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New Looks From Eve!!

Apuje Kalu, fashion stylist and creative director; posted some of his fave out takes of Eve from a recent shoot for creators of color. Creators of Color is an art movement highlighting diversity in the creative sphere. For more info on this check out @creatorsofcolor on Instagram. Now back to Eve - doesn't she look great! Wouldn't it be nice to see Eve back in her own show again? The show was witty and highlighted relationships and diversity.  Eve's styling in these photos compliments her assets and the colors and backgrounds chosen are appealing to the eye.  Enjoy! And drop a line in the comments. Photo Source: @Apuje

Women’s Rights in Sports!

Skylar Diggins is becoming more and more vocal about gender inequality in sports, specifically the salary differences in the two national basketball leagues of the NBA vs. WNBA. Not only do NBA refs make more than a WNBA player, the 12th man on an NBA team has a higher salary than an entire WNBA team. Be careful not to sum up the argument to the fact that women in sports just want to be paid more, it's more about being treated fairly across the board (travel, jersey/product revenue, etc) for the performance that they put in. And fair treatment should be a part of the process. It's very unfortunate that fairness and equality are not guaranteed but have to be bargained for. But Skylar is up for the fight. She is coordinating meetings with other female athletes to share and gather information as preparation for developing talking points ahead of WNBA negotiations. Remember the Serena Williams Naomi Osaka US Open tennis match where Serena was penalized for what so

Lupita Nyongo for Vogue Spain!!

The extremely beautiful actress Lupita Nyongo released the cover photo, and a series of additional photographs from her Vogue Spain Noviembre issue. Enjoy the photos and the black girl magic Lupita is sprinkling in her cover story. Ciao bellas! Photo credits: Lupita Nyongo Instagram page

Fendi Flair and Awesome Hair!

Notable Styles has been following the revamped Fendi signature print since earlier this year and the pieces are finally starting to show up on celebrities and at high end retailers. In a couple of the images posted here, you can see Karen Civil brand manager, cultivator and host wearing the Fendi print boatneck top, leather quilted ruffle skirt and Fendi print thigh high sock boots. Staff at N. Styles all agree that this look is a winner! Karen Civil's hair is slayed in these photos as well, which was done by Annagjid "Kee" Taylor aka @sosheargenius on Instagram. Photo credits:  Annagjid "Kee" Taylor, Kim Weston Arnold,