For all you Value City management may be on the rise

Well, to the Value City shoppers, (myself included) if the deal goes through, they may finally get the face-lift they need. I once remember Value City being the go-to department store for the commoner, lately, the stores that I have been to are the common place for....uh, whack, ill fitting selections. The presiding company (over the department store chain) named Retail Ventures, Inc is in talks of selling 89 stores in the venture deal. Burlington Coat Factory is even supposed to purchase 24 stores (outside of the 89) in the first quarter of next year. For more info on this article click the link. Btw, Retail Ventures, Inc also owns DSW and that company is operating very well. Retail Ventures, Inc.Speaking of DSW, they have a wide range of high-end shoes for discount prices. YESSS! Bargain, bargain. Click here to find a location.


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