Friday, December 14, 2007

Macy's Stores in NYC will operate 24 hours

Macy's stores just made a bold move, by announcing that 8 of the stores in the New York City area will be operating 24 hours a day starting on December 21st at 7am. The Queens Center Mall will start their 24 hour a day schedule one day sooner on December 20th. The Macy's locations that will partake in this heavy duty schedule are: Kings Plaza in Brooklyn, Cross County in Yonkers, Staten Island, Roosevelt Field in Long Island, Jersey City, and Macy’s Willowbrook in Wayne, N.J Well shoppers in New York, there is a department store willing to serve all of your shopping needs, 24 hours a day until 6pm on Christmas Eve and this may also come in handy for those last minute party or socialite apparel needs. More info on this article. To visit Macy'