Be fitted and purchase the perfect jean, at the same ELITE website?

  Yes, there is an online store that will help you find the perfect jean fit. And once it helps you determine the fit, it will actually sell you the jean with the perfect fit for you and your body type. How is this possible? I know unbelievable? Fortunately, I am telling the truth. True Jeans is True Apparel Company's (user friendly) online store 100% dedicated to helping shoppers find the perfect denim fit.

True Jeans accomplishes this task by combining a virtual model, with the measurement data that you enter and VOILA! Your perfect denim fit. Visit the True Jeans website to see for yourself and if you are already familiar with the brands and your size in those brands, just go there to shop for the BEST in premium denim. They have it ALL! Of course, it wouldn't be complete without granting you insider news on the favorite denims of the celebutantes and celebv.i.p's and always, always, keeping fresh denim inventory!


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