with a vengeance for Spring 2010. I will show you some of my favorite denim pieces below. Some of the pieces below can stand alone and some need to be accessorized with and given an extra flair factor. I hope that you ENJOY!!

Luxury Watch with Rubber Strap!!

I decided to finally wear my pink and creme, G-Shock watches that I bought back in December here recently, since I had on clothes that I thought fit their manuscript and I must say it was different and refreshing to feel a comfortable rubber watch band on my wrist instead of the usual gold and silver hardware Anne Klein one. It was even more fun, to see the buttons on the G-Shock glow in the dark, while driving at night on my way home. So yesterday, I saw an all white, rubber wrist band watch by (ah-em) Movado, the luxury watch retailer, and I said no way :~). This watch is COLD! It is still very sophisticated, despite it's color and wristband style and veery much displays the one circular jewel style at the 12 o'clock point that Movado is infamous for. The cost is $995 . Would you wear it?