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Virgil Abloh!

Virgil, Virgil, Virgil - November 28, 2021 we lost a giant and his name is Virgil Abloh. Virgil passed on at the mere 41 years of age. Virgil has impacted my life in so many ways that I can not select just one moment. When I ask myself, honestly how did he impact you? Virgil was creative head of LV and his own amazing brand Off-White and I had not yet materialized my plan to work with him. Then one thing comes to mind. I did seize an opportunity to hear him discuss the fusion of fashion, art, culture and sustainability on Clubhouse one night and I could not believe my ears. Who would have thought that in such a short time Clubhouse would bridge the divide between the everyday people and industry leaders. For this I am thankful! Virgil’s talent, conceptual skills, ability to birth a vision, cross branding, cross industry vertical integration and humility surpasses any other accomplished designer of this era. Merci Virgil for being you. You will live on in many of us as we look to your b
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Burberry’s Immersive Experience!!

Burberry at Jeju is the brands first ever nature inspired outdoor and indoor immersive experience - which is taking place on Jeju Island, South Korea. The reason for the event was to unveil Burberry’s most recent outerwear collection, including their well known trench coat in an updated textile with added weather resistant benefits. 👍🏾 Once you view the images you should notice the immaculate design, attention to detail and the various opportunities Burberry presented for attendees to involve themselves in this experience. The structure is actually mirrors arranged in such a way to reflect the beauty of nature. This installation is now open to the public and will be until December 12, 2021. I think Burberry nailed it with this one. What are your thoughts? Photo Credits: Burberry

Fashion Layout of the Week!

For a peek at the designers featured:

Fashion Layout of the Day!


Zendaya the very consistent fashionista and the forever muse of Law Roach is serving a-gain! Zendaya is well on her way to fashion icon status! Photo Courtesy: @Zendaya on IG

Official Midwest Fashion Week Behind The Scenes!

Official Midwest Fashion Week (MFW) is a fashion production company that also provides donations and specific resources to an underserved population. Over the past few years, MFW has taken their show on the road to wow international audiences. Yet this fall, here in Indianapolis, we were able to welcome MFW home for an amazing showing of fashions.  Follow to this link for more behind the scenes media from this event.

Big Latto!!

Rapper, entertainer Big Latto seen below and I am loving the color combination with the hair, purse and boots to create a cohesive, tasteful, full look! Photos Courtesy:  BigLatto777 on IG