Members ONLY jackets, RELOADED!!

Okay, remember the ol' skool Members Only jackets from the 80's that were sooo popular and trendy, well they're back with a vengeance and in the famous words of James Brown, Papa's Gotta Brand New Bag! The metallic revamps are a MUST SEE and MUST HAVE!! Wearing this jacket will make a girl look and feel like $600 worth of 1980's memories (and $600 could take you a lot further then than it can now). I mean, your bomb factor will increase to the 10th power. Don't take my word for it, check out the photogs, I've attached. Courtesy of and The vintage Member's Only jackets are available at ranging from $45 - $60. The reloaded Member's Only jackets will be available at exclusive retailers starting in Spring 2008. Try these budding accessories with the jackets. Fendi sandal and Marc Jacobs clutch.


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