**A NOTABLE STYLES EXCLUSIVE** The Dream - Multi-talented artist

The writer, singer, producer extraordinaire whom, wrote the hit "Umbrella" and sings the SMASH-HIT SINGLE, "Shawty is a 10", touched down, in Indianapolis, IN, December 5th, 2007. He blessed the population with some easy listening off of his yet to be released album, Love Hate, out December 11th. While The Dream was in the building of 300 East (an after work affair), I decided to ask him what his favorite jeans and sunglasses are for men and this is what he said: IM Notonik: "Excuse me, what would you say your favorite male jeans are?" The Dream: "Hmmm (thinking deeply).... Dolce & Gabbana." IM Notonik: "And what about sunglasses? What are your favorites?" The Dream: "Louis Vuitton" I think that The Dream is pretty fashionable in his own right and for new looks, that are unique and trendsetting, check out his wardrobe. See below for 2 of my fav denim choices from Dolce & Gabbana for Spring 2008. Denim photos courtesy of mens.style.com.


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