Do you wear Singelringen? It's HOT!!!!

Singelringen ("The Single Ring" in Swedish)
is a unisex ring that serves to remind the
single wearer that they are already complete; while
open to possibilities. The ring features a turquoise
acrylic layer shining over a sterling silver band
engraved with "made in Sweden" and a unique
registration number that provides access to the
Singelringen Global Community. First introduced
in Scandinavia in 2005, Singelringen is now
worn by more than 150,000 singles in over
20 countries around the world. The ring has
been spotted on LA celebrities including Paula Abdul,
Terrence Howard, Madeline Zima, Mario Lopez,
Haley Bennett and Corbin Bleu. Singelringen is
available retail for ONLY $59.
It makes a great gift for still and newly
single friends and relative. Article information
courtesy of Singelringen agent Linda Sherman.
For more info or to purchase Singelringen do
so, here. If you are in LA the Singleringen
can be found at Scandihoovians at Pico
and Westwood. 


  1. I do wear a Singelringen & it is totally hot! I got my best friend one for Christmas - she digs my single ring so much, she's gonna totally love it.


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