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NEW MUSIC: Voices by Eroc HistoryMakerz feat Caskey & Madicin!

NEW MUSIC  is now available from Eroc HistoryMakerz that you definitely should listen to.  Voices  is Eroc's latest release that features Caskey from Cash Money/Rich Gang Records & Madicin!!  This is Eroc's first release of 2017 and it is a hit! It's an emotion driven song that will have you questioning life, death, the choices you make and the voices inside of your head. The song is  NOW  uploaded on YouTube for you to view: watch?v=t9l97vEsous !  After you view the video and listen to the song, remember to like and comment. Also subscribe to the Eroc HistoryMakerz YouTube page while you're there. The visual for this song is very suitable and credit is due to Legit Looks for directing this fine piece of work. The song itself was produced by the dynamic team, History Makerz. Download Voices on  iTunes  at this link: Stay connected with Eroc: Twitter    https://www.twitter. com/HistoryMakerz Facebook   https://www.fac

Happy Mother's Day!!

To all of the mothers in spirit and truth, always realize your strength, beauty and power. I wish I could say everything at this moment, but I am afraid that I may leave something out.  Dear Mothers, continue to love with every being of your soul. And never forget to love yourself the same way. As we think of the shift that the world is making whenever you feel it may need to take a turn for the better tune in to your motherly senses to seek the why and how of how to implement what the world so desperately needs.  Change begins with a thought and then the action of one individual. That individual could be you, mother. I appreciate the mothers for everything that they have already done and what they will continue to do. I LOVE ❤ you! And this rose 🌷 is for you!! Photo Credit: Unknown

If The Weather Doesn't Cooperate!

In the unpredictable climate of the state of Indiana often times we have to add a cardigan to our sleeveless top or swap the sleeveless top for a short or long sleeve, just to be prepared for a cool morning that leads into a warmer day. And May 2017 is no different as the high yesterday (May 9) was 50 or so degrees and the high today was 82.  Yesterday in the semi cool weather I spotted a co-worker wearing a boot that had remarkable style and an edge that I do not normally associate with this brand. The boot you see here is a Sorel Women's Medina Boot II that is SOLD OUT on the Sorel website. Sorel is generally known for their rain/weather boots and this boot is no different than that. The main differences between this pair and the other styles is the heel, the clasp and the leather detachable upper.

S Is For Seven Looks from Chanel and Saturday!!

Today, I would like to show the world seven of my favorite looks from the Chanel 2018 Resort Show. When it comes the Chanel brand the thing I covet most is their textured aesthetic. From tweed, to adornment, to embroidery, to high end accessories, it all says Chanel. Even when the brand goes for a more delicate look, the color, style and cut of the pieces work together like a charm to exude the luxurious Chanel brand theme. A friend of mine introduced me to Chanel over 10 years ago and I picked up on their special marks right away. The looks you will view below have a bit of a Grecian theme, intertwined throughout. Chanel is notorious for utilizing neutrals and adding a pop of color as shown above. The way in which the looks are paired, I would go out on a limb and say that Chanel is opening up their sights to the 25+ age group as a customer base. The looks feel more cool and youthful to me and less Kris Jenner (no shade) in this resort collection.