For my fellas - Keep warm without the big down coat

Well men, layers are always good in a cold, brisk situation. You don't want to wear a big down coat, or maybe you just would like to leave it in the car. With the look, I've put together you can add, thermal underwear courtesy of Outersports, thick socks, and gloves and be warm enough to skip the coat, all together. The jeans, sweater and vest are available at Express for Men. The hats and boots are both by Timberland, but the boots are avail at Zappos. Leave comments and let me know what you think.Not to mention, these items can easily be matched with other items to create more fits.


  1. hi all, first above all my names arnold and im from london, u.k and im a shopperholiks so i luv it when i see clothes displayed as fashion hint/tips or even guides for example sake as whole outfits as i would like to know if you can help me find more, if you know of any websites or links please do get back to me with many my email address is

  2. Well, Arnold this is The Notable Stylist herself and when it comes to men's clothes, I am not sure where you can find layouts such as the one above. I created that one myself. But if you would like to contact me, directly for more looks and men's clothing selection utilize email address:


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