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Memrise: Creates New Ways Of Learning A Foreign Language Online!

Memrise is a company that has produced an innovative way to learn languages. The two founders of Memrise understand that the adult memory needs more than listening to a vocal rendition and seeing a visual of a word t o learn a foreign language. Memrise states, "we're integrating everything we know about the art and science of memory to help you learn faster." Memrise is based in Oxford, UK and was founded by Greg Detre, a PhD neuroscientist from Princeton, and Ed Cooke, a Grandmaster of Memory. Some of what Memrise does to help you learn is directly relates the foreign language word to a visual cue that represents that word in the English language (using a flash technology transition). If you look at the images above, you see a chinese character and then its meaning in the image below it using a visual cue which is displayed directly on top of the original character. Smart right? I believe this is the way that Memrise teaches throughout the onli

Unreleased Jimmy Choo's!

I-D Magazine stopped by the Jimmy Choo presentation today and twitpic-ed a nice image of 4 pair of Choo's that what will be sold in the coming seasons! What do you think of the colorful heeled bootie? What about how all of the colors are intertwined into the actual makeup of the shoe? I think it's GENIUS! Photo courtesy of I-D Magazine Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

R. Lynda's Namesake Boutique Is On The Way!

I am very excited to share with you that Indianapolis resident and fashion designer R.Lynda will be opening up a boutique in Traders Point, within the coming months! Yes! For more information on the boutique development, to see images of the interior and more follow this link A special thanks goes out to Hauteintheheartland.blogspot for breaking this story! Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

Miguel - The 2011 Maxwell!!

OMGeee, I already loved the first single from Miguel featuring J. Cole All I Want Is You. Now he is back with the song Sure Thing, which has a nice groove to it. His vocals flow in correct timing over the beat like a pendulum to the laws of gravity. And I like this song. With the track and his voice, Miguel reminds me a lot of Maxwell. It almost seems like if Maxwell were reborn as a 20 year old his music would sound like Miguel's. His groove just somehow gives me an almost identical feeling as a Maxwell song does.    Check out the video from this talented songwriter and R&B artist below and leave your comments on it.   *Sidenote* Miguel is styled by a gentleman by the name of Leo Velasquez that can be found on facebook and twitter. Look him up. In my opinion, he has a nice set of hands on him.   Video Link Video Embed   Photo Courtesy:

Eva Pigford's Newest Accessory - Flo Rida?

Eva Pigford (former ANTM Winner) was SPOTTED this weekend in Los Angeles during All-Star Weekend out and about with Flo Rida and also rocking the platinum blonde tresses we first saw her with last September during the MTV VMA's!!! Tanned/bronzed skin, chestnut eyebrows, powder puff pink lip and platinum blonde hair, does the combination work together for you all? Is Eva making this look work for her? What do you think? I love the eye lashes in the close up. Please leave your comments. Images Courtesy of Lacroix and Williamson for wireimage

All of the Lights Video by Kanye West Is Graphically Charged!!!

I have to admit, the All of the Lights song by Kanye West featuring Rihanna and Kid Cudi was already super duper hypnotizing. I listened to it (among other songs) on Thursday during work and woke up singing it Friday morning!! Now that the video is released the visual piece seems to be even more manipulating and attention grabbing and I like that, lol. I don't know why, but the graphical elements that are used for the words, colors of the lights used for some of the video shots, camera angles and clothes that the artists are wearing all seem to play together to make this video very applicable to the song, eye-catching and compelling at the same time. Hype Williams did a number on this video. That number is a Perfect 10!! And I am happy to see that throughout the years he has kept his perspective, edge and ability to lead video culture. As you can see from the images above this video is a SMASH!! It takes time, preparation and commitment from everyone involved to a produce a pro

Lil Kim Sold 100K Copies of Black Friday Mixtape in 24 hours??

There is a minor controversy that Lil Kim stating she sold 100,000 copies of her Black Friday mixtape for $9.99 within 24 hours via Paypal is a stretch from the truth. Lil Kim and her team removed a tweet that those stats made her the highest, seller on Paypal ever within 24 hours, because a rep at Paypal did not confirm or deny that statement when approached with questions by the media. But why would Kim, exaggerate mixtape sales? According to an article on, the sales may be slightly higher than 100,000 copies. What I do know, is that: 1. She sold her mixtape. Something that the newbie rappers haven't done in awhile. So at $9.99/each she's making some good figures (no matter how many copies are sold) via a selling format that charges a very little percentage per transaction. 2. She's a bonafide hustler, which is something that is not always easily displayed or done in this new wave of music. Many artists are out here doing what it takes to make a song/produce a s

This Sat: A Fashion Event You Don't Want To Miss!!

Meet the Artists XXIII Presents: "Something Blu"... A Fashion Showcase Time: Sat Feb 19 from 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm Location: Indianapolis Central Library 40 East Saint Clair Street Indianapolis, IN 46204 This event is featuring some of Indy's emerging and nationally recognized designers. Amongst the featured designers will be Cc.elaine. Berny Martin, R. Lynda and two emerging Art Institute fashion design students. The show starts promptly at 9:00PM. Sponsored by: The Indianapolis Marion County Public Library and the Library's African-American History Committee. This show should be a wonderful way to network and view some great fashion. Every fashion enthusiast is welcome to attend! Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

Feature Friday: Author Portia A. Cosby!!!

Portia A. Cosby is a self-published (DISTINCT Publishing), multiple degree toting author, who I have the pleasure of knowing personally. Portia recently released her third book entitled, "The Disgruntled Wives Club" which she states was inspired by her own personal experiences and the experiences of friends and family members regarding relationship turmoil. Ms. Cosby asks, what makes a woman stay in a relationship that is unhealthy in some way shape, form or fashion? The Disgruntled Wives Club book touches on this particular question and not only displays the different situations of the three women (Dana, Willow and Crystal), but offers some resolve to their separate situations. Because the book shows that all three of these women would like to keep their marriages alive, the book is more about connecting with women in a girl talk fashion than it is about male bashing. The Disgruntled Wives Club is on sale NOW at via this link . The price is $11.24 for paperback

Going Zoo In Style!!!

Hello readers!! With Spring around the corner I wanted to feature some cute Spring dresses from all price ranges. But the pictures above are not just any Spring dresses, these are the infamous animal print dresses. Animal print is totally in this Spring in all colors and all types of animal print. Zebra, leopard, cheetah and the list goes on. The only criteria is that is does not look cheesy. And thanks to the wonderful variety of fashion, animal print dresses are available in many different styles. Details in the order of the image: Asos Price - $26.90 Arden B. Price - $79 INC Price - $79.50 XOXO Price - $59 Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Price - $637.37

Grammy Weekend Pre-Award Show Images!!

View the images from the Grammy Award Weekend here! All photos are courtesy of ENJOY!!