Tuesday, December 2, 2008

LRG: The Neoplastic Polo Tee | Know the Inspiration Behind Your Clothes Fellas!

Lifted Research Group (BKA) LRG seems to get more and more interesting as their clothing line matures. I feel that they offer some of the best put together looks within the urban clothing market. LRG should not be viewed with a one-dimensional perspective or just as urban. Never has their look been about oversized, too baggy clothes. In the Fall of 2008 Collection, they even offer an art inspired polo tee. The LRG Neoplastic Tee that is inspired by Neoplasticism or De Stijl. Neoplasticism is to free the work of art from representing a momentary visual perception and from being guided by the personal temperament of the artist. Painters Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg and the architects Jacobus Johannes Pieter Oud and Gerrit Thomas Rietveld were counted among its members. Their “Neoplastic” aesthetic advocated severe precision of line and shape, austerely pristine surfaces, a Spartan economy of form, and purity of color. Piet Mondrian has a piece of artwork that looks very similar to the design that is present in this LRG tee. The fact that this inspiration comes from outside of the everyday design sandbox pushes the label beyond ordinary and into the future.

Price - $59 Sizes: S - 3XL Available on Karmaloop.com
Piet Mondrian framed artwork Price - $17.99 SOLD OUT Waitlist this piece on Allposters.com



  1. Wow! Very imformative. I already like LRG, now I love them for flipping the script!! I like that they are more than just urban. I will be buying that shirt or a different one for my man!!