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Make Every Day Count - Day 30!

To say that you are overwhelmed is to say that you have accepted the feeling of being overwhelmed by whatever is over powering you. So literally when you say I am overwhelmed. That is saying, I commit to feeling inferior to the thing or things that I need to feel superior to. Because in order to accomplish or reach your goals, you have to be able to stand tall to the obstacles or what may seem like obstacles that are in your way, not feel like they are bigger than you. Today's Make Every Day Count tip is for you to "decide" to be against feeling overwhelmed by your situation, and more like a star player that has practiced all year for this opportunity to get in the game and show what he's worked toward.

Make Every Day Count - Day 28!

In making every day count, know that you are powerful and are the direct line of action from God's word to creating the life that you want and deserve. Being average is not acceptable. But being famous does not translate to success. Sometimes fame is a by product of the line of work that you do, but not necessarily an indication of how well you are doing it. If you walk in your destiny and in your truth the impact that you have on others is a great marker. Strive to impact the world in a positive way and I am pretty sure that you will be making every day count.