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Loeffler Randall Penelope Zip Boot

I am having a consistent love affair with the Loeffler Randall boots, (Penelope Zip Back Boot) ever since they came out about 2 full seasons ago, with the camel colored ones. The color of the boots that I am reviewing today are more of a light tan leather that looks like as it ages, will turn to a nice darker tan. The boots are soo succulate and I have to constantly admire them from afar because they price point at a WHOPPING $750.00. Although, I love to keep these boots as a side piece and will not allow them to wreck my home, my main man Mr. Budget says that I must be loyal to him or else I will lose. There will come a day, when Mr. Loeffler Randall will be my main squeeze and Mr. Budget will be a man of the past. Until then, I will post the boots up for all to see and allow you to come in and share the admiration with me. Picture courtesy of


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