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Notable Cause: Single Payer Health Care!!

Single payer health care is a term used in the United States to describe the payment of doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers from a single fund. It differs from typical private health insurance where, pricing and other measures taken by the insurer, determine how much the doctor, hospital and other health care provider will be paid. The United States is in the process of trying to pass a bill that would give American citizens this single payer type of health care. In doing so, it would allow people a chance to receive the exact same health care service as a person with less or more income as them. It would no longer be based on the private insurance package that you can afford, therefore eliminating a doctor wanting to take care of a patient, less or more based on insurance. If you would like to support the Single Payer Health Care cause, go to the link provided ions/index.cfm?uid=7fd59f2e-88e 1-477a-8eaf-762a5b050809 . Enter the requir

BET Awards 2009!!!

Notable Styles Tip of the Day!!

If you are wearing skinny jeans, don't sag your jeans to where it looks like you have a ponytail holder around your thighs. EXTRA TIGHT! I would also advise you to NOT have on a t-shirt with it, that is so short that your showing your butt, underwear or shorts.

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UPDATE: Important info about MJ's Doctor

Michael Jackson's doctor is reportedly been sought after by police today (June 26) and is being linked to having a possible role in the iconic singer's untimely passing. While the doctor's name has yet to emerge, details on his whereabouts have been speculated online. Source:

Notable One: The Truth About Michael Jackson! RIP Michael J.

Would you like to know the truth about Michael Jackson? Well, Of Course!!! He was a World Icon. He crossed barriers and moved mountains that most people couldn't even imagine moving. But do you know why?? Because he was SUPER talented, creative, a great coordinator, dancer, innovator and person. You have to be FULLY dedicated to your future and your craft to accomplish the things that Michael Jackson, has. I feel love for Michael, his family and his fans, I adored almost everything that he did. And, as most icons they did not have to go against the attack from the media and scrutiny that followed him, (like that of Obama) but Michael did and Michael survived. He took care of a large family with a heart of gold and he lead a life that should be an example to ALL. Do what you have to do, for you and yours, but remember outside of that sacrifice, you have the right to always be yourself, despite what others say about you. At the time of Michael's death, he still had an innocenc

Lady Gaga and The Case of the Firecracker Boobs!

Lady Gaga recently performed at the Much Awards in Canada. She has a very interesting stage presence from the beginning and added even more of a jolt when she lit her own boobs on fire. Click here for more on the concert. Lady Gaga is renowned for her Poker Face single and setting the fashion world on fire, with her unique and original flair for fashion. Please do not sleep this gal, if you blink, you could possibly miss something. Ciao! DO YOU LIKE/NOT LIKE LADY GAGA'S STYLE?? Leave a comment below!! Source: MTV.CO.UK

Finish Line to Sell Man Alive!

Hot off of the wire, Man Alive will be sold to Jimmy Khezrie the owner of the Jimmy Jazz chain for 7 million dollars cash. The Man Alive business was originally, acquired for about $12 million by Finish Line . The difference is a $5 million cash loss, but the loss is rumored, to help Finish Line maintain its core sports business. The Finish Line sales have only declined 4% in comparison to the Man Alive business which has declined almost 40%. It seems that this is a good acquisition for Jimmie Jazz . The purchase will help to obtain consistency for the core Man Alive consumer and help lift a financial burden off of Finish Line's revenues. For more information, click to the link. Sources: WTHR and WWDMens

I (heart) Other Blogs Too!

Right now, I am in love with the Cavi Blog! The content is Rich (no pun intended) and full of audio, video, and a lot of male fashion inspiration. A top story on their blog right now, is the Rich Yung and Cavi Limited Edition collaboration. Click here for the Cavi blog. Click here for Cavi's website . Click here for my original posts on Rich Yung. 50 Cent staying FRESH in Cavi here via Dr. Jays Blog.

Balenciaga Bag!!

Monday, Eye Candy! A bag for your viewing pleasure. Link for pricing information. ENJOY!!

Happy Father's Day!!!!

Take the time to thank the father figure in your life today. It could be your father, your mother, your coach, a big brother or whomever. Appreciate the person that has given you guidance and love through the years. Women and significant others, if you know a man that has been a provider, caretaker and leader for their child/children, remember to show them your appreciation, as well. Daddy - Beyonce If your father or father figure is no longer here with us, on earth, still take time to appreciate him in spirit, with your memories, pictures and thoughts. They are still watching over you. Dance With My Father - Luther Vandross If your father or father figure has not been everything that he could be, continue to pray that he may come into a season of fatherly love and sacrifice. And if you have hard feelings toward him for any reason, also pray that those feelings be removed.

Lacoste Shirts!!

Why not make it a Lacoste weekend Dads? YAAAAAYYYY!!!! This weekend should be filled with BBQ's, fun times and fun fashion! Yesterday was a Lacoste shoe day and today, well, Lacoste shirts. I have almost given you a complete outfit, here all on the blog. (I normally charge for this) View the Lacoste shirts below and click here for more options! Polo available in many colors Price - $44.99 SALE Pima V-Neck Tshirt Price - $45

Happy Father's Day from Lacoste!!

Personally, I love a driver style shoe for men. I even purchased a pair for myself today, in a women's style. This shoe is effortlessly smooth for gentlemen, in a summer yet sophisticated setting. This style can be paired with linen pants or shorts, plaid shorts, polos, button up shirts and more. Lacoste has a pair of drivers named Galley in soft leather, with a leather insole that will literally, knock your socks off. Available in the colors below. For purchase information click here . Price - $153.95 . If a driver style shoe, is not particularly your cup of tea, I have included a couple of other options from the Lacoste line as well. Lacoste Karas Low RC Price - $133.95 Click here for more info Also available in more colors Lacoste Protect Lace Up Price - $100.15 Click here for more info Also available in more colors