I'm tryin' to bring the 80's back

Okay peeps, so you want to dress like the 80's. Well I just discovered some hot leggings that can be paired with a short t-shirt, just to play the ol' skool style. These leggings are found on karmaloop.com and they are produced by MadeMe. Price $38. The short t-shirt is branded by MadeMe as well and is also found on karmaloop.com. Price $26 You say, well I'm not a size 4 and don't look good with leggings and short shirt like I used to. Or you may just want to be a little more maturely dressed when you wear your leggings. And if that is your case, pair your trendy 80's leggings with a different top such as these these Forever 21 options. Option 1 Romanza Belted Tunic Option 2 Janine Tunic Option 3 Selena Tunic


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